Gearbox finally revealed Tiny Tina's Wonderlands at Summer Games Fest, and it has fans excited once more about the Borderlands series. Gearbox revealed that this new game will take place in the Bunkers & Badasses universe, which fans of the series visited during Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC in Borderlands 2.

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This new spin-off title will once again place players in the mind of Tiny Tina, as she crafts a quest to defeat the Dragon Lord. This new adventure will be complete with customizable characters and a host of D&D-inspired enemies. Even though little is known about the game, fans have come up with some great theories to keep players interested until it comes out.


The Handsome Sorcerer Returns

Anyone who players the Assault on Dragon Keep DLC will remember the Handsome Sorcerer. This Handsome Jack spin-off character was the main antagonist of the DLC. Some fans have speculated that this 'handsome' fella will make a comeback in the new title, since it has been confirmed that the new game is set after the events of the DLC.

It's hard to believe that he will return, however, because players sort of shoot him dead in the DLC. Maybe with a little necromancy from the Dragon Lord, players will see the Handsome Sorcerer rise again as a side character. Or maybe it will be a Timothy Lawrence-inspired doppelganger.


Butt Stallion Turns Evil

Some fans have speculated that since Butt Stallion is making a return, she will turn evil. This won't be permanent or anything, but it will be a major disappointment to see the once-beloved princess turn against players.

Regardless of that disappointment, it would make for an interesting story beat. Imagine the Dragon Lord taking control of Butt Stallion, and going through an epic boss fight to break her free from his grasp. That type of battle would be one for the ages.



This theory doesn't have to do with the game's story, but rather the character customization aspect of the game. The creative director for the game, Matt Cox, stated in an interview that player characters can be multi-classed in the new title

There was no exact description of what that meant in Borderlands terms. For now, though, have taken that to mean they will be able to choose multiple Vault Hunter classes from previous games, and use multiple action skills. Imagine being able to phaselock an enemy, and then activating the gunzerker ability to mow them down. That will certainly be a sight to behold.



What is a D&D-inspired game without a crafting system (other than an RPG with a million other things to do)? Crafting can be an essential part of the game if players want to go that route. Some fans theorize that the gameplay of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands will include a crafting system as well.

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This crafting system will allow players to alter their weapons, or perhaps even create their own. This isn't too far of a stretch, considering the drastic change weapons underwent in Borderlands 3.


Melee Weapons

Players have gotten used to the idea that Borderlands is filled to the brim with guns. Each game has brought more weapons to the ever-expanding arsenal. It's easy to see why some fans think that Gearbox will be adding even more weapons to the game.

This time, however, the thought is that they will include melee weapons like swords and shields to the mix. It would be nice to see the expansive arsenal of weapons expanded to melee. They are adding magic, after all, so why not go further?


Maya Will Return

It's been well established that Maya is dead, and her powers have moved on to Ava. After all, it happened pretty early on in Borderlands 3. Still, some fans theorize that Maya will make a return in Wonderlands. It's debatable as to whether or not she will have her siren powers or if she will perhaps appear as a ghost.

Anything is possible; after all, it's not like the dead haven't returned before. Tina added Roland into Assault on Dragon Keep. Hopefully, Maya can grace fans with her presence one last time before leaving the series for good.


Character Creation

It's obvious by the aesthetic of Wonderlands that it draws inspiration from D&D, and what's one of the most important aspects to the iconic tabletop game? Character creation!

Matt Cox already let it slip that there will be a character creator, but that hasn't stopped fans from dreaming about the type of character they will be able to create. Some have theorized that there will be many D&D-style races like Dwarves and Elves. Others even believe that they will be able to add mechanical body parts to their character, much like how Gaige has.


Procedural End-Game Content

Some fans have pointed out that Borderlands lacks end-game content that doesn't get monotonous. It would be nice to see some procedural end-game content in this spin-off, unlike entries in the main series.

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Borderlands 3 increased the amount of content the end-game had with the trails, but those remained the same throughout every run. Fans believe that Gearbox will go even further, creating trials for Wonderlands that randomize each time a player enters them.


The Mysterious Bardbarian

It has been well established that there is going to be a character in the new campaign known as the bardbarian, who will join Tiny Tina as the DM (Dungeon Master). Fans have come to theorize that this crucial character will be no other than the beloved Mister Torgue High Five Flexington.

Their reasoning is because Mr. Torgue already has a history of joining Tina during her D&D games. He also has both the aspects of a Bard and a Barbarian. After all, he has massive muscles, a love for violence, and plays a mean air guitar.



Some fans have theorized that Wonderlands will include multiple factions that war against one another. This would be an incredible idea to implement, since it is a high-fantasy looter shooter and factions would fit with the theme.

It would be amazing to get to choose between multiple factions and get different side quests depending on which one was chosen. Hopefully, Gearbox adds this to the game.

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