Gutfeld: This is truly a man-made disaster

Rob O'Neill, Guy Benson, Charlie Hurt and Kat Timpf give their thoughts on the chaos in Afghanistan, policy failures of Biden administration

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(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)CHUCK TODD, MSNBC HOST: Joe Biden's greatest strength against Donald Trump in the campaign was the idea that he's been around the block. He knows what he's doing. We're facing this crisis with COVID. We need some basic competency back in government, no more chaos. He's lost the competency. High marks that he was getting at one time. That's tough to get back.(END VIDEO CLIP)GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Whoo. When you've lost Alvin from the Chipmunks, then it's over.Ge looks like Alvin from the Chipmunks. All right. It's time once again for?(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Great job there, Joe.(END VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD: So within hours of the Taliban season control of Kabul the stories of coolest behavior toward women erupt. They make Andy Cuomo look like Andy Williams. Turns out surprise, they aren't an enlightened bunch. They're not only stuck in the dark ages, they prefer everyone else joined them there. So they have that in common with the Green New Deal. But it may get worse. Their idea of women's rights is letting her air out her burqa once a year.However, we've been told by the press this is a kinder, gentler Taliban. So what does that mean exactly? They only partially behead you? They only throw gays out of an eight-storey window not a 12-storey one? Did you see how one Taliban leader free from Getmo by then President Obama is back on the job and I don't mean as a tenured professor. We held on to him and then let him go. We probably fed him better than his fellow fighters.He's the only terrorist in the group with type two diabetes. Compared to the hell on earth they created back home, Getmo is a spa weekend on our dime. All that's missing are the conjugal visits from his favorite goat. Felt like the goats going to write letters. And they don't get this in Afghanistan. So you've seen this picture of hordes of evacuating civilians packed into a cargo plane? You're staring at that in disbelief. How is that even possible?Meanwhile, spirit era say, you know, we're getting some ideas here. So, here's an analogy. There's a pack of wolves outside your door waiting for you to leave so they can devour your grandmother. Maybe before you leave you kill the wolves, you don't just go see you, granny, best of luck with the wolves. Unless maybe she stiffed you this year on that $5.00 in your birthday card.But this isn't armchair quarterbacking. I'm not tall enough to be a Q.B. and secondly, what's an armchair? But given it was American blood and treasure lost, we need to hear the truth. Here's one vet unleashing reality on a soggy Brian Williams.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC NEWS CHIEF ANCHOR: He own this decision. He owned the fact that as he put it, the buck stops with him.MATT ZELLER, U.S. ARMY VETERAN: I hope he gets home their (INAUDIBLE) too. I don't -- I feel like I watched a different speech than the rest of you guys. I was appalled. There is such a profound bold-faced lie in that speech. The idea that we plan for every contingency. I have been personally trying to tell this administration since it took office, I've been trying to tell our government for years that this was coming. We sent them plan after plan and how to evacuate these people. Nobody listened to us.(END VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD: Of course, Brian really did need to hear that. He's been in Kabul this whole time training the rebels. After he killed bin Laden. But there's still some in denial like this witless water cannon.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)NICOLLE WALLACE, MSNBC HOST: Ninety-five percent of the American people will agree with everything he just said. 95 percent of the press covering this White House will disagree. And for an American president to finally be completely aligned with such an overwhelming majority of what the American people think about Afghanistan is probably a tremendous relief to the American people.(END VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD: Talk about brain dead. They should change the name of the show from Deadline to Flatline. You know, I'm not bashing the decision to leave. It's how the atrocious exit negated so much sacrifice. This is truly a manmade disaster. In Biden's speech yesterday. He defiantly defended his botched to exit as if we were critical of leaving, but we weren't. We were critical of his incompetence in carrying it out.Timing is everything in life, Joe. If anybody should know that it's a man who probably starts his day with five recon at a pot of black coffee. People over 60 get that. My core audience. Imagine if Captain Sully had bailed and let his plane crash into the Hudson. Technically it's still a water landing but only one gets you played by Tom Hanks. But even if I wanted to defend Biden I can't. I mean I do have a nagging question