Barbarians in any game become synonymous to rampage, especially in

Dungeons & Dragons

. With their Rage mechanic, a Barbarian can easily convert any battlefield into a slaughterhouse with their swath of deadly attacks. However, Barbarians can become even deadlier behemoths with the right kind of devastating weaponry.

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D&D 5e

has an interesting choice of weapons for any type of character. And for a raging Barbarian, it

has just the right selection of axes, clubs, maces, and even war hammers to help them do the job right. Coupled with the right backstory, these weapons can transform a Barbarian into a legend that no enemy would dare underestimate.


Moon-Touched Sword

Weapon (Any Sword), Common

Despite its rather mundane rarity, the Moon-Touched Sword is a valuable asset to any novice Barbarian. An unsheathed Moon-Touched Sword creates light (15ft. bright, 15ft. dim), helpful in caves and dungeons. That's generally it – but as a Magic Item, it does grant users Non-Magic Resistance, helpful for the early game.

Given its lunar properties, a Barbarian may obtain a Moon-Touched Sword from a tribe of lunar Elves, or perhaps from a Werewolf hiding in a village. More poetically, a Moon-Touched Sword may lie hidden within the trees of a mythical forest.


Rod Of Lordly Might

Item, Legendary (Requires Attunement)

While intended as an item, the Rod of Lordly Might possess six different properties and essentially acts as a magic mace. Wielding it gives the Barbarian +3 bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls. Each of its buttons can transform the Rod into any of the following:

Flame Tongue



Climbing Pole

Battering Ram

A simple Mace.

It can also Drain Life, Paralyze, or even Terrify. Given its transformation potential, the Rod of Lordly Might easily becomes a dream come true for any Barbarian. Since it hints towards a mechanical origin, the Rod may trace its origins to an ancient civilization, the magnum opus of a megalomaniacal engineer, or a wonder of celestial technology.


Frost Brand

Weapon (Any Sword), Very Rare (Requires Attunement)

Barbarians can inflict the chill release of death to their opponents through Frost Brand. When Attuned, the Barbarian can force enemies to take an extra 1d6 Cold Damage upon hit. Moreover, Barbarians who hold Frost Brand will gain Resistance against Fire Damage. It can even extinguish all nonmagical flames within a 30-foot radius when drawn.

Given is rarity, Frost Brand may be the heirloom of a noble family in the icy regions of the north. Alternatively, it may be the favored weapon of another Barbarian Champion from aforementioned region.


Dancing Sword

Weapon (Any Sword), Very Rare (Requires Attunement)

A Barbarian slashing through opponents from afar is an unlikely dream made into reality by the Dancing Sword. When Attuned, a Barbarian can command this weapon to float (or if already floating, move) up to 30ft. The same Bonus Action will have the Dancing Sword attack anything in its range. The Barbarian can use the Dancing Sword as a floating weapon four times before it floats back to them.

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Given its novelty, a Barbarian may obtain a Dancing Sword as a reward from a trickster god, or perhaps from a playful entity. Likewise, they may obtain the Dancing Sword as a "sentient" weapon lost in an ancient dungeon.


Flame Tongue

Weapon (Any Sword), Rare (Requires Attunement)

Barbarians with a love for destruction will appreciate the Flame Tongue and its fiery blaze. When attuned, a Barbarian can use their Bonus Action to command the Flame Tongue's blade to burst into flames. Not only does this provide light (40ft. bright, 40ft. dim) but also imbues +2d6 Fire Damage into its attacks.

Given the elemental nature of the weapon, a Barbarian may have a smith imbue their favorite sword with a burning catalyst to become the Flame Tongue. Likewise, a Sorcerer may give "fiery life" to the Barbarian's weapon through an enchantment.


Sword Of Wounding

Weapon (Any Sword), Rare (Requires Attunement)

The Barbarian's penchant for endless fighting is something the Sword of Wounding understands. This Rare Sword has the magical property of Wounding its targets. Whenever that target begins their turn, they suffer d4 Necrotic damage for every time they've been wounded. If they don't try to stop the wounds, only resting will heal the lost HP.

Barbarians may love the Sword of Wounding when dishing out more attacks in a turn. Given its deadly properties, a Barbarian may have a poison specialist imbue their favorite blade with the necrotic energies that transforms it into a Sword of Wounding. Likewise, a death knight's lair may house the Sword.


Sword Of Life Stealing

Weapon (Any Sword), Rare (Requires Attunement)

When attuned, a Barbarian using the Sword of Life Stealing becomes a devourer of life itself. Attacking creatures with a Natural 20 Attack Roll will give the Barbarian a whopping +10 Temporary HP, while at the same time dealing +10 Necrotic Damage to an enemy. Given this property, though, the Sword of Life Stealing won't work against the Undead.

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A Barbarian may attain a Sword of Life Stealing from the wares of a Warlock, or perhaps within the lair of a Necromancer. A battle-hardened Barbarian may ask a Wizard enchant his favorite sword into this deadly weapon. For a more sinister twist, a Barbarian may attain the weapon after fulfilling the wishes of a malevolent force.


Weapon, +2/+3

Weapon (Any), Rare (+2), Very Rare (+3)

Unlike other recommended armaments, Barbarians can't really go wrong with a +2 Weapon or even a +3 Weapon. Despite their small numbers, they do denote the same bonus to both Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls. For Barbarians that love to dish out the big guns, such numbers can help not just in securing the hit, but also securing the kill.

The general nature of a +2 Weapon or a +3 Weapon can give a lot of leeway in terms of overall design and appearance. A Barbarian can have this Weapon forged by a known blacksmith. They may also find it in an abandoned barracks, or maybe stored within the wares of a retired general.


Luck Blade

Weapon (Any Sword), Legendary (Requires Attunement)

Ever wonder how this legendary Barbarian never seems to miss their mark? With the Luck Blade, there might be no need to wonder. The Luck Blade seems ordinary given its +1 Bonus to Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, and Saving Throws. However, with per-dawn Luck, the Barbarian can use a free action to reroll any d20 roll and use the second roll. Meanwhile, a Luck Blade also can come with 1d4-1 Wish charges, enabling the Barbarian to use the legendary Wish Spell.

Given the sheer power of the Luck Blade, the Barbarian may obtain it through divine intervention. Or for a more humorous origin story, the Barbarian may obtain it during a drunken stupor, never remembering the event.


Vorpal Sword

Weapon (Any Sword), Legendary (Requires Attunement)

What better weapon to serve the Barbarian if not the Vorpal Sword? This vicious weapon literally cuts off the head of an opponent in a Natural 20. Additionally, this Legendary Sword will still deal 6d8 Slashing Damage if its Natural 20 cannot, for some reason, cut its opponent's head. Wielding it alone grants the Barbarian a +3 Bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls, and ignores Slashing Resistance.

Due to its Legendary nature, a Barbarian may get their own Vorpal Sword as a mighty weapon associated with them, be it through a legendary smith or an ancient ritual. Its Legendary rarity works best with an origin story that will liken the Barbarian with those of godly tales, transforming them into a mythical warrior.

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