The Back 4 Blood inventory system can be confusing at times. It’s hard to know what equipment fills each slot at first, which can get frustrating when players are unable to pick up items. That said, the Back 4 Blood can’t pick up item issue isn’t actually an error. Here’s an explainer on why users can’t grab equipment and whether it’s possible to stack multiple accessories and heals in B4B.

Back 4 Blood: Why can’t I pick items up?

In Back 4 Blood, players can carry up to three accessory items at once. It isn’t possible to stack multiples of the same offensive, support, or quick accessories in B4B. As a result, users are often unable to pick up items in the co-op FPS game.

Despite the appearance of an on-screen interaction prompt, if, for example, a player is carrying a bandage they can’t retrieve a second bandage. This case relates to a support accessory, though the same also applies to offensive and quick accessory items. Back 4 Blood players are also unable to carry a stack of multiple frag grenades and/or ammo packs, for instance.

This means that it isn’t possible to carry more than one heal in Back 4 Blood, which is an intentional design decision. It prevents individual players from hoarding supplies, encouraging teamwork and resource sharing above all else. The old saying that sharing is caring rings especially true in B4B, where it can be vital to survival.

Although it can be frustrating to leave supplies behind, users that can’t make use of items in Back 4 Blood should mark them. This will alert teammates to their presence, and someone might be able to put the equipment to good use. Remember that having a better-equipped partner is good for the whole squad!

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