in Joe's defense.If 20 years made no difference on the exit, you think taking another few months would make any difference? But still, it's on Biden. Remember as president, he said that the number one threat to America wasn't the Taliban, al Qaeda or ISIS. It's millions of white voters. So screw him. He didn't see the Taliban resurgence because he was too busy indulging fabricated adversaries in between photo ops of him licking ice cream cones.And as for the Democrats, it's par for the course and Afghanistan just as on the border or in law enforcement. The Dems always embrace what undermines order. They're like a hooker deciding what broad aware. They choose what comes apart the fastest. I got that for Charlie. As for those documenting the horrors of the Taliban, ask yourself this. Would they have supported in all out fast annihilation of Taliban?In a world where every attempt to fight radical terror was met with cries of Islamophobia? You would have been called a monster or worse a Trump supporter to suggest such a thing. Taliban leaders were in the President's palace. One missile would have ended that photo op. But how would the chattering classes take to that? Sorry that swift brutal action should be reserved only for the insurrection is at the Capitol.Over here out F up media focused on plastic straws, mean tweets, racist Halloween costumes, misgendering, refusing a vaccine or appropriating another ethnic groups food in the school cafeteria, and of course social media galvanized mobs to cancel people for bad jokes and bad memes. And entire news networks smeared the police nightly and chose to inflame racial tension for ratings for years.Our priorities as a nation were deliberately undermined. Even as our troops toiled, the war became less the background noise. We spent years letting our attention to Afghanistan grow flabby. To paraphrase Harry Chapin, the war learned to walk while I was away. How the war is now old enough to drink and too old for Anthony Weiner to date. And in all that time we still hadn't prepared for this moment.That's amazing. Imagine you got 20 years to plan on your exit and it's this bad. What were our leaders doing? Too busy destroying this country I guess.UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Period.GUTFELD: Let's welcome tonight's guests. He's so brave the national anthem stands when he plays. Former Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill. He's got the views of a senior Republican strategist and the looks of a high school junior. political editor, Guy Benson. He's been a guest more often than Hunter Biden on a crack pipe. Fox News Contributor and Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt. Oh.And she's like a line of coke. Thin white and cleans your credit card. Fox News Contributor Kat Timpf. So obviously we're talking about Afghanistan. I want to go to the person who knows the most about this you kill bin Laden, Kat.KAT TIMPF, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: A lot of people don't know.GUTFELD: I know. I know. The way I -- you know, the way that you hid this so well and let Rob take all the credit.TIMPF: Yes.ROB O'NEILL, FORMER NAVY SEAL: Thank you for that by the way.GUTFELD: Yes, yes. I guess I should add -- you're probably seething right now. Let me ask you, who are you mad at?O'NEILL: You know what I was mad at first, then I was sad. And now I just feel gross.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: Because --(CROSSTALK)GUTFELD: That's me on a Friday night.O'NEILL: Yes. So the rea. But I mean, a prime example of where the country's gone. I don't know if you know this. I've been banned from an airline for not wearing a mask. I saw 800 people on a -- on a plane yesterday. Not one has been banned from the country and I can't get -- I'm, you know, I'm not going to -- I'll make up a name, we'll call it Delta Airlines. But like, I can't even get back on. You know.GUTFELD: How ironic. Delta Airlines during the Delta variant.O'NEILL: So 20 years after 9/11 I'm the one on the no fly List.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: I'm just asking. Am I crazy?GUTFELD: Something tells me though that you can get a little -- you can get a little wild out of --(CROSSTALK)O'NEILL: And here's the -- here's the problem. The problem is people always say to me, you killed bin Laden, so it must be nice. Never paying for a drink again.GUTFELD: Right.O'NEILL: I'm like, yes, it's nice until this guy in the airport buys me a drink and then he want (INAUDIBLE) all 15 guys had a shot and I've had 15 shots. That's how you get banned.GUTFELD: It's better this way that you got shot than the way bin Laden did.O'NEILL: Yes, yes. Well, I -- he took three, I took 15. The jokes are just writing themselves.GUTFELD: Yes. There's a joke about a bowling ball in bin Laden's head but, you know, why go there?