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World of Warcraft’s next balance update will cover classes, legendary items, and more. Patch 9.0.5, which is expected to hit the private test realm before it goes live next month, gears players toward the game’s upcoming raid.

Sanctum of Domination, unveiled at BlizzConline on Feb. 20, explores The Jailor, Sylvanas, and Anduin Wrynn in the deepest and darkest depths of Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

The full list of details for the Chains of Domination update have yet to be uncovered, but Blizzard revealed the ins and outs of Patch 9.0.5 last night.

The patch may not include any major new content, but it does feature a broad range of balance changes. Underperforming classes, in particular, have been targeted in the patch with almost every specialization receiving updates in one form or another. Legendary items are also set to be changed, indirectly buffing some classes while nerfing others.


Kyrian Covenant Companions

Kyrian Phalanx health increased by 16 percent

Necrolord Covenant Companions

Fixed an issue where Bonesmith Heirmir Serrated Shoulder Blades weren’t inflicting damage back to the enemy

Maldraxxus Plaguesinger’s Plague Song has been redesigned – Plague Song now deals damage to ranged enemies every round

Rencissa the Dynamo spell effectiveness increased by 40 percent

Assembler Xertora spell effectiveness increased by 10 percent

Rattlebag spell effectiveness increased by 20 percent

Night Fae Covenant Companions

Qadarin spell effectiveness increased by 24 percent

Blisswing’s damage reduction now correctly applies to enemies

Yira’liya health increased by 16 percent and spell effectiveness increased by 50 percent

Duskleaf health increased by 20 percent and spell effectiveness increased by 25 percent

Lloth’wellyn health increased by 33 percent and ability damage increased by 25 percent

Venthyr Covenant Companions

Venthyr Nightblade attack increased by 25 percent.


Demon Hunter


Unbound Chaos (Talent) damage increased to 500 percent (was 300 percent)



Rejuvenation’s periodic healing increased by 12 percent

Wild Growth healing increased by 7 percent


Beast Mastery

Spitting Cobra (Talent) damage is increased by 260 percent



Vivify now costs 3.8 percent mana (was 4.1 percent)

Renewing Mist now costs 1.8 percent mana (was 2.2 percent)



Holy Shock now costs 16 percent mana (was 14 percent)


Ardent Defender’s heal now has a visual effect



Spirit Shell (Talent) now absorbs 80 percent of healing done (was 100percent) and the absorption limit is now based on the caster’s Spell Power rather than maximum Health


Divine Hymn increases healing taken by 4 percent (was 10 percent) for 15 seconds (was 8 seconds). Stacks up to 5 times (was no stacks)



Level 56: New Passive: Cut to the Chase – Envenom extends the duration of your Slice and Dice by up to 3 seconds per combo point spent

Slice and Dice (Rank 2) removed

Venomous Wounds now restores 8 Energy (was 7)


Chain Lightning damage increased by 35 percent

Lightning Shield damage increased by 415 percent


Lava Burst damage reduced by 10 percent


Earth Shock damage increased by 30 percent

Earthquake damage increased by 70 percent

Lava Beam damage increased by 35 percent

Lava Burst damage reduced by 10 percent


Lava Lash damage increased by 40 percent

Stormkeeper (Talent) now increases Chain Lightning by 300 percent (was 2 Lightning Bolts by 150 percent)


Curse of Tongues now lasts 1 minute (was 30 seconds) and lasts 20 seconds against enemy players (was 12 seconds)


Summon Dreadstalkers, Demonic Tyrant, Vilefiend, Nether Portal demons, and Grimoire: Felguard will now listen to primary pet commands

Call Dreadstalkers attack power increased by 10 percent, and Dreadbite and Dreadlash damage increased by 10 percent



Covenant Ability

Fleshcraft has been redesigned – Form a shield of flesh and bone over 3 seconds (was 4 seconds) that absorbs damage equal to 40 percent of your maximum health for 2 minutes. While channeling, your damage taken is reduced by 20 percent. Passive effect – Moving near an enemy’s corpse consumes their essence to reduce Fleshcraft’s cooldown by 1 second

The slime creatures within the Plaguefall dungeon will now grant their buffs when their corpses are consumed by Fleshcraft’s passive effect (was when Fleshcraft was used on their corpses)


