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There are 27 prepper stashes to find in Far Cry 5. Prepper Stashes are hidden caches of money, ammo, supplies and other valuables that can be found around Hope County. Each one (except the first one on Dutch’s Island) will reward you with 3 Perk Points and a decent amount of cash. Some prepper stashes contain unique rewards such as weapons or vehicles.





Deep Dive


Dumpster Diving

Fire in the Hole


High Tension

Long-Distance Lockpick

Man Cave

Playing with Fire




Animal Control

Dead Man's Treasure


O'Hara's Haunted House


Pooper Scooper

Side Effects



Gone Squatchin'

Hangar Pains


Salvage Rites


The Holdouts

Unwelcome Guest

Holland Valley Prepper Stashes

There are 12 prepper stashes to find in the Holland Valley region of Hope County.

Deep Dive

You’ll find the info on this stash at the Laurel Residence, directly west of Rye & Son’s Aviation.

The box can be found inside the house on the counter in the kitchen. The note reads:

My darling hubby, the bunker’s flooded... AGAIN! We were gonna use the stuff in there to help The Resistance. Where’d you put the shed key? I’ll go turn on the water pump. - Wifey


Head out to the backyard where you’ll find a shed with a keycard lock and another note tacked next to the door. It reads:


: We’re not gonna drain the bunker in time. I packed up the car with supplies, we’ll have to run before the cult gets here. We’ll have to leave whatever’s down there. Doubt the Peggies can hold their breath long enough to get their hands on the key to the shed - Hubby

PrepperStash-HollandValley DeepDive 05.jpg

Open the hatch next to the shed and climb down the ladder into the water below. Swim into the bunker and collect the keycard off the desk at the far end, then return to the surface and open the door to the shed.

Use the yellow pump switch on the wall next to the barred window in the shed to activate the water pump.

Return to the bunker below and destroy the boards to reach the stash.

D.I.Y. and D.O.A.

Required Gear:


This stash lies beneath the Doverspike Compound, at the foot of the mountains in the north-west end of the Holland Valley.

The clue is next to the door of the shed to the left of the house when you’re coming up the driveway. It reads:


you stupid cultist f**ks! You’ll never get into my bunker. It’s impregnable. I built it myself. But even if you do, you’ll never get back out again.

PrepperStash-HollandValley DIY-DOA 04.jpg

Super creepy, right? I know. The key to the shed door can be found in the house - follow the hallway to the back bedroom and collect it off the dresser.

Unlock the shed and open the bunker hatch, then climb down. You’ll find that the main power is off, as well as another note next to the doorway on the far end of the room that reads:

Les, baby, I don’t know what those idiots from Hilgard Electric were so uptight about. you don’t need a “degree” in “electrical engineering” or anything else. You an’ me built this bunker with our bare hands. Safety hazard my entire ass. Didn’t I get a smoke detector and a sprinkler system from Red’s place last month? We’re gonna be fine down here.

PrepperStash-HollandValley DIY-DOA 06.jpg

The power to the keycard reader is off, so you’ll need to turn it back on. Go through the door and follow the hall that leads off to the left, then take a quick right. Head to the end of the room and use the yellow switch in the closet on your left to power on the generator.

After the boot up, make your way back to the keycard door, moving slowly to avoid being burned, crushed or otherwise maimed by the shoddily made deathtrap.

Use the keycard reader to open the door and claim your bounty.

Dumpster Diving

Required Gear:


You can find this prepare stash at the waste treatment facility in the hills north of Fall’s End.

You’ll find the note outside the manager’s trailer, which reads:

‘’Dodd’s nowhere to be found. I’m sure he won’t mind if we stash some stuff in the back office. Power’s not hooked up quite right, so watch your step if you turn it on.’’

Shoot the red barrel on top of the stacked container to your left to clear the debris, then climb onto the roof of the trailer and jump across.

Now over the wall, walk to the end of the red container with the plywood board sticking off the end and jump across to the crates in the center of the yard.

Jump to the next container, then turn to your right and use your grappling hook to swing over to the ledge opposite you.

Drop down to the floor below this platform, then make your way into the flooded basement. The power is off, so you’ll need to turn it back on before you can open the door to the stash - you’ll find the control switch on the north wall next to the large green tanks.

Turn around and use the path up to the shelves that were behind you to avoid stepping in the now-electrified water. Follow this path and jump across the gap.