(CROSSTALK)CHARLIE HURT, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Especially after you drop the goat one.GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. But you know what, there is footage of that.HURT: Of the goat one?GUTFELD: Because I have it back in my apartment.HURT: I don't -- unsubscribe.TIMPF: Later.HURT: Unsubscribe.GUTFELD: So -- OK. Is it all Joe Biden's fault?HURT: One hundred percent.GUTFELD: OK.HURT: If there is any silver lining in any of this, it is that there is nobody in Washington, who deserves to own 100 percent of this catastrophe more than Joe Biden. And it's not. It's not a three-day catastrophe. And it's not even a 20-year catastrophe. It's a 50-year catastrophe. This guy has been the smartest person when it comes to foreign policy, the smartest person in Washington for decades.GUTFELD: Right.HURT: It's why he was vice -- he was vice president over operations in Afghanistan longer than Dick Cheney was. And he has been the genius in Washington, when it comes to foreign policy. And when it comes to coming up with ideas like this, more than anybody else, and it's a reminder that Washington is the only place on earth where you can be this dumb and this bad and have this much failure and face no consequences.GUTFELD: You're so right. And I'm trying to remember who I had this conversation with. But they -- but Guy, we always assume that when there's important things going on the people involved doing the important things are somehow better than us, smarter than us.GUY BENSON, TOWNHALL.COM POLITICAL EDITOR: Yes.GUTFELD: But when you end up in that arena, you find that they're just as dumb as the people you went to high school with. Or you're currently going to high school with.BENSON: I'm in college. Or worse, right? So this is the thing. Not only are they institutionally stupid, and they all sort of feed off of each other and the bubble gets very, very thick. What is very frustrating to watch and experience is their contempt for us thinking that we are equally stupid or even dumber. So we watched the President yesterday, we watched the National Security Adviser today, literally tell us we planned for all contingencies.GUTFELD: Yes.BENSON: While the country is going absolutely to hell, people are clinging onto airplanes and plunging to their death. They are that afraid of the terrorist organization that took over in four days which they themselves told us wasn't possible last month. And then they say, oh, don't worry, we had all the contingencies covered.GUTFELD: Yes.BENSON: It's like my first job was babysitting the neighbors. If my neighbors came home from their date night, the house is on fire. The dog is dead. The kids are missing. I'm like, well, I plan for all contingencies. Right? I wouldn't -- I wouldn't want to be congratulated for it. But that was the tone that Biden took. Right? Congratulations to me. You're welcome, America. I have done this and it was just head spinning.GUTFELD: I bet you were a good babysitter.BENSON: I was very responsible.GUTFELD: Yes, I can tell. You just look so responsible. If you --(CROSSTALK)GUTFELD: -- had a crush on you, didn't they?BENSON: I would read --GUTFELD: Where's Guy?BENSON: I would read the Wall Street Journal at night and drink warm milk.GUTFELD: Yes, of course you would. Then you'd like desiccate in a closet because you're a sick little man.BENSON: Wow. That --GUTFELD: Yes, I went to a dark place.HURT: That went really sideways.GUTFELD: Yes, I know. Sometimes it happens with me. I don't know what's wrong with me, Guy. Kat, I don't know what's going on right now. What is your take on this? We -- you are -- I would say half a veteran but probably won't say that.TIMPF: Yes.GUTFELD: But you are married --TIMPF: Married --(CROSSTALK)GUTFELD: -- in Afghanistan.TIMPF: Yes.GUTFELD: And every day you hear how bad this was.TIMPF: He's so upset. And it's so pervasive. And I did a lot of research today looking at all the things the all these generals were saying for 20 years. They're all saying, oh, this is going great. This is going great. All this progress, all this progress, all this progress. And if you look at, you know, watching post 2019 obtained documents, they knew that wasn't true.GUTFELD: Right.TIMPF: And what I don't understand is how so many of these same people are still being, you know, lauded as foreign policy experts like David Petraeus. Everyone's know what is he think. The only thing he's an expert on is (BLEEP) Period. Period. And every -- I'm sorry, but like I am -- if I was that bad at my job, and that wrong, that often or lie that often I'd be fired. And when I'm bad at my job, nobody dies.It's disgusting. Every veteran I know is so upset about it and I'm upset watching them be upset and I'm upset for them. And it's (BLEEP)GUTFELD: By the way, Kat, if you were ever a super failure at your job you could just go work at The View. Up next. The National lockdown that's making people frown.