Volatile Solvent (Plague Deviser Marileth) now triggers when Fleshcraft’s passive effect consumes a corpse’s essence (was when Fleshcraft is cast)

Resourceful Fleshcrafting (Bonesmith Heirmir) has been redesigned – When Fleshcraft’s passive effect consumes a corpse, the cooldown of Fleshcraft is reduced by an additional 1 second

Anima Conductor: Flowing Power – House of Rituals

Skelton Command now summons a skeleton when Fleshcraft’s passive effect consumes a corpse. This effect has a 5-second cooldown between summoning skeletons

Night Fae

Spirits within The Queen’s Conservatory are eager to return to life and will now automatically provide players with their reward without having to speak to them first


The Ember Court

Permanent RSVPs

Guests who you have reached Best Friend status with now give you a permanent RSVP.

The Permanent RSVP will allow all characters on your account to invite that guest to future Ember Courts without completing their RSVP quest again.

Temel in Sinfall now sells a Bind on Account book at Exalted with the Ember Court. The book will teach your Dredger Butler how to handle the Cleanup and Restocking quests that follow the Ember Courts.

One-time reputation items from Temel and Lady Ilinca will no longer appear once learned.

Droman Aliothe’s RSVP no longer requires players to venture to Bastion and Maldraxxus for items.


Ashen Hallow (Venthyr Paladin), Abomination Limb (Necrolord Death Knight), Swarming Mist (Venthyr Death Knight), Death’s Due (Night Fae Death Knight), Wild Spirits (Night Fae Hunter), Resonating Arrow (Kyrian Hunter), and Ancient Aftershock (Night Fae Warrior) visual effects will now appear less overwhelming to allied players when cast in dungeons or raids. These changes are still going through iterations and may not be final

Death Knight

Covenant Abilities

Shackle the Unworthy (Kyrian) damage increased by 15 percent and damage reduction debuff increased to 8 percent (was 5 percent)

Death’s Due (Night Fae) damage reduction debuff and Strength buff increased to 2 percent per stack (was 1 percent). Now stacks up to 4 times (was 8)

Demon Hunter

Covenant Abilities

Elysian Decree (Kyrian) damage reduced by 10 percent for Vengeance Demon Hunters

Fodder to the Flame (Necrolord) has been redesigned – Your damaging abilities have a chance to call forth a demon from the Theater of Pain for 25 seconds. Throw Glaive deals lethal damage to the demon, which explodes on death, dealing damage to nearby enemies and healing you for 30 percent of your maximum health. The explosion deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets

The Hunt (Night Fae) damage decreased by 10 percent for Vengeance Demon Hunters.

Sinful Brand (Venthyr) damage decreased by 10 percent for Vengeance Demon Hunters


Repeat Decree (Kyrian) base damage now 15 percent (was 25 percent)

Fel Defender now affects Fel Devastation for Vengeance Demon Hunters (was Fiery Brand)


Covenant Abilities

Adaptive Swarm (Necrolord) damage and healing increased by 25 percent and the effectiveness of periodic effects increased to 25 percent (was 20 percent). The effectiveness of periodic effects increased to 35 percent for Balance Druids


Endless Thirst (Venthyr) now increases your critical strike chance by 0.8percent per stack at Rank 1 (was 0.5 percent)


Covenant Abilities

Death Chakram (Necrolord) damage increased by 15 percent

Flayed Shot (Venthyr) duration increased to 18 seconds (was 14 seconds) and costs no Focus (was 10). Flayer’s Mark now also increases the damage of your next Kill Shot by 25 percent


Covenant Abilities

Radiant Spark (Kyrian) damage increased by 20 percent

Deathborne (Necrolord) duration increased to 25 seconds (was 20 seconds) and Spell Power buff increased to 15 percent (was 10 percent)

Mirrors of Torment (Venthyr)

Arcane: Now grants a stack of Clearcasting when a mirror is consumed (was mana)

Fire: Fire Blast cooldown reduction increased to 6 seconds (was 4 seconds)


Covenant Abilities

Fallen Order’s (Venthyr) fallen Tiger and Ox adepts have had their stats increased by 20 percent


Covenant Abilities

Vanquisher’s Hammer (Necrolord) now generates 1 Holy Power when used.