From this platform, make a running leap onto the crates behind the chainlink fence, then climb back up onto the top of the wall.

Drop down and use the wooden beams to cross the water, open the door and access the stash.

Fire in the Hole

Required Gear:

NoneThis stash is far to the south-east of the Holland Valley region, at the cabin at the end of the path above Orville Creek.

After crossing the footbridge over the waterfall, you’ll find the clue to this stash on top of a large rock ahead of the cabin. The note reads:

‘’Stan: We found a bunch of dynamite in the old mine under the house. If you’re reading this then we’ve already gone down to get it. We’re gonna see about setting up a weapons cache or something down there.’’

You’ll encounter four cultists in and around the cabin - they should be fairly easy to take down silently, though going loud is always an option if you prefer.

Once they’ve been dispatched, head into the cabin to where the third cultist was (the one kneeling down in the corner). Standing on or attacking the boards over the floor will reveal a ladder leading down into the mine - climb down and acclimate yourself to the dark and the Bliss.

Destroy the wooden barrier ahead of you, then follow the path to your right. There’ll be a bliss-addicted cultist in the offshoot on your left, eliminate them and continue forward.

You’ll soon come to another barrier with a path leading off to your left - turn this corner and destroy the barrier you find. The next hall is full of Addicts; you’ll need to put them down before you can proceed.

After clearing the hall, head down the passage that was on your left when you entered but do not destroy the barrier at the end - instead follow the tunnel where it turns right and break down ‘’that’’ rubble instead. You’ll find yourself standing on a ledge above a pool with a waterfall flowing into it.

Use bullets or dynamite (you can find some nearby if you don’t have any) to destroy the rubble blocking the flow of water. This will fill the basin below you and allow you to swim across to the other side. If you haven’t done so already, kill the cultist on the opposite ledge, then proceed through the tunnel to locate the stash.


Required Gear:

None ‘’’Unique Reward:’’’ AR-CL Sniper RifleThis stash is located at Grace’s old house, just to the east of the Lamb of God church.

‘’Grace is already out there, takin’ the fight to the Peggies. She’s got a lot of gear stated in the bunker under her house. We have to find a way down there so the cult doesn’t get it first.’’

After dispatching the cultists and collecting the stash note off the crate in front of the house, jump over the sill of the open window. You’ll be knocked back by an exploding water heater, but won’t suffer any serious damage.

After you stand up, head through the burned hall on your left, then turn left in the alcove to step through the collapsed wall and climb onto the fallen second-story floor.

Jump down into the next room and make a U-turn around the destroyed wall to climb up onto the burned roof via some metal shelving.

Jump across the gap to the opposite corner, then drop down and open the hatch to reach Grace’s stash.

High Tension

Required Gear:

NoneThe clue leading to this stash can be found next to the door into the Lincoln lookout tower, in the high hills between the Holland Valley and Whitetail Mountains.

From the tower, use the zipline leading into the forest on the east balcony. You’ll land on a platform with another zipline leading down into the forest.

Use this next zipline - when you reach the end, quickly tap the action button to latch onto the next zipline instead of falling to the forest floor below.

When you land at the end of this line, leap to the platform across from you and use the wooden beam between this and the next one as a bridge.

Jump to the third platform and use this final zipline to get into the silo and claim the stash.

Long-Distance Lockpick

Required Gear:


This prepper clue is found at the foot of the long dock leading out over the reservoir to the north of Fall’s End.

The cult’s tampering with the water. I locked myself in to stop them, there’s no way to open the door from the outside.

Head down the pier to the small shed - you’ll find another note from a cultist explaining that he’s trying to shoot the lock from across the reservoir. Head up onto the roof of the shack and use whatever your preferred long-range weapon is to take him out.

Use the zipline to cross the water and jump onto the sniper platform from the roof you land on and pick up the dead sniper’s scoped rifle (if you don’t already have a longarm yourself). Take careful aim at the yellow lock visible through the open window and make that maybe-not-one-in-a-million shot.

Breaking the lock will cause an alarm to sound, which will attract nearby cultists to the pier - fend them off and head into the shed to collect the goods in the stash.

Man Cave

Required Gear:


Unique Rewards:

Custom 2012 Kimberlite TCZ (Pickup)

This stash clue can be located at Sunrise Threshing, down the road to the east of Fall’s End.