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)GUTFELD: New Zealand is one and done while New York and Vegas clamped down on fun. It's true all of New Zealand and actual country. I'm told.HURT: Alleged.GUTFELD: Still no proof, is under a new lockdown after a single person tested positive for the Delta variant in Auckland, home with the Oakland Raiders. One person caused a lockdown and who was that person? Yes. The National shutdown will last at least three days and only essential services will be open. Normally fells actually dead. But anyway, which in New Zealand includes grooming or penguin. Yes. It worked when I wrote it.Meanwhile, in New York City, the vaccine mandate had started for restaurants, bars, gyms, museums, movie theaters, sports arenas, bowling alleys, you name. It's now a thing. But according to the latest city data only 33 percent of blacks of all ages are vaccinated, so a huge segment of the population will be banned. And the restaurants can be fined up to $2,000, which will only help businesses already struggling to find workers by drastically decreasing their customer base.But the homeless still need no passport to defecate on your steps or swing a hatchet at your skull. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Raiders were required vaccinations for home games this season, forever be smirking the devil may care attitude of pillagers everywhere. That means unvaccinated fans will be left out in the beautiful weather to gamble and have affairs. But if you know anything about Raider nation, you know they're a rowdy bunch. So the news didn't go over so well.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)(END VIDEO CLIP)GUTFELD: Looks a lot like an evacuation I just saw. And isn't it weird? They're used for evacuation? No Guy? No, that was a bad connection.BENSON: Like your fourth poop joke.GUTFELD: You know what? I'm on pace, then -- I'm on pace to break a record. All right. The optics, Guy, of like a black family showing up at a restaurant and being told they have to sit outside while all the white people are in. That doesn't look too good.BENSON: No. People talk about systemic racism. And this would be the system imposing something that would have a disproportionate racial impact.GUTFELD: Yes.BENSON: Now it's for -- its for the side of the angels. So maybe they won't call it that, right? But here's what I'm also struggling with. The New York Times reported yesterday that the Biden administration is now going to recommend for all Americans, or most Americans, that would get a third COVID shot. I'm double vaccinated, very happily and proudly so. If it turns out that I need a third one, fine.But we have so many people in this country who are hesitant to get their first one.GUTFELD: Right.BENSON: And now you're saying well, we're going to add a third one on to it even if it's medically necessary for some people, it just feels like the rules keep building and growing. And people are going to lose their minds if they haven't already. And I mean -- and I look at New Zealand, I say hey, over here It feels like paradise compared to that. Beautiful country, lovely people, but shutting down a country for one case is mind blowing.TIMPF: How bad -- how bad would you feel if you're that person.BENSON: That guy. It's like an asymptomatic case.GUTFELD: It's a -- I think it's a total scam. They're just -- they don't want -- there because they heard that all that Silicon Valley Titans. We're going there, Kat, to like, you know, hang out and stuff. You're a libertarian. I like to remind people at home that you're not just crazy. You believe -- you always -- you're always kind of -- you support private businesses to make their own decisions. But isn't -- don't you feel like the government is kind of letting businesses play the authoritarian so they don't have to?Because they're pressuring companies to do this by a variety of reasons that I haven't even thought of.TIMPF: Well, in New York, they're not -- they're saying you got to do this.GUTFELD: Yes.TIMPF: Which blows my mind. I don't know how that's allowed for government to tell a private business. Hey, I know that we may just shut down forever. And it's a miracle that you're still -- your doors are still open. We're going to need you to require these specifical medical documents of all your potential patrons. That's crazy to me. And for the record, I will get five COVID shot and some shots or whatever other stuff.GUTFELD: I just like you said specifical.TIMPF: Specifical, I did?GUTFELD: Yes, it was really cool.TIMPF: Well, I do my best.GUTFELD: Yes. Charlie, the Raiders. Let's talk about the Raiders. You know --HURT: Can we go back to the goat?GUTFELD: Yes, let's go back to the goat. Well, you know what a Raiders do to goats. John Matuszak must be rolling in his grave. I'm assuming he has passed away. A lot of -- a lot of Raiders have because they were wild that they would never do this.HURT: Yes.GUTFELD: They would -- they were the opposite of comply. You don't even want to answer this question. You're thinking about something else?HURT: I don't want to answer any of these questions.GUTFELD: All right. Answer the question that you're forming in your brain.HURT: No, I -- no, I do think though, that the degree to which they have politicized this entire thing from the beginning has been appalling. And let's not forget, when this virus first arrived on our shores, what had Democrats spent months doing and ignoring this? They had spent months impeaching the president.GUTFELD: Of course.HURT: And only turned to this when that didn't work.GUTFELD: Yes.HURT: And then, of course, they turned around and then tried to hang this whole thing on him. But it is sort of amazing. I do feel like that so called liberals and so called progressives have shown their true colors in a society where you have. They're the ones that are pushing, forced vaccinations, face coverings and requiring the people show their papers and when we've reached the where that's what liberal and progressive passes for.GUTFELD: Yes.HURT: It's interesting.GUTFELD: This script has been flipped, Rob. And you know this because you have been banned from Delta.O'NEILL: Now this is one of the things too where the Oakland Raiders, the Los Angeles Raiders, the Las Vegas Raiders are the toughest team in football.GUTFELD: Right.O'NEILL: I used to be a football fan but my team died.