Boyfriend Dungeon

is a simple concept in theory, as weird as this indie game as weird as it sounds. The player-created character, who has no default name or gender representation, goes to Verona Beach in California to visit their cousin, Jesse. It’s here that Jesse promises to set the player up with a variety of dates.

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There’s a catch to this though. People in Verona Beach can transform into weapons from swords to lances to brass knuckles. People that use them as weapons are called Wielders and explore dungeons. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for this new hybrid light novel game crossed with a dungeon-crawling Switch RPG. How does it really play and what are some beginning tips?


How Does It Work?

There is no time limit to

Boyfriend Dungeon

unlike a game akin to

Persona 5

which has a calendar set up. It’s actually a pretty laid-back adventure. Jump into the dungeons and raise the bond level between the player character and the weapons.

Once a weapon’s bar is filled up, they can go on dates. Most of the story advances as one conquers these dungeons so there is no real pressure to finish the game in a set amount of time.


Creating A Character And Gearing Up

The character creator and art itself are pretty simple. Don’t worry too much about looks. They can be changed at any point in one’s apartment. Clothes mostly do nothing but there is equipment in

Boyfriend Dungeon

that does matter.

Hats, or helmets, can sometimes have buffs attached to them. The Safety Helmet, which can be crafted, for example, allows players to carry more health potions. It should be noted that in this game health potions can be bubble tea or soda cans. They act the same way as potions in typical RPGs though.


Dating Advice

Don’t be too guarded about dating everyone. One shouldn’t be mean and lead people on that they are uninterested in though. There are options to keep the conversations friendly but still raise affection levels. The reason why one shouldn’t choose a single partner right away is that having a good weapon variety is crucial to conquering the dungeons.

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For example, Sunder may come off too strong and is expected to be a bad partner. His weapon form has a good arc to the swing though. This dichotomy can be hard to balance but always remember to play it cool.


Finish A Floor Before Moving On

Every time one goes into a dungeon, or dunj, the level will rearrange itself. There might be something new that pops up between runs like blueprints for gear.

Always make sure to thoroughly scavenge a floor before moving on to the next level. It should also be encouraged to look out for secret entrances. Some walls have cracks in them that can be destroyed by a simple strike in order to find rare loot or encounters.


Die After Maxing Out Romances

There are three ways to majorly raise bond levels. The first is simply by spending time with them in the dungeons. Inside these dungeons are small hotspots that can be used for quick romantic dates such as fountains or ice skating rinks. Answering questions can have a chance of increasing these bonds just like in most dialogue in RPGs. The same is true for when going on dates.

Whether one is on a date or is talking to a weapon in the dungeon, gifts can be given as well. The best thing to do at the beginning of

Boyfriend Dungeon

is to focus on building bonds through dungeon runs. It’s cheaper this way rather than wasting gifts early on. When a bond is maxed out in a dungeon, leave by dying. Don’t worry, whatever floor one dies on can be quickly warped back to on the next run.


Try The Goddess Shield

Boyfriend Dungeon

has some problems with mechanics that can make it hard early on. The number of enemies onscreen at once can be overwhelming. There is also no lock-on so hacking and slashing away is a bit chaotic.

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Thankfully there is a way to even the odds. Head into the options and click on the Goddess Shield. This will raise defense by 50% which is great for those that wish to enjoy the dating aspects of the game more.

Dodgeball Academia is

another recent Switch indie game that has similar accessibility options which is a good trend to see continue.


You Can Destroy Projectiles

Battles can get overwhelming due to the sheer number of monsters all coming at the player at once. It doesn’t help that these rooms can be small not to mention having to worry about projectiles.

The plus side to projectiles is that most can be attacked and negated. Knowing this is huge in battle. Projectiles can also be dodged and negated through rolling which activates a temporary shield.


Nothing Makes Sense But Don’t Question It

The biggest thing one should know before jumping into

Boyfriend Dungeon

is that it is very silly. Almost nothing in this world makes sense. People can turn into weapons and also move around as them even without a Wielder? That’s a strange premise, to begin with but then there is the crafting table.

Players can make a pizza out of wires and other building materials. It’s all very strange but that adds to the charm of the game. It’s a video game. Don’t think or criticize the plot too much. Just go and have fun with it.

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