You know that we’re on the final stages of a Genshin Impact version when we’re just getting filler events. But, hey, it’s a fairly straightforward activity, and getting extra resources is definitely a good thing. Here’s our guide to help you with the Never-ending Battle event in Genshin Impact.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub and version 1.6 overview.

Genshin Impact: Never-ending Battle event guide

So, how exactly does this event work? Well, you’ll simply need to click on the event panel and head to the marked location in the Golden Apple Archipelago. The challenge icon here lets you select the difficulty (having tougher mobs means getting more points).

The objective here is to eliminate as many mobs as possible within the time limit (three minutes and 30 seconds) so you can amass points. Due to numerous enemy waves, you’ll want to bring hard-hitting, AoE-blasting characters or those with great support capabilities. Examples include Ganyu, Childe, Kazuha, Venti, and Bennett. Keep attacking your foes until the timer has expired. Hopefully, you reached the maximum score threshold for rewards (just above 2,100 points).

Likewise, you’ll want to take a look at various effects, including the Momentum meter at the top of your screen. It seems that the effects of Momentum may change depending on the challenge, but here’s the gist:

For today’s “Rondo of Ice and Thunder” challenge, Superconduct damage is increased by 100%.

The Momentum meter has three levels and it will degrade over time. It increases Cryo/Physical damage. At level 3, normal and charged attacks unleash an AoE shockwave too.

Defeating “Berserker” mobs (those with a red hazard/exclamation point icon) increases Momentum slightly.

Wooden bullseye targets will also spawn periodically. You can use the Harpastum gadget to lob balls at these objects. Destroying them grants Momentum.

To be fair, the effects of Momentum do help when it comes to DPS. Unfortunately, I found it very cumbersome because of the controls (assuming you’re trying to destroy the wooden target boards). You have to press “Z” to activate the Harpastum gadget, then “E” to throw the ball. It can mess with your rotation and skill activation.

Note: Genshin Impact‘s Never-ending Battle event has seven challenges in total, and additional ones go live each daily reset. After a week, you’ll see that all seven challenges have become available. As for the entire event, it’ll last until July 19.

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