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: And it's just a major --GUTFELD: Red Skin or 49ers.O'NEILL: Either one. But I mean, it's just -- it's just amazing that the left and the liberals and the woke just can prove, they can ruin anything.GUTFELD: No, of course.O'NEILL: Everything from the Oakland Raiders to the Taliban.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: It's like ones good, ones bad ones. You know, mind is just full of ideas right now. It's mind boggling. The people that are so wrong all the time can keep staying in power. It's like -- it's -- you've been -- the President of the United States have been making horrible decisions for over 50 years. We've been wrong on everything.GUTFELD: And he gets reward.O'NEILL: Now he's going to behave. Will just pull out of Afghanistan. This is the plan. No, it's not. And we're, you know, where are the -- I keep going back to Afghanistan. Where the generals? If -- when I was in combat, which is a lot, if we screwed up we died or we got fired. No, no, no, they -- they're not in harm's way, so they're not going to get fired. They're not goint to resign. I'd resign. If I was -- if I was advising the President on any of this stuff and I was wrong I would resign.This is so simple. It's so easy but no, no, they're going to finish out to 35 years go work at Dynacor or wherever they're going to go. They're fine. They're fine. These are -- these are yes men surrounded by yes men. Show me a four-star general, I will show you 15 guys kissing his ass. That's it. He just tells him what he wants to hear. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Anyone on the ground knew this war was over as soon as we left.And I'm going back to the war, we're talking about the Raiders.TIMPF: Yes, well, I think --GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: See what happens, this is how my mind works.HURT: No one's going to stop you as the --(CROSSTALK)TIMPF: No, exactly.HURT: They're going to be like, no get back on topic, sir.TIMPF: If they want --HURT: You say what you need to say.O'NEILL: I mean, I just put out the talking points to be honest with you.TIMPF: If they want people to get the vaccine should they put fun drugs in it? Right? Like you get vaccinated do a little heroin as a treat.GUTFELD: You know.BENSON: Will that pass out (INAUDIBLE)TIMPF: I'm going to Fauci, here we go. These ideas are free.GUTFELD: What is wrong with her? What is wrong with her? All right. Up next regarding comments and means and moderates drawn to extreme?(COMMERCIAL BREAK)GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Does being mean help online opinions get seen? It's true, social media can make you a zealot. At least that's how this study tells it, a study out of Yale, a discredited Community College in Connecticut. Found that likes and shares are the reason why we post expressions of moral outrage.It also found that social media pulls moderates to the extreme, while people who are already partisan grew even more so. Basically, social media is a steroid that boosts a-hole behavior. Follow me on Twitter for details. But moral outrage can be good and bad.For instance, the civil rights movement grew out outrage but so did the cancel culture hysteria. But it's like my mom used to say, good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. Still didn't explain why she locked me in a rabbit hutch for three years, but it made me a stronger person. Charlie, what's your problem.CHARLIE HURT, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: The idea of you in a rabbit hutch with a goat is just more than --GUTFELD: Let go of the goat. OK? How many times have I said that? Charlie, are you surprised? So, it's interesting about how human nature -- you think that humans would be galvanized by compliments and nice things. But in fact, it's, it's when they, they feel something negative that engages their kind of, that gives them the energy to get even more hysterical and strange and extreme.HURT: Isn't that really what is so destructive about these times? Is that the more sane you are, the crazier you're becoming?GUTFELD: Yes.HURT: Because the, it's like this scorched earth debate about everything. You know, take vaccines, for example, you could you could have taken every vaccine, you could have given your children every vaccine ever invented. And then you ask a question about injecting your child with an experimental vaccine, and and then suddenly, you're an anti-vaxxer.GUTFELD: Right?HURT: It's impossible.GUTFELD: Yes.HURT: But did you see where the Taliban today was asked about free speech?GUTFELD: And they blame, they made fun of Facebook.HURT: Yes.GUTFELD: Yes. And it's, and it's sort of it's uncomfortable, because I'm like, well, OK, so I agree with you on that. So, did you join the, join the Taliban family page on Facebook?HURT: I have a problem. I don't know what I'm going to do about it.GUTFELD: Charlie Hurt now a fan.GUY BENSON, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: If he'll start growing a beard, we're going to get concerned.GUTFELD: Yes.HURT: I think, I could, I could --GUTFELD: Cut the hair for the Taliban. That's for sure.HURT: I can get a goat. I'm good with animals.GUTFELD: The socks are not. And his shoes, and his pants, and his tie. In fact, everything, take off your clothes.All right. Guy, I have this theory that social media is like an ingredient in your pantry that if you add it to any recipe, it destroys the meal. So, whether it's a political idea, or it's legal or a moral issue, it's like (INAUDIBLE), you put it in there, everybody vomits.BENSON: It's probably unhealthy, right? I'm on Twitter for far too long. I spend too much time on Twitter. Part of it is my job. That's where I like I justify it. But I think that self-righteousness is addictive. And there's so much positive reinforcement, the angrier you are, the crazier you are, the more infuriated you seem.GUTFELD: Yes.BENSON: People just get these dopamine hits, and they respond to it, rather than I mean, how often does someone send you like, Oh, my God, you have to see this unbelievably rational Twitter thread, right? No, it's like, what did this person say?GUTFELD: Yes.BENSON: And when that is the way that you communicate, and the feedback that you get, is encouraging.GUTFELD: Yes.BENSON: I think it's human nature to keep doing it and it turns relatively sane people into insane people and you watch it happen in real time. Yes, social media over a span of weeks, months, years. It's real.GUTFELD: I love it when people tweet at you and they have a one with a slash 11 like a 10, it'll be 11 tweets. It's like, who do you think you are? I'm not even going to read the first one. Rob, you're on Twitter a fair amount you're on last night, you're setting it on fire.ROB O'NEILL, FORMER NAVY SEAL: I am a little bit and I'm, I'm still a big believer that when you meet people in person, they're different than online. And most people are really good seriously. And even in war zones that I've been most people just trying to get on with their lives. And on Twitter, you got to bear with a lot of people because they're not yelling at you, they're yelling at the idea of you on their screen. That's it. And, and, you know, people do, they say some nasty stuff. And you know, I've lost jobs over Twitter but I blame Bourbon on that.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: So, it is, what it is. I mean, you know, you know, went to war for 20 years, excuse me for having a good time, right?GUTFELD: Exactly. You're going to (INAUDIBLE) off Twitter.O'NEILL: When you, when you meet people in person, and I just we were talking about the Raiders earlier.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: Talking about conservatives, liberals, libertarians. I met two people at lunch today from Oakland in Raiders hats, and we had the best time there from Oakland to the liberal. We talked, we got along great hugs once I left, and then I said I'm going to be on GUTFELD. They said, well, I'm going to unfollow you. I'm like, well, there we go.GUTFELD: Jerks! Thank you for your service.O'NEILL: You mean at the bar?GUTFELD: Yes. Did you ever say that to waiters, thank you for your service? For the hell of it.Anyway, and they're right on the right, right on your on the receipt, like I killed Bin Ladin, and you killed my meal. No tip. Kat, I don't even know what I'm saying at this point. So, take this segment home.KAT TIMPF, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: OK. Sure. I agree that people are, it doesn't matter, because people sometimes are a lot meaner on the Internet than they would be in real life. But it goes both ways. People are nicer sometimes on the Internet, they would be in real life. I constantly see some people liking photos of people and writing: Oh my God, you're so beautiful. Fire emoji, fire emoji. I'm like, did you just call me to tell me you hate this person. So, it's all fake. And if you are living for that, then that's really sad.O'NEILL: Can I tell you a funny story right before we leave here?TIMPF: Yes.O'NEILL: Speaking of social media, here's -- I used to work with meatheads Navy SEALs. We carry sledge hammers and guns. And I had to do the thought LOL meant lots of love. Heard about your grandma's funeral. LOL. No, you're not -- you're doing it wrong.GUTFELD: They never found him. This disappeared. LOL. All right up next, if their jokes are lame are men and women treated the same?