The extra spells from Ringing Clarity (Kyrian) now have a longer delay between hits. Additionally, area-of-effect Judgment hits from Divine Toll are no longer reduced by 25 percent in PvP, and Judgment triggered from Ringing Clarity is reduced by 25 percent in PvP


Virtuous Command no longer plays an attack animation when it triggers


Covenant Abilities

Fae Guardians (Night Fae) Guardian Faerie now grants 15 percent damage reduction (was 10 percent), Benevolent Faerie now grants 150 percent faster recovery rate to a major cooldown (was 100 percent), and Wrathful Faerie will now automatically be sent to the closest enemy target if Fae Guardians is used while an ally is targeted


Fae Fermata (Night Fae) Fae Guardians now leave an 80 percent effective copy of their benefit (was 60 percent) and can no longer be stacked on top of a Faerie for double benefit


Covenant Abilities

Flagellation (Venthyr) no longer costs Energy (was 20 Energy), duration reduced to 12 seconds (was 20 seconds), Haste is now granted immediately, and no longer has a second activation. Flagellation’s initial damage increased by 270 percent, additional damage from spending combo points increased by 160 percent. and deals damage 1 time upon use (was 3).


Lashing Scars (Venthyr) now causes 4 additional lashes (was 2). This will allow the Rogue to start at 5 percent Haste upon activation


Covenant Abilities

Vesper Totem (Kyrian) damage and healing increased by 25 percent

Fae Transfusion (Night Fae) damage increased by 25 percent, the healing from damage conversion increased to 60 percent (was 40 percent) and the heal radius increased to 20 yards (was 12 yards)

Primordial Wave’s (Necrolord) Enhancement Lightning Bolt effect now deals 150 percent damage (was 100 percent)

Chain Harvest (Venthyr) the damage and healing increased by 15 percent for Elemental and Restoration Shaman.


Covenant Abilities

Decimating Bolt (Necrolord) bonus damage from the target’s missing health increased to 100 percent (was 60 percent)

Impending Catastrophe (Venthyr) damage while moving towards its target has been increased by 10 percent and its explosion damage increased by 15 percent


Covenant Abilities

Conqueror’s Banner (Necrolord) has been redesigned – Brandish the Conqueror’s Banner, granting 400 Mastery and 30 percent increased movement speed to you and your 2 nearest allies and preventing movement speed from being reduced below 100 percent. The cooldown is now 2 minutes (was 3 minutes), duration is now 15 seconds (was 20 seconds), and the Rage generation is now 4 Rage per second for Arms and Protection, and 6 Rage per second for Fury


Veteran’s Repute (Necrolord) no longer causes Conqueror’s Banner to grant stacks of Glory

Dungeons and Raids

Mythic Keystone Dungeons


Domina Venomblade

Brood Assassins no longer trigger the Necrotic Affix

Sanguine Depths

General Kaal’s Gauntlet

Stonewall Gargons no longer trigger the Necrotic Affix

Items and Rewards

Gear acquired from Mythic Keystone dungeons are now upgradable with Valor, a new currency that is earned from completing Mythic Keystone dungeons and covenant Callings. There is a maximum amount of Valor that can be earned each week and gear that dropped before the patch are unable to be upgraded

200 Item Level: Initial item upgrade level

207 Item Level: Requires the Keystone Explorer achievement – Earned by completing all eight Shadowlands dungeons at Mythic 5 or higher, within the time limit

213 Item Level: Requires the Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror achievement – Earned by completing all Shadowlands dungeons at Mythic 10 or higher, within the time limit

220 Item Level: Requires the Shadowlands Keystone Master achievement – Earned by completing all Shadowlands dungeons at Mythic 15 or higher, within the time limit

Completing a Mythic Keystone dungeon after the timer has ended will now reward a second item. The item level of the second item will be slightly lower (e.g. finishing a Mythic 7 Keystone dungeon, but not completing the timer now rewards the party with a 200 iLvl item and a 197 iLvl item

The Great Vault raid loot requirements is now defeat 3/6/9 raid bosses (was 3/7/10)

Potency Conduits now also drop in Castle Nathria

Once players reach 40 Renown with their Covenant, the weekly quest to gather 1000 Anima will now award you with 1500 gold

Once players have recruited the maximum amount of Souls for their Covenant, your weekly quest to rescue Souls from the Maw will now award you with 500 Anima.