‘’To whoever is out there fighting the cult: The Peggies took everything from me. My farm. My wife. Everything I have left is hidden here. There’s a secret entrance to my bunker and garage. Use what’s inside to make those fuckers pay. - Big Mike’’

Behind the fenced-in yard with the bodies leaning against it, you’ll find a pickup truck - back it up to the fence and climb over the barbed wire from on top of the truck.

From inside, shoot the lock on the gate, then back the truck up to the trailer on top of the hatch and move it off.

Open the hatch in the yard and climb down into a bunker, then up the ladder at the other end to reach the garage and complete the mission.

Playing With Fire

Required Gear:

NoneThe clue to this stash resides in the run-down shell of the Hope County Jail Bus.

Youll encounter a few cultists in the campsite next to the bus - take them out and head into the bus to find the note.

Jack - Cult finally went crazy. Well, more crazy. let's hide our good shit inside the big pipe. I'll meet you there. Watch out for bears! - Howard

Head south to the pond and head into the large drainpipe after taking out any cultists at the edge of the water.

Following the pipe, there'll be a short tunnel leading off to your right with a bloodstain on the wall. This is where the stash lies, but don't follow it just yet - unless you have the '



Follow the blood trail through the tunnel out the other end of the pipe - use caution when emerging as there may be a bear nearby, and there will definitely be a flamethrower-wielding cultist.

You'll find the key to the stash next to the body at the edge of the lake - cleary someone didn't watch out for bears.

Head back into the pipe and down the offshoot - have a powerful weapon ready to fight the wolverine that's found it's way inside.

Open the gate to find the stash and claim the prizes inside.


Required Gear:

Grappling Hook

This stash can be found along the Bridge of Tears, just east of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.

‘’Me and my buddies raided some Peggie supplies. We hid the gear in the bridge supports. You’ll need a good Grappling Hook to get to it.’’

Climb down to the scaffold beneath the ledge below you and use your grappling hook to swing out to the first support strut of the bridge.

Climb over this scaffold, then use the grapple to swing out under the bridge - hit the grapple key again to latch onto the next grapple point and continue swinging.

From here you'll need to climb and swing along the bridge until you reach the platform roughly half-way across. There's a breakable floor here - drop through it to find the stash.


This prepper clue in the middle of the yard outside the Grain Elevator - you may recognize it from the mission Homecoming.

If you're reading this and you're a Peggie, I've got you in my sights :) If you're Resistance, come on up and see me in the grain elevator. I got some goodies you can use against the cult. Just watch your step as you come up, I got a lot of little friends who don't wanna be disturbed.

Climb up on the animal cage next to the warehouse and jump to the tin roof, then smash through the boarded-up window to get inside.

Once inside, slowly move past the first bee's nest and climb over the desk ahead of you.

Pick yourself up off the floor and climb onto the crate ahead of you with the blue paracord on it - there is a safe ahead of where you land, if you have explosives or either the Locksmith or Repair Torch perks, though you'll need to bash the hive blocking your path to get it.

After getting over the roped crate, climb up on the stack to your right and break through the wall. Move and drop slowly into the next room to avoid disturbing the bees then head into the stairwell at the base of the elevator.

Using the ledges and climbable platforms, carefully make your way up the tower to find the stash at the top. You can burn the hives to avoid taking damage if you want to destroy them, but this runs the risk of setting the building - and yourself - on fire.

Henbane River Prepper Stashes

There are 7 Prepper Stashes to be found in the Henbane River region of Hope County.

Animal Control

Required Gear:

Grappling HookThis stash can be found in Howling Cave, down the hill to the north of Peaches Taxidermy.

You’ll find the note on a crate, down the hill from the mouth of the cave. It reads:

There’s always a squad of cultists taking wolves from Howling Cave. They’ve got a lot of good gear in there. I think someone oughtta get the jump on ‘em and steal it.

Eliminate the cultists guarding the mouth of the cave and head inside. You’ll find two wolves inside - one is a failed Judge, so you may need to put a few extra rounds into it.

Head down into the basin below the entrance, then use the grapple to climb to the ledge high above the entrance.

Follow the tunnel upwards, then drop down into the basin below and climb up onto the ledge.

Continue through the tunnel until you must crawl through a low passage - you’ll find a crew of cultists in the cavern it opens into.

Once the cultists have been dealt with, use your grapple to climb upwards to the platform above. You’ll find the stash here, along with a helicopter you can use to fly out of the cave.