(COMMERCIAL BREAK)GUTFELD: A wisecrack might die if it's told by a guy but will the same one liner stick if it's told by a chick. According to another new study out of Yale University, boy, they have a lot of time on their hands. Stupid Community College, then are actually judged more harshly for cracking a joke that falls flat than women are. Or maybe dudes who go to Yale just isn't funny.Apparently, when women's jokes didn't land, people still saw them as attractive, likeable and competent. But the same wasn't said about unfunny men. Researchers concluded that this was because men are perceived as trying to get something out of making jokes, while women told jokes to connect with others. So is this true? Well, let's test it out by having both cat and I tell the same joke. Cat, you go first.TIMPF: All right. What do you call a pig that does karate? A pork chop?GUTFELD: That's funny. All right. All right. I'll do the same joke. What do you call a pig that does karate? A pork chop? Wow, that totally shocked the theory to hell, Kat.TIMPF: Well, it's a false theory. It's a false theory, and I'll tell you why. Because women and you can't just stop doing this, women do this thing where they laugh at men's jokes. As a form of flirting, OK. If they you know, so I like my husband. When I met him. He thought that he was funny. He's funny. I was like, I regret to inform you, you're not funny. You're just hot. So, therefore, all these girls trying to sleep with you. We were laughing at your jokes. You met him not funny. Not a funny, guy.GUTFELD: He's not funny.TIMPF: No, no, he's not -- and I love you, and there's so many wonderful things about you, but you're not funny.GUTFELD: He's watching right now and he's crushed.TIMPF: Yes, he's watching. He knows. I told him this to his face which was a public service on my part.GUTFELD: Thank you for your service.TIMPF: Exactly right. Exactly, freedom's not free. So, all these guys are running around thinking oh, I'm the funny guy. I'm the funny guy. It's like no, a lot of women just want to bang you and that's great, but you're not funny. Women, you got to stop laughing when it's not funny. It's not flirting. It's ruining all of our lives.GUTFELD: There you go. You know, I'd say, you go girl, but that's really condescending.TIMPF: Yes. Woman.GUTFELD: Yes. Yes. You know, Guy, I think there's this reflection internal, internal conflict that undermines feminism. If you want were to actually treat women exactly like men. They would hate it. So, when a woman -- so, we actually have very paternalistic when women tell jokes because we don't want to make them feel bad.BENSON: Possible that is possible. I want to note by the way here on set when you both told your jokes, some of us laugh, some of us did not. Charlie was furious. It was a pig joke, not a goat joke, which is what he prefers as we have learned tonight, not kosher.BENSON: What I like about this story instead in particular, Greg is it gives me an opportunity to pander to you.Oh, great, and suck up to you as the host. Because even though man suffer more if their jokes fall and just failed. This has never stopped you. And I'm so amazed, and inspired by you. I admire your persistence.GUTFELD: Yes. I agree. I'm like the Gandhi of bad jokes, right? Yep. Thank you. That was right. That silence, I literally killed the vibe. Rob, what - - you've done stand up before?O'NEILL: You know, I did a little bit before. And I needed to refer to Cat here because I've seen you do stand up in your amazing. Yes, your husband is hot. Yes, I've always told my daughters always have a good joke ready, in case you get an awkward silence with, with an adult so you can break it up. And one of my daughters called me the other day and said, Dad, why do why do seagulls fly over the sea? But they flew over the bay, it'd they'd be bagels. I'm looking right at you audience.GUTFELD: Wow. You know, let's try to stay away from the anti-Semitism. Charlie, here's a, here's an opportunity for you to say something sexist.HURT: OK. I will tell you I've read the story three times. I still have no idea what it's about. I don't know. I don't know what they were actually studying. Except I suppose they were trying to do something to further victimize women, I guess. But I do think that it probably does prove the point about the soft bigotry of low expectations.GUTFELD: Yes, you're probably right. And whenever you can't think of something, always say that.HURT: Right.GUTFELD: The soft bigotry of low expectations. People think you're really smart. And you don't even have to you don't even have to you know what? It's the soft bigotry of low expectations to people. Oh, yes. Yes, go. Can you and I talked about this once. It has more to do with topics it does. It really does. It's like women, women in men suck at comedy if they choose the wrong topics, right? I don't need to hear about your body fluids.GUTFELD: Except poop;TIMPF: Yes, I was going to say. You have quite the affinity for that.GUTFELD: All right. Up next, when you're sitting with Bin Laden's killer, no interview is filler.