Minecraft plugins are a great way to add more fun things to do in any player's next SMP server.

SMP servers stand for survival multiplayer, meaning a multiplayer server based around survival. Plugins are a perfect way for players to add a bit more features while keeping the original survival feel.

Plugins are files of code that can be added to Minecraft servers, which add brand new features. They can add entire mini-games or just simple commands, which make life a bit easier.

There are plenty of plugins out there to choose from, and this article provides a compiled list of the best ones.

Top 5 plugins for SMP servers

#5 - ProtectionStones

Image via Minecraft

ProtectionStones is a precautionary plugin that all SMP servers should utilize. This plugin allows players to protect their own land using a block they place on the ground.

ProtectionStones then sets a WorldGuard protected radius around where the block was placed; this radius is completely configurable. Players can then add other players who they wish to allow to place blocks as well. Overall, it is a great plugin to prevent griefing.

Download ProtectionStones here.

#4 - CoreProtect

Image via Minecraft

CoreProtect is yet another anti-griefing plugin that has more features than ProtectionStones, but is a bit less user-friendly.

Along with land protection, CoreProtect allows land to be rolled back in the event where a player's land is griefed. This plugin was made with large servers in mind and does not affect server performance.

Download CoreProtect here.

#3 - Quests

Image via spigotmc.org

Quests add even more interesting things to do in Minecraft. With the Quests plugin, the server owner can set multiple quests for visitors to engage in. Also, completed quests will offer players with rewards.

The Quests plugin is super user-friendly. Basically, everything can be set up via chat.

Download Quests here.

#2 - Drills

Image via Minecraft

Drills makes one of the mean features of Minecraft, mining, even easier. This plugin allows players to craft their own drill, which mines straight down and puts each block that is mined into the player's inventory.

Crafting the drill is quite easy, so players can smoothly start using drills when first starting the SMP.

Download Drills here.

#1 - EssentialsX

Image via Minecraft

As the name implies, the EssentialsX plugin is truly essential on all Minecraft servers, especially SMPs. EssentialsX adds over 130 useful commands to Minecraft, so many that they can't be fully listed.

When combined with LuckPerms, players can even be given prefixes and suffixes.

Download EssentialsX here.

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