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In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Eivor will have the opportunity to seek out legendary beasts of mythic proportions and defeat them in Legendary Hunts. These boss fights will prove to be a true test of skill, but the rewards are said to be as legendary as the hunt itself.

As you build up your settlement at Ravensthorpe, you will have the opportunity to build a Hunter's Hut. By bringing proof of your kills to the Huntsman, you can unlock rare rewards, and even turn in lesser trade goods harvested from other animals for additional unique rewards.

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Elk of Bloody Peaks

Bear of the Blue Waters

The Corpse Feeders

Black Shuck

Gemad Wulf

Beast of the Hills

Aelfred's Battle Cattle

The Blood Swine

O Yan Do' Ne


Wildcats of the Weald


Elk of Bloody Peaks

When you arrive to this mystery location, you’ll find it’s the lair of an elk. Here, you’ll encounter the legendary Elk of Blood Peaks.

Defeat it by dodging its attacks and countering with your own melee attacks. Alternatively, you can hang back and use your bow to take it out from a distance. It has a weak spot near where it’s heart would be, on the bottom side of its neck. Target this to quickly stun the animal.

When it's stunned, rush up for an R3/RS stun attack to do some heavy damage. Because it's an Elk, its moves will always be telegraphed quite obviously. Basically, if it charges at you run. It only has one red rune attack so when you see red, dodge as you cannot block this attack.

Bear of the Blue Water


When you arrive to the location of the bear, pictured above in Hordafylke, Norway, you'll find it's a giant polar bear with a bunch of arrows stuck in its back. When the fight begins, it will likely immediately charge you and hit you with an unblockable red rune attack. Be ready to dodge this.

Most of the bears moves come in the form of slashes or swipes with its claws. You can try to parry these attacks, but the timing is odd so we recommend sticking to dodges. Try to dodge at the last second for a perfect dodge, which slows down time for a couple of seconds. This window of time is perfect for landing headshots or some big, heavy attacks.

Be sure to take the bear's stun bar down by targeting its weak points: both of its back hind legs (where knee caps would be if bears had knee caps) and its front left leg. When you bring the bear's stun bar down, rush in for a high-damage R3/RS stun attack.

Our most effective tactic was to keep our distance from the bear and aim for headshots. The bear isn't too fast so it wasn't hard to get away from it. Sometimes, the bear will do a swipe and when it misses, it'll go down for a few seconds. In the time it spends trying to get back up, attack.

You'll receive the Bear-King's head upon defeating the bear.

The Corpse Feeders

When you arrive, you'll find three wolves in a large open area that looks like a ghost town. These wolves are bigger than your standard wolves, but not much bigger, except for the pack leader who is demonstrably bigger. They also attack in the same way as standard wolves.

Fortunately, each of the wolves attacks in the same way. They charge at you with the occasional unblockable red rune attack, but mostly just stick to lunges and swipes that can be dodged by dodging backwards or parried if you time it just right.

Our strategy was to allow each wolf to charge at us and then dodge at the last second to cause a time slow down. We used this window to shoot the wolf's weak points. The smallest wolf has one weak point — the left side of its torso — while the middle-sized wolf has two: the left and right side of its torso.

The third larger wolf has weak points on front legs and its back left leg. Target these weak points to quickly stun the wolves. Other than that, just attack when you can and block/parry their moves when possible.

If things get too heated for you, climb up to the top of the small building in the middle of this arena. The wolves can reach here, but if you're fast enough, you'll get it all to yourself for a bit. Use this time to heal up or shoot them with arrows from above. You'll receive the Death Hound's head as a reward.

Black Shuck

When you arrive to the Black Shulk's location, you'll find it's a large black dog of sorts. It will immediately rush you and attempt to bite you. Dodge this and then aim at it with your bow to identify its four weak points: the two front legs and the two back legs.

Shoot these weak points as soon as possible to bring the Black Shulk's stun bar down. This opens it up for a heavy-damage R3/RS stun attack. If the wolf charges at you with a red rune attack, dodge immediately. If you miss the dodge, get ready to mash R1/RB because it's what you'll have to do to escape its clutches.

If you have the Force of the Nornir ranged ability, use this as it allows you to shoot the animal's head multiple times, making the kill much easier (especially if you try to kill the animal via melee). You'll receive the Black Shulk head as a reward.