Rhinestone Sunglasses can now be used in transmogrification and will appear in your collection once found.

Vendor prices for items below item level 75 have been adjusted.

The Lightless Force weapon enchant no longer targets out-of-combat or crowd-controlled enemies.

Legendary Items

Demon Hunter

Fel Bombardment’s buff duration has been increased to 40 seconds (was 30 seconds) and the chance to trigger increased by 5 percent

Darkglare Medallion’s chance to trigger increased to 40 percent(was 20 percent) and now also refunds the Fury of the casted Eye Beam or Fel Devastation


Burning Wound damage over time damage increased 100 percent and Immolation Aura damage increased by 100 percent (was 50 percent)


The casted Eye Beam from Collective Anguish’s summoned ally now always crits.

Spirit of the Darkness Flame’s Fiery Brand instant damage increased by 20 percent (was 15 percent)

Death Knight


Phearomones now grants 10 percent Haste while inside your Death and Decay (was 8 percent)

Crimson Rune Weapon now causes Dancing Rune Weapon to generate 5 Bone Shield charges and reduces the cooldown of Dancing Rune Weapon by 5 seconds (was 3 seconds)

Vampiric Aura now increases the duration of Vampiric Blood by 3 seconds and grants 5 percent Leech for the duration.

Gorefiend’s Domination now also grants 45 Runic Power when Vampiric Blood is used


Reanimated Shambler explosion damage increased by 5 percent and now approximately procs every 1.75 minutes (was 1.5)



Cat-Eye Curio now restores 30 percent Energy (was 25 percent)

Increased both Frenzyband effects by 50 percent


Verdant Infusion extends the duration of your heal over time effects on the Swiftmend target by 10 seconds (was 8 seconds)


Beast Mastery

Dire Command now has a 30 percent chance to trigger (was 20 percent)

Rylakstalker’s Piercing Fangs critical damage increased to 35 percent (was 20 percent)

Flamewaker’s Cobra Sting now has a 50 percent chance to trigger (was 25 percent)

Qa’pla, Eredun War Order now resets the cooldown of Kill Command (was reduces the cooldown by 5 seconds) and has an additional passive effect – Barbed Shot deals 10 percent increased damage


Surging Shots now causes Rapid Fire to deal 35 percent additional damage (was 25 percent)

Eagletalon’s True Focus now also increases the duration of Trueshot by 5 seconds

Serpentstalker’s Trickery no longer triggers Wild Spirits (Night Fae Ability) twice


Latent Poison Injectors damage increased by 15 percent


Disciplinary Command increases Critical Strike damage by 20 percent (was 15 percent)

Expanded Potential procs per minute increased to 2 (was 1.66)


Arcane Harmony damage per stack increased to 8 percent (was 7 percent) and the effect stacks up to 18 times (was 15)


Cold Front now calls down a Frozen Orb after casting 30 Frostbolts or Flurries (was 60)

Freezing Winds now triggers Fingers of Frost every 2 seconds (was 3 seconds)


Molten Skyfall now calls down a Meteor after casting 18 Fireballs or Pyroblasts (was 25)

Sun King’s Blessing now requires consuming 8 Hot Streaks (was 12) and grants Combustion for 6 seconds (was 5 seconds)


Shaohao’s Might now causes Tiger Palm to have a 40 percent chance (was 10 percent) to deal 300 percent of normal damage (was 250 percent) and reduce the remaining cooldown of your Brews by 2 additional seconds (was 1 second)


Mighty Pour now causes Celestial Brew to increase your Armor by 50 percent (was 25 percent) for 8 seconds (was 7 seconds) and causes Purifying Brew to have a 35 percent chance to not consume a charge (was 25 percent)


Xuen’s Battlegear critical strike chance increased by 50 percent (was 30 percent) and Fists of Fury cooldown reduced by 5 seconds (was 2.5 seconds)


Clouded Focus healing increased by 20 percent (was 15 percent) and mana cost reduced by 20 percent (was 15 percent)


Vanguard’s Momentum increases Holy damage done by 4 percent (was 3 percent) for 10 seconds (was 8 seconds)

