It has been well over 16 years since the original Dragon Slayer quest came out for Jagex’s Runescape, one of the most popular MMORPGs available right now. Since then, two versions of the game have come to be: Old School Runescape, the legacy server for the game, and Runescape 3, the more modern take on Runescape. Starting today, players can participate in the sequel quest to Dragon Slayer, Dragon Slayer II, on Old School Runescape.

The Old School Runescape-exclusive quest is a direct follow-up to the hardest free-to-play quest available in the game. The quest will be of grandmaster difficulty and will take a very long time to complete, for it will send players all over Runescape. Before players can hop into the action, they first must have a membership to access members-only content and skills. Afterwards, players must have already completed the following quests: Legends’ Quest, Dream Mentor, A Tail of Two Cats, Animal Magnetism, Ghosts Ahoy, Bone Voyage, and Client of Kourend. In addition to the quests, players must also have the following skill requirements as well: 200 quest points, 75 magic, 70 smithing, 68 mining, 62 crafting, 60 agility, 60 thieving, 50 construction, and 50 hitpoints.

These are some of the most demanding quest requirements in Old School Runescape, but once all have been met, players can start the quest by speaking to Alec Kincade outside of the newly added Myths’ Guild. Once the quest is underway, adventurers will embark on a journey to free the island of Crandor once more from the tyranny of a dragon menace. Players will have to make preparations to slay the new boss, Vorkath, and free the island once more of dragons. Once players complete the quest, they will be rewarded heavily. Upon completion, 5 quest points, access to the Myths’ Guild, 25,000 smithing exp, 18,000 mining exp, 15,000 agility exp, and 15,000 thieving exp will be rewarded to the player.

With access to the Myths’ Guild, players will also be able to obtain the Mythical Cape, create runes at the Wrath Altar to use new surge spells, make super antifire potions, re-fight Vorkath to receive rare drops, fight adamant and rune dragons, and equip the fabled dragon crossbow and platebody.

In addition to Dragon Slayer II and all of its extra content, there was a contest hosted by Jagex for players to create a special log-in screen and short video to commemorate the quest. Runezilla ended up being the winner for the brand new log-in screen, and IceScream Y ended up winning the video competition. Both can be viewed down below.

The quest is live for players to attempt, and some have already completed the quest. Tread carefully, for only the most experienced can survive.


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