Gemad Wulf

You’ll see a wolf right by a large pool. It’s called the Gemand-Wolf and it has three weak points: it’s front shoulders and its back right shoulders. Hit those with arrows to deplete the wolf’s stun bar to open it up for a large R3/RS attack.

For the rest of the battle, you’ll need to keep an eye out for three things. When the wolf uses a red rune attack, dodge out of the way. When it uses an orange attack, try to parry the attack or perfect dodge the attack to slow time down and open the wolf up for a couple of hits. The third move to watch out for will come from two other wolves that the wolf brings into the battle.

Every single attack from the wolf will come in the form of a lunge so always keep the wolf in front of you. You’ll likely find yourself quite annoyed in this fight because the wolf is really good at dodging your attacks. For this reason, you’re going to want to focus on parrying the wolf so that you can attack it while it’s stunned.

Beast of the Hills

This beast of the hills can be found by entering the entrance pictured below. It’s located at the back of the Uriconium Ruins. Head deep into the ruins and you’ll find a bear to kill. This is a legendary animal so prepare for a fight.

The first thing you should do is target its three weak points. Both of his hind legs are weak points and so is its chest. This will deplete the stun bar and leave the bear open for an R3/RS stun attack that deals a pretty good amount of damage. If the bear starts charging at you, just dodge left or right because this charge leads to a red rune attack that you can’t block.

Often, it will get right in your face and slash and bite left and right. You can try to parry this, but we found it easier to dodge backwards. Overall, we recommend dodging and attempting perfect dodges (dodge at the very last second) as time slows down which leaves the bear open for multiple hits.

If you see the bear dip its head underwater, attack it immediately. It’s eating (or drinking? We don’t really know to be honest) and this heals the bear. You can interrupt this healing by attacking the bear.

Aelfred's Battle Cattle

When you arrive to this fight, you'll find this giant white bull in a circular arena that's actually just a cattle pen. It will likely immediately charge you so be ready to dodge left or right. The bull will often run in circles around you and then randomly sweep in for an unblockable red rune attack.

Make sure to lock on to the bull so that you can always keep track of it. You should try to immediately target the bull's three weak points: it's two hind legs and its front left leg. When you hit all three, the bull's stun bar will go down and it'll be left open for a heavy-damage R3/RS stun attack.

If you can, try to damage the bull from a distance using arrows as headshots can do some serious damage to the bull. If you have Force of the Nornir (a ranged ability) equipped, use your adrenaline on this move as it allows you to get quite a few headshots in slow-mo for ease.

Once you've done all you can from a distance, move in and keep an eye out for those red rune attacks. Try to perfect dodge every one of the bull's moves to slow down time. Use this window of slowed-down time to damage the bull and eventually bring it down.

You'll receive the Aelfred's Battle-Cattle's head upon killing this legendary animal.

The Blood Swine

This legendary animal can be found in Eurvicscire in the Bleasby Swamp. When you arrive, you'll see a bunch of tall grass and the Blood Swine, which is a pig, will soon charge at you. Get ready to dodge left or right immediately.

The tricky part about this fight is the tall grass. The pig will often sprint into the tall grass to hide and then charge at you with a red rune, unblockable attack. The trick to this is keeping your eyes on the horizon of tall grass. You'll see dirt flying into the air wherever the pig is and you'll also see its head pop up for a split second when it first starts charging you.

Fortunately, there is a bit of a cheese with this fight. Let the pig rush you and then quickly dodge. When you're on the side of the pig, start slashing (we recommend a single-hand weapon for speed's sake). We were able to slash half of the pig's health down by spinning in a circle with the pig.

You should focus on targeting its weak points when you can. If you dodge at the last second to perform a perfect dodge, time will slow down. Use this window of slowed-down time to target the weak points, which are its left front and back leg, and its front right leg. This will take the stun bar down — when this happens, run up and press R3/RS to perform a stun move, which should take out a nice chunk of the swine's health.

The last thing to watch out for is the swine's back leg kick. It will often kick backwards violently so try to stay clear of the pig's behind. Defeating this animal will reward you with the Blood-Pig's head.

