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AC Valhalla Old Cellar: Follow This Comprehensive Guide To Complete This Quest

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla there are many linear style caves that contain treasures. One of them is The Old Cellar & this one contains a Treasure of Britain.

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AC Valhalla players can obtain one of the treasures by going to The Old Cellar as it contains the Mysterious Horn Tablet. Along with this treasure, there are many iron ore deposits, 2 opals, and also a chest to loot. Completing it will also grant a Skill Point to the player. The entrance for this location is a cave and it is near the southern shore of the pond near the walls of Cocestre city.

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AC Valhalla Old Cellar

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In Assassin's Creed Valhalla there are many linear style caves that contain treasures. One of them is 'The Old Cellar' and this one contains a 'Treasure of Britain'. Follow these steps below to obtain it:

When you reach the entrance, just keep going straight through the cave.

There are no odd turns or secret passages.

Using Odin’s Sight near the watery areas will help in looking for opals.

As you keep going inside, you will reach the titular Old Cellar, which looks like its an abandoned wine cellar.

Break off the spigots of at least 8 barrels in order to make the treasure appear.

Use Odin’s Sight to highlight them and keep in mind that the best weapon here is your bow.

Bring down the barrels that are behind the suspended sacks of boulders.

When you have released enough wine, Eivor will comment that it’s likely enough.

Now just walk to the grate at the centre of the room to collect the treasure.

Game Improvements in the Latest AC Valhalla Update


Runes and used resources to upgrade Berserker gear will be returned to the player inventory when an item is lost.

Improved vibration feedback during fishing. Fishing goes BRRRR.

Addressed an issue that caused players to leave disguise mode if players perform any attack while riding.

Addressed an issue that prevented players from catching fish in the sea or on coastlines.

Addressed an issue that caused school of fish to take a long time to respawn after one was caught.

Items purchased at the Animus Store will only be given to players after returning to England from Vinland.

Changed predator charge attack animations to give players a little more time to react.

Addressed an issue that prevented fabric from being available. Everyone liked that.

Added date of purchase to items listed in the owned section of the store.

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