The cosplay community is filled with both professionals and hobbyists alike that enjoy taking on a new character role. With how many different creatures and human characters there are in the Pokemon franchise, there are plenty of impressive cosplayers taking part in the Pokemon community as well.

Some Pokemon are more well known than others, but many can recognize those coming from Pokemon's first generation. Pikachu, Charizard, and many others can be identified by plenty of people who haven't played any of the games or watched the anime. The same can be said of Mewtwo, one of the possibly most well-known Legendary Pokemon throughout the entire series.

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Many saw Mewtwo come to the real world with the Detective Pikachu movie, but a Netherlands-based cosplayer, costume maker, and prop maker has brought the Pokemon to life with a special-made costume. This creator is known as Willow Creative and has made other impressive costumes, such as Samus's varia suit from Metroid, a full Zeraora fursuit from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and Nex: Angel of Death from Runescape.

According to Willow's page on Instagram, the costume was originally sketched out as a 3D model in Maya to make sure she could fit into the costume while keeping the proportions intact. The mask for the costume was 3D printed from the Maya model while the rest of the costume partially used some other existing patterns.

The Mewtwo costume is outfitted with glowing blue eyes that are seen in the original Pokemon movie while Mewtwo is using its psychic powers. Willow also created a telekinetic spoon prop for the costume that Mewtwo can be seen using in the Pokemon manga. The spoon is made with EVA foam, aluminum, and various paints.

For those unfamiliar, EVA foam is short for ethylene-vinyl acetate and is a very dense foam that can be easily manipulated with high heat levels. This makes it essential for cosplayers creating elaborate props, fake armor, and other details that cannot be created with just fabric. It can also be easily painted after being properly sealed.

Willow's current project is creating a costume for Fran from Final Fantasy 12. Progress for this costume can be seen on her Instagram page where her helmet, wig, and rabbit ears currently seem to be complete. With this and the other impressive work put out by Willow, it will be exciting to see this cosplay's completion as well.

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