Dead Mans Treasure

Required Gear:

Grappling HookYou’ll find this stash near the small cabin off the dirt road leading north from Sharky’s trailer park.

The note sits on a crate in front of the cabin, reading: To any cougars reading this:

Me and my buddy stashed some goodies in a cave behind the waterfall. To get inside you’ll have to stop flow and grapple down.

HenbaneRiver DeadMansTreasure 03.jpg

First you’ll need to obtain the gearwheel that’s locked inside the cabin - you can find your way in by dropping down onto the rocks to the right of the cabin and making your way underneath the house.

Climb up from the foundation into the main room to collect the wheel.

You’ll find a zipline leading out the rear window of the cabin down to the floodgate at the top of the nearby waterfall.

Insert the gearwheel into the socket on the side of the gate, then interact with it to lower the gate and stop the flow of water.

Rappel down the fall and swing into the cave you find roughly halfway down.

Follow the tunnel until you reach the stash.


Required Gear:

NoneThis stash is inside the gas station to the east of the Hope County Jail.

The note can be found inside the service station, next to the keycard-locked stash. It says:

Can’t say I didn’t warn you. Cult’s gone nuts, but I’ve been ready with a bug out plan for ages. I put my best gear in my best car and I’m gettin’ the fuck outta here. Nobody can call me selfish though - left y’all'some stuff to fight the cult with, and my second-best car: The Midnight Ride. Damned if I remember where I left the key. It’s in the garage somewhere Good luck, chumps! - Steve

Head out the rear door into the backyard and smash through the boarded-up doorway to your left to get into the garage.

Release the brakes on the car propped up on the ramp, then open the garage door with the switch opposite the door you entered from to clear a path into the rest of the garage.

Climb over the ramp and move through the door across from you. Turn left and climb onto the crates to drop down on the other side of the stack to clamber under the low shelf. Use caution: a very angry wolverine has managed to become trapped down here.

Once you’ve slain the tiny beast, you’ll find the key hanging above the toilet in the bathroom.

Climb up the crates to the hatch next to the restroom, then get down from the roof to return to the service station and unlock the stash.

OHaras Haunted House

Required Gear:

NoneThis stash - and personal favorite at the IGN office - is located south of the rail bridge, just over the border into Henbane River from the Holland Valley.

You’ll find the clue tacked to the wall of the darkened haunted house, up the hill from the road. It reads:

I’ve been enjoying the show, watching everyone in the county tear each other to pieces. I’ve left some treats at the top of the barn for anyone brave enough to go through my haunted house.

The switch for the power is in the attic of O’Hara’s house - there’s a crate behind the house that you can climb up to the roof with, then climb down onto the scaffold on the south side of the house.

Get inside through the open window and use the lever next to the window to turn on the power, then slide down the zipline to reach the entrance.

Head inside and follow the path of horrors until you reach the end, then climb up to the loft and collect your well-earned reward.


Required Gear:

Grappling HookYou’ll find this stash on the highest mountain in the Henbane region - north of Rock Bass Lake and east of Peaches Taxidermy.

The note is found in the room at the top of the lookout tower, roughly halfway up the mountainside. It reads:

A squad of The Resistance went to '


up camp on top of Raptor Peak. But I have heard from them in a while. I hope they’re doing okay. It’s a dangerous climb.

Follow the objective marker to the base of Raptor Peak, then follow the craggy path until you come to a couple of ledges with some climbing rope and a grapple point above you.

Jump to the platform and use the grapple to swing across the next gap. From here, the path is very straightforward - though you’ll need to jump from grapple to grapple once or twice to get up to the summit. The real danger here is the threat of an eagle attack; the birds are far deadlier than you might expect - as the team before you found out.

When you reach the top, you’ll find the Resistance squad battling the deadly birds - you can help them fend off their attackers, or simply run past them and down the path on the other side of the peak to where the stash lies next to a camp site.

Pooper Scooper

Required Gear:

NoneThis stash is hidden in the Silver Lake Summer Camp, north-west of Peaches Taxidermy on the eastern shore of Silver Lake.

You can find a note from an angry local on a lock box next to the well in the center of camp the reads:

The Peggies took over this summer camp. The cabins are full of their stuff, and they’re rounding up dogs. I can’t fight them by myself, but I did the next best thing: I stole the master key to all the cabins and fed it to one of the dogs inside the main building. If they want access to their stash again, they’ll have to wait until the dog shits it back out!