Of Dusk and Dawn buff duration increased to 12 seconds (was 8 seconds) and Blessing of Dusk damage reduction increased to 4 percent (was 3 percent)


Inflorescence of the Sunwell increases Infusion of Light effects by 30 percent (was 20 percent)

Shadowbreaker, Dawn of the Sun buff duration increased to 8 seconds (was 6 seconds)

Maraad’s Dying Breath’s healing bonus to Light of the Martyr no longer increases self-damage taken. Additionally, Maraad’s Dying Breath now causes all Light of the Martyr self-damage to be dealt over 5 seconds


The Ardent Protector’s Sanctum has been redesigned – When Ardent Defender saves you from death, it restores 40 percent additional health. When Ardent Defender expires without saving you from death, its remaining cooldown is reduced by 40 percent (was 60 seconds)


Final Verdict damage has been increased by 15 percent


Cauterizing Shadows’ healing increased by 36 percent and can now critically strike


Cauterizing Shadows now functions with Mastery: Grace.

Kiss of Death reduces the cooldown of Shadow Word: Death by 12 seconds (was 8 seconds)


Divine Image now casts Searing Light when Shadow Word: Pain or Mindgames (Venthyr Ability) are used, and casts Holy Nova when Unholy Nova (Necrolord Ability) is used. Additionally, if the Priest is crowd controlled while Divine Image is active, the image will cast single target healing spells on nearby low-hp allies

Divine Image spell-mirroring cooldown removed (e.g. queueing a Shadow Word: Death after a Holy Fire will now trigger 2 Searing Lights)

Flash Concentration buff duration increased to 20 seconds (was 15 seconds)


Painbreaker Psalm generates up to 30 Insanity (was 20) and now functions with Death and Madness (Talent).

Shadowflame Rift’s damage has been increased by 40 percent


Mark of the Master Assassin now only affects auto-attack and Rogue abilities’ critical strike chance

Tiny Toxic Blade now causes Shiv to deal 500 percent increased damage (was 350 percent)

Essence of Bloodfang damage increased by 30 percent


Doomblade now deals an additional 45 percent Bleed damage (was 30 percent)

Duskwalker’s Patch reduces Vendetta’s cooldown for every 30 Energy you expend (was 50 Energy)


Guile Charm increases your damage dealt by up to 15 percent (was 10 percent) and lasts up to 12 seconds (was 10 seconds).

Greenskin’s Wickers increases the damage of your next Pistol Shot by 300 percent (was 200 percent)

Concealed Blunderbuss now has a chance to fire your next Pistol Shot 3 additional times (was 2)


The Rotten now causes Backstab to deal 50 percent increased damage (was 30 percent)

Deathly Shadows increases all damage dealt by 20 percent (was 15 percent ) for 15 seconds (was 12 seconds)



Echoes of Great Sundering now causes Earthquake to deal 120 percent additional damage (was 175 percent)


Legacy of the Frost Witch now causes Stormstrike to deal 30 percent increased damage (was 15 percent)


Jonat’s Natural Focus now increases the next Chain Heal by 20 percent (was 10 percent)

Spiritwalker’s Tidal Totem now reduces mana cost of Healing Wave and Chain Heal by 40 percent (was 25 percent)



Implosive Potential’s Haste buff duration increased to 12 seconds (was 8 seconds)

Balespider’s Burning Core increases the damage of Demonbolt by 15 percent per stack (was 8 percent per stack)

Grim Inquisitor’s Dread Calling increased to 4 percent per stack (was 3 percent per stack)


Madness of the Azj’aqir duration increased to 4 seconds (was 3 seconds)


Malefic Wrath duration increased to 10 seconds (was 8 seconds) and damage per stack increased to 35 percent (was 25 percent)

Wrath of Consumption duration increased to 30 seconds (was 20 seconds) and periodic damage increased to 6 percent (was 5 percent)



Enduring Blow’s chance to apply the Colossus Smash effect increased to 25 percent (was 15 percent) and duration increased to 6 seconds (was 5 seconds)

Battlelord now triggers from Overpower (was Slam) and reduces the Rage cost of your next Mortal Strike by 15 Rage (was 12)

Exploiter’s Mortal Strike damage bonus increased to 