O Yan Do' Ne

When you arrive to this world event, you'll find a large moose with antlers drenched in blood. This will likely be the easiest fight for you of all the legendary animals and that's because the moose doesn't do too much.

You should purchase the club from the traders in Vinland before fighting this moose.

The club hits hard and fast, and does a lot of damage per hit to the moose.

Here's what you need to look out for: If the moose charges, get ready to dodge because it's going to use a red rune unblockable attack. Shortly after, it will likely start spinning, kicking its back feet while doing so. If the dirt that the back feet kick up hits you, your screen will be covered by dirt for a few seconds and the moose will likely land a hit or two on your during this.

The end of this spinning move comes with a red rune unblockable attack so even if you've avoided the dirt, be prepared to dodge. If you can, try to perform a perfect dodge when the moose does this to slow down time. You can take out a fourth of the moose's health with one slowed-down time period and the club.

Other than that, the moose will mostly just be swiping at you with its antlers. Just dodge these and counter with your own attacks. When the moose goes down, you'll receive 175 leather and two skill points.


This Legendary Animal's location won't actually appear on your map. You'll need to get close to it for it to appear. It can be found where we are on the map above.


: Steinnbjorn has a power level of 400. We were level 372 and it was still a difficult fight.

Here are some things to know: Steinnbjorn is a giant polar bear that looks like it's made of ice. It is weak to fire.

Its weak points are on its behind — specifically, the butt and the left and right region just above the butt.

Target these weak points to take down Steinnbjorn's stun bar. This opens it up for a heavy-damage R3/RS stun attack.

The bear will likely grow ice spikes out of its legs at this point. This means some ice moves are about to be in play. If the bear stands on its back two legs, run away — it's about to slam down on the ground, which creates a large circle of ice that does some serious area-of-effect damage.

If you get too far away from the bear, it will launch ice spikes underground. You'll see them bubble up under the surface as they rush toward you. Dodge away from these and do it as soon as possible as taking one hit from these almost guarantees you'll take hits from each subsequent one.

Your best friend in this fight is Steinnbjorn's standard lunge attack. The bear will just simply lunge forward at you. Dodge at the very last second to perform a perfect dodge. This slows down time, which is a perfect time to target the bear's weak points or its ice spikes protruding out.

If you're attacking the bear, try hitting its ice spikes as hitting these does critical damage to Steinnbjorn. Make sure you have as many rations as possible and full health. You should also have your favorite abilities equipped and your quiver of arrows full.

When you take Steinnbjorn down, you'll receive two skill points and some rations.

Wildcats of the Weald

When you arrive to this fight, you'll find two Lynxes. There's a young lynx and an elder one. You should immediately focus on the young lynx. It's as easy to kill as basically any other wild lynx. If you haven't yet fought a lynx yet, they are animals that lunge wildly.

Because of their size, it's not often that they're right up on you. Instead, they stick to a few feet away from you and then lunge at you. The best thing to do against these lynxes is dodge at the very last moment when they attack you. This will slow down time, which leaves them open for some melee attacks or some weak point arrow shots.

Speaking of weak points, the young lynx's weak points are the left side of its torso and its back right leg while the elder lynx's weak points are its left hind leg, on the outside of the leg, and its front right leg, on the outside of the leg. Take out these weak points to bring their stun bars down. When those bars are down, rush in and press R3/RS for a heavy-damage stun attack.

Use the ranged ability, Force of the Nornir, to slow down time and shoot anywhere from five to seven arrows at the lynx. This ability is perfect for nailing down those weak points.

When you defeat the two lynxes, you'll receive the Wildcat's head.


When you defeat a legendary animal you will receive the animal's head and a large amount of leather. Deliver the head to Wallace at the

Hunter's Hut

in Ravensthorpe. He will give you a reward for each head. The 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th heads will each reward you with a piece of the

Skratii Scheme

tattoo set. For the 2nd, 6th, and 8th heads you will receive three settlement cosmetic items. The reward for the fourth head is the

Petra's Arc

predator bow, and the final head will reward you with the

Vordr's Bite

dane axe.

In addition, each head will be mounted and on display in the main hall of the long house.

The rewards apply to the nine animals in Norway and England. It does not matter what order you defeat these animals. The moose in Vinland and the bear in Jotunheim do not count toward these rewards.

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