Western Star

on Jul 02, 2021 at 12:56 am

There was never going to be a quick fix, so what we should do now is buckle down and sit tight for the rest of the ride. It would be foolish for our politicians to be casual with the SOP just because case numbers have dropped a little.

Yes, there could be adjustments, where operating hours and re-opening of some sectors are concerned, but there shouldn’t be major changes for the sake of providing breathing space to businesses. We ought to know by now that we’re poor with self-regulatory approaches, and we have taken advantage of the leeway, thinking it’s a sanctioned return to normalcy. Yes, it is our fault, no one else.

Amazingly, we have evaded the exponential surge of cases with the lockdown. Otherwise, we would have had 13,000 cases by June 14, and then 20,000 and perhaps 30,000 to 40,000 later. We managed to flatten the curve.

The squabbling politicians can do what they want then, and that includes pressing for a general election. Right now, with only about 10% of the population vaccinated, the people aren’t interested in fulfilling politicians’ ambitions. Yes, we have an unstable government, but why should we endanger our lives for these Members of Parliament so they can be in power through another back-door entry?

Politics in Malaysia has become so toxic and ridiculous that we only hear of politicians who think they are entitled to be the prime minister, or politically expired politicians and former Cabinet ministers who desperately want to retrieve the power and its perks. But the worst kinds are those who are now ready to throw away political ideologies so they can form a new government, be it before or after the general election.

So, one wonders if our politicians are even trying to find new approaches and ideas to help fight the pandemic, which is threatening to become endemic – meaning it’s here to stay. Malaysians, in general, are sick and tired of the level of politicking by our elected representatives.

Politics may be loud in social media and chat groups because many people are bored working from home, and probably because they have the time to keep forwarding political information. However, most Malaysians are still worried about putting food on the table.

So, to heck with politicians and their goons using us as their tools to force an unnecessary change. Let’s all pool together to do our best to recover from this global disaster.

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