Delightful. Head into the main building (the big red one near the entrance) by hoisting yourself up onto the scaffold on the western wall and smashing through the boarded-up window.

Inside, you’ll likely be tempted to pet every dog you run into - follow that instinct, they’re good boys. Once you’ve had your fill of that, the real work begins: on the floor you’ll find pile after pile of leavings - the key’s location is selected randomly, so you’ll have to sift through scat until you find it.

Once you have the key, head outside and enter Cabin 2 to find the stash.

Side Effects

Required Gear:

NoneYou’ll find this stash at the abandoned Radon Spa south-east of the Hope County Jail, near Prosperity.

There’s a note from someone on a crate behind the cabin, outside the entrance to the old health mine. It says:

Back in the day, this place was a radon health mine (look it up online). Nowadays, the cult’s hiding some of their shit in it. If I was braver, I’d raid it for supplies. If you wanna go in that creepy old place, then the power should still be working if you can find a switch or a generator inside.

Head through the door behind the chain link fence ahead of you. You can find a note on the wall to your left that warns you there are several of Faith’s Angels within - they’re all passed out and docile, though... for now.

Once inside, follow the tunnel and try not to get too freaked out by the Bliss-induced hallucinations. There aren’t any particularly deadly traps, though a couple of the falls might hurt more than you’d like.

After you cross the large cavernous room with the scaffolding on the left-hand side, you’ll continue down a hall until you reach a large pump and a generator. Activate the generator to unlock the door to the stash back at the start of the tunnel.

On your way back through the mine, the Angels will have begun awakening. There are two in the large chamber you just crossed, one up the stairs further down this hall, and two more wait in the closet where you saw the mirage run into.

Finally, as you reach the entrance, there are three waiting in this hallway/room. Once they’ve been dealt with, return to the top of the tunnel and head through the now-open door to claim your stash prizes.

The Angels’ Grave

Required Gear:

Grappling HookThe final stash in Faith’s region of Hope County sits in a cave system to the south of Rock Bass Lake.

A Resistance member left a note on some crates, up a flight of stairs from a cabin at the side of the road, next to a locked gate leading into the caves. To anyone reading this:

I’ve seen the Peggies get rid of dead Angels by dropping them in the crevasse on top of this hill. Some could use that same opening to drop into the cave and steal the gear they’ve got stashed there.

Use the grapple point next to you to climb up to the top of this cliff, then follow the objective marker across the nearby road to where three cultists are dropping corpses into a large opening. Once they’ve been dealt with, climb or parachute down into the pit.

Continue following the path downwards until you come to a grapple point leading into another crevasse.Rappel down and proceed forward but do not touch the water’ that you find here.

These waters are boiling hot and acidic thanks to the geothermal activity in the region. You’ll see some poor fool of an Angel meet their fate this way as you enter the area. You’ll need to hop from platform to platform to reach the other side of the chamber.

After clearing this first chamber and passing through a low tunnel, you’ll come out the other side and need to mantle up onto the ledge immediately to your left, then use your grapple to swing and jump to the other side of the pool.

Once you reach the other side, move around the side of the pool and jump to the fallen column that rises out of the center, then swing across to the platform on the other side and zipline across the remainder of the pool to reach (relative) safety.

Follow the carved stairs up and around from this edge of the thermal pools, eliminating the guards you encounter after ducking under a low rock formation.

Continue along the path once the cultists have been pacified and you’ll find your prize.

Whitetail Mountains Prepper Stashes

There are eight stashes to find scattered around the Whitetail Mountains region of Hope County.


Required Gear:

Grappling HookThis stash is in a lockbox in the back of a crashed truck beneath the bridge in the western edge of the Whitetail Mountains.

Whether you jump down from the bridge or follow the path smashed through the woods from the road above, you’ll find this hastily-written note next to the truck at the bottom of the ravine:

Ian, my dear, if you’re reading this you must think I’ve abandoned you. The crash knocked you out cold and nothing I did could wake you up. I didn’t want to leave you but I have to go find help. The Cult’s watching the roads but I think there’s a way up by the falls. There’s no way I can carry the lockbox, but I got the key with me so those fuckers can’t open it. Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon. Love always, Ted.

You can find a blood trail leading up the hill to the north of the crashed truck - follow it. It will lead you up onto the rocky ledges above you heading towards the waterfall below the bridge. Move carefully, as there are PEG members patrolling the ridge above you and a helicopter circling nearby as well.

