PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous battle royale games available on mobile. It is the mobile phone version of PUBG, a PC game that was launched via Steam’s early access beta program in March 2017, with a full release in December 2017.

PUBG Mobile launched a year later and has been one of the best-selling and most-played video games of all time. An emulator allows players to get the most out of PUBG Mobile on a PC. With a keyboard and mouse, players can have maximum control, mobility, and precision in the game.

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Top 5 PUBG Mobile Emulators as of June 2021

#1 - Gameloop

Tencent Gaming Buddy is an official emulator for PUBG Mobile (Image via The Windows Club)

Gameloop, which was previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, is the official emulator and has been developed by Tencent themselves. It has been optimized and can even run other games in the Tencent library.

Players can download the installer file and the emulator PUBG Mobile game. Once the game is downloaded, players can log in using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play Games account.

After the initial log-in, players can download the maps they prefer in the game, except for Erangle, which comes pre-installed. The emulator even has options like the mobile version where players can download the HD Audio, HD Graphics, HD Resource Packs, etc.

#2 - BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a great emulator for PUBG Mobile (Image via BlueStacks website)

BlueStacks is one of the oldest and most famous emulators in the gaming space. Over the years, Bluestacks has made a lot of patches and fixes to its software. The emulator can even run any high-end Android game smoothly with the help of DirectX and the system graphics.

BlueStacks Emulator for PC is a very simple application in terms of usage. The software can be downloaded from its official website. After installation, players can sign in to the Google Play Store using their Google Account credentials.

Once the setup is done, players will need to search for the PUBG Mobile game in the Google Play Store and download it. They can then install PUBG Mobile and log in using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play Games account to play the game.

#3 - MEmu Player

MEmu emulator running PUBG Mobile( Image via MEmu website)

The MEmu Player is suitable for players with a lower hardware specification PC. MEmu Player can run on a laptop that has 4GB of RAM or less and does not need a dedicated graphics card.

If the player has a dedicated graphics card on their PC or laptop, the emulator will utilize it to enhance the graphics.

MEmu Player emulator for PC comes with the most basic settings such as key binding and mapping that will quickly optimize the PUBG Mobile game on your PC.

#4 - Nox Player

NoxPlayer has a different control scheme (Image via NoxPlayer website)

Nox Player is another popular option to emulate PUBG Mobile on a PC or laptop. It is generally known for delivering a proper FPS rate over time, which helps in rendering a smooth gaming experience.

Having an FPS count is eminent in shooter games and battle royale games like PUBG Mobile because it helps in reducing motion blur.

However, Nox Player has a very different control scheme from other emulators, and it might take a little getting used to.

Furthermore, the controls are not customizable. Players cannot change the keys from the settings menu according to their preferences.

#5 - Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player allows extensive customization(Image via Softonic)

Developed by Jide Technology, the Remix OS Player is very simple and user-friendly when compared to other emulators. It provides the most beneficial customization suite, meaning the user can change every control to their desire and even modify the graphics from the settings menu.

It is greatly optimized to work on low and mid-level PCs or laptops. If players are looking for an emulator that can be completely customized, then the Remix OS Player is the one.

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