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)GUTFELD: Welcome back, when you do a little quick interview with Rob O'Neill and talk about the stuff that's been going on. I have a question for you, when ISIS -- when we decided to take out ISIS and I say we, as in me and America, we annihilated them and it was a roughly what is it -- I don't know how many, was it 70,000 or 100,000 fighters?O'NEILL: We annihilated them at first but then when we decided to leave a warzone and leave it into a vacuum as opposed to just bombing the convoy, we just didn't do it. And, and again, I don't want to blame any one person bad decisions are made all the time in, in combat, but right now, keep the base bomb the bad guys.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: Yes, there's, there's a picture of them in the presidential palace.GUTFELD: Right.O'NEILL: By the way, the President Ghani left and he has so much money in his helicopter, he couldn't close the door.GUTFELD: Really?O'NEILL: Yes, but they're taking pictures in his wait room. It's like, here's a crazy idea. Drop a j-dam on that place, destroy it.GUTFELD: Yes. If you know where he is. If you know where they are, that's all you have to do. His name -- how ironic, his name is Ghani.O'NEILL: Let me put that together. I'm going to steal that joke.GUTFELD: Please do. You surely need them.O'NEILL: No, no offense, in case you're wondering.GUTFELD: Thank you.O'NEILL: You're welcome.GUTFELD: Should I be skeptical about the new improved Taliban?HURT: You know, you know what --GUTFELD: Did you ever talk to them? Talked to Taliban?HURT: I actually have. I actually have.GUTFELD: Are we, are we like exaggerating?O'NEILL: No, no, they're brutal. They're really, really brutal. But I did have Taliban guys telling me over, over, we're eating rice out of the same bowl, but for some reason we have cold Coca-Colas with no ice. I don't know how they do it.GUTFELD: Wow.O'NEILL: They have told me as if they knew that we were as serious as we were at the beginning, with the bombing and the fighting, they would have given us al-Qaeda. Maybe not, because they're two different people. Al- Qaedas are foreign fighters in Afghanistan, anyway. And I don't think the Taliban has interest attacking us here. They want their valleys, they want their mountains. I want to be optimistic because I think hopefully -- no, and I've could be, I'm probably wrong, but hopefully they just want to keep their country and you know, the press in and then just murder people.GUTFELD: How can China, I mean --O'NEILL: Because China, because China will crush you. China's moving in right now. They're making --GUTFELD: They're going to get all the minerals for the e-bikes.O'NEILL: Yes, of course they're going to do it.GUTFELD: The batteries for my e-bike. You have to go back Rob.O'NEILL: The Taliban understands you mess with China, they will kill you.GUTFELD: Yes, look at the Uighurs.O'NEILL: Yes, seriously, they're horrible. They're horrible. They're both horrible. China's tougher. So, you know, notice the Russian Embassy didn't close. Russia will kill you.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: We decide -- boy, I hope I don't use harsh language.GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. By the way, we're too busy reading anti-racism books to our troops.O'NEILL: Yes, we're doing that. I mean, we're putting --GUTFELD: Or building new bathrooms.O'NEILL: We've been putting our own troops in prison for, for murder in a war zone.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: Which again, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. It's frustrating to see, and I know I've talked to so many friends today that are just what do we go for? Yes, it's very frustrating.GUTFELD: Yes. Did you get anything from Kat because those were crazy pills?O'NEILL: Yes, she said it was a, it was, I was taking a vaccine.GUTFELD: You, um, I've been reluctant to bring up heroin. But it fuels the Taliban financially, and I was just wondering if that was their vodka, or that was their pot, why didn't we go into business with them?O'NEILL: No, no, no, their vodka is still vodka. Their pot is still pot. It's all there. It's just that China doesn't care how the money comes in. Neither is Russia. We're just, we're so woke and so politically correct that we can, we can screw anything up with wokeness. Wait and see.GUTFELD: All right. Also, what did this, this botched exit was without question one of the worst except that we don't have any comparison to it. Is it possible that it would have been bad no matter what?O'NEILL: You know what, there is a comparison and I don't want to screw this up but John F. Kennedy when he was first in office and the Bay of Pigs, he said that victory has 100 fathers, defeat has zero.GUTFELD: Yes.O'NEILL: And I was an orphan and I take responsibility. And Joe Biden, President Joe Biden, came up and said, I accept all responsibility -- there's a buck stop here. I'm not seeing you are the Chairman Joint Chiefs resigning anytime soon.GUTFELD: Yes, there you go. All right, Rob. That was interesting. Didn't have to listen to Charlie. Don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)GUTFELD: We are out of time. Set your DVRs every night so you never miss an episode. Thanks Rob O'Neill, Charlie Hurt, Guy Benson, Kat Timpf, our studio audience. "FOX NEWS @ NIGHT" with Shannon Bream, she's evil, is next. I'm Greg Gutfeld. I love you America.

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