Follow the trail and jump across the rocky outcropping amid the falls and use your grapple to climb up the other side of the cliff. Reverse direction and jump back across, then wind upwards until you can leap to the ledge just below the bridge.

Eliminate the two cultists searching the area and (avoiding being spotted by the helicopter if possible) pick up the key next to Ted’s body.

Wingsuit, parachute or climb back down to the truck to open the lock box and collect the stashed loot.

Gone Squatchin

Required Gear:

Grappling HookThis stash hunt begins at the small cabin nestled in the wooded ravine north-west of Langford Lake.

On the table next to the door of the cabin you’ll find this note:


I locked you out, but I just couldn’t wait. I hear some noises outside the cabin and just had to follow. If you need your gear, just head north along the trailer, I’m up at the old lookout. I’ve got a feeling our hunt is over soon and we’ll have proof of that squelch once and for all! Get the drams ready! - Dicky Dansky

Follow the trail leading north from the cabin, towards the old lookout platform. As you approach, you’ll notice something clearly went wrong and the platform seems to have given way.

Follow the switchback trail up to the platform and collect the journal notes left blowing in the breeze.

I can’t believe it! I heard it! A genuine sasquatch call! I’m sure it’s from a cave I’ve seen on the nearby cliffs. I’ve got a feeling that today is going to be the day that I come face to face with the squelch itself!

From the sounds of the roaring and screams coming from the cliffs, it sounds like Dansky may have gotten more than he was hoping for. Follow the trail up from the lookout platform (which is now a blood trail, it seems) until you reach a grapple point leading up into the cliffs.

Continue up the cliff face and pass by what looks like a raided campsite, then jump and grapple up to the next ledge ahead of you. Continue along the given path and you’ll pass under an overhang that’s clearly been used as a feeding spot.

Make your way up the path from here and mantle up onto the ledges on your left. Climb up onto the large stones to be able to jump to the next platform, then follow the path ever upward.

Use the grapple to swing and jump to the next grapple point, then leap to the platform on the far edge. Follow the ridge along the cliffside until you find the corpse of a deer and a rappelling point.

On this ledge outside a cave full of bones you’ll find the body of Dansky - pick up the keycard next to him and climb/parachute/wingsuit back down to his cabin to open the stash.

Hangar Pains

Required Equipment:

Grappling Hook, Wingsuit, Parachute This stash is located inside the hangar at the Landsdowne Airstrip, north of the F.A.N.G. Center.

On top of a large tool chest next to the hangar, you’ll find this note:

For fuck’s sake, Russ, you broke the damn generator again/ How the hell am I supposed to open the door and get the plane out now? I’m off to get Shep to come and fix it. And I swear to god if you left the skylight open again I’m going to fire your ass. - Ben

There’s no way to get in on the ground level, so we’ll have to try to find a way in through that skylight Ben mentioned. Thankfully, another note on the side door gives us a hint at how we can accomplish that.

Russ, there’s something rotting up there on the roof, I saw one of '


eagles perched on the nearby radio tower with something in its claws the other day. Pretty sure it glided over and dropped that sucker and now it’s baking up there in the sun. You’re going to have to find some way up there and clean it up. - Ben

Take a cue from Ben and head towards the radio tower just south of the hangar. Use your grappling hook to make it up to the top level.

From here, your goal is to Wingsuit off the tower, glide over the hangar and pop your chute at just the right moment so that you land on the roof of the hangar. This may take a few tries.

Once you land on the roof, drop down through the skylight and interact with the glowing button on the western wall to open the hangar door and complete the mission.


Required Gear:

Grappling HookThis stash can be found high in the north-west mountains.

You'll find a note and a loot pack at the south end of the hiker's footbridge that reads:

Eli has tasked me with finding a way to get the '


out. The cult controls all communications, not to mention all the bridges in and out. Our only hope is to fly out before they are able to control the skies as well. I've got my gear with me, I plan on leaving '



cover of darkness. Wish me luck. - Kyle

Judging from the fact that the NPC who pinged this marker mentioned a plane crash, I think it's safe to say things didn't go too well for old Kyle. Cross the bridge and follow the trail up and around the next corner, then use the grapple point to climb up to the ledge above.

Run down the path you come to, but don't follow it too long - head through the marked poles to climb up onto the rock face above the waterfall.

You'll hear some cultists talking from the edge of the collapsed bridge above you - you can take them out now or wait until you get closer. Use the grapple point on the broken bridge to climb up and swing your way to the other side.

Continue up the mountain, using the next set of grapple points to reach the platform above, then swing across the collapsed bridge you find.

Climb down the rappelling point you come to, then jump the gap and climb the stairs and swing over grapple points on the other side.

Climb the final rock face to find three cultists searching the remains. You should be able to take them all out with melee takedowns unless you immediately open fire.

Once they're down, you'll find the key to the lock box at the base of the hill on a crate near the top, just past where the third cultist was searching.

Head back down to the bottom of the wreckage hill and open the box to find the stash.

Salvage Rites

Required Gear:

NoneThis stash is in a lock box on a small island off the southern end of Ciagett Bay.

You’ll find next to the lock box and campsite a form with the information of the salvage contract - it seems there’s a small Cessna aircraft sunk in the bay, the key to a lock box still inside or nearby the wreckage.

You can find a small red body and a line of cord stretching off into the water - follow it to each salvage location, rising to the surface for air as needed.

When you reach the final buoy you’ll find the sunken fuselage of the plane along with its unfortunate pilot - the key to the lockbox sits nearby. Grab it, swim back to shore and open your treasure chest.


Required Gear:

NoneThis stash can be found in a bunker on the island to the west of the railway bridge connecting the Whitetail Mountains to the Henbane River.

On the island, you’ll find a cabin - outside is a note that reads:

My bunker’s compromised, some asshat drove a fucking dredge into it. I tried to get it loose, but every time I touch the controls it just digs a deeper hole. '


thing I need is a bunch of veggies swimming in to steal my shit.

Youraim is to activate the dredge so that you can swim in through the hole. You can get into the sunken boat through an open window in the south side of the hull.

Swim through the sunken hall ahead of you, turning left and coming up out of the water in the dredge’s central hold. Use the ladder ahead of you to get to the control room.

Interact with the control lever to turn on the dredge. After a few bangs and clangs, it will finally give way and you can access the tunnels below.

Swim through the flooded tunnels until you find the entry hatch into the bunker. Climb up and out of the water to collect your rewards - but be careful of the snake that’s trapped itself down here as well.

The Holdouts

Required Gear:

NoneThis stash is located beneath the Elliot residence, west of the Baron Lumber Mill and south of the F.A.N.G. Center.

You’ll find a set of cult orders on some crates with a body leaned against them, next to the sandbags in the front yard. They read:

Tanner, got orders from Jacob to remove Elliot and his family from their house. They’ve been a thorn in our ass for far too long. Make sure you check their bunker, they could be hiding in there. Use whatever means necessary. - Billy

You can also hear chatter over the radio letting you know that reinforcements will be arriving soon.

Head around to the back yard and climb up to the second story window via the broken porch roof.

Move through these rooms and head out the window onto the front roof, then back in the window to your right.

Head through this room and down the stairs into the kitchen - you’ll find Richard Elliot’s body with the keycard for the bunker on the floor next to it. Pick it up and head back upstairs.

By now more cultists should be arriving - they stay fairly clustered together at first, so you should be able to take most of them out with a well-placed grenade or stick of dynamite.

Once the reinforcements have been dealt with, retrace your steps to the backyard and shoot the lock off the hatch in the shed. Climb downstairs and use the keycard to uncover the Elliot’s stash.

Unwelcome Guest

Required Gear:

NoneYou’ll find this stash at a cabin high on the mountain that serves as the western border between the Whitetail Mountains and the Holland Valley.

After making the long trek up the mountain, you’ll find this note left on the door of the cabin:

To: Shep / Damn thief got into my cabin, nearly got my stash. I’m off to track that bastard down. '


see what you can do with the lock. I’ll be damned if this is going to happen again. - Hardcastle

Move around the side of the house and follow the trail of dropped items into the rocky hills behind the cabin. You’ll see a large cave entrance off to the west - ready a weapon and head towards it.

Unfortunately for Hardcastle (and you), the “thief” wasn’t some clever bandit, but a very large and hungry grizzly bear. Bears are amazing animals, but do what you have to do to survive.

With Not-So-Gentle Ben dealt with, head into the mouth of the cave to find Hardcastle’s body along with the key to his stash. Return to the cabin to unlock the door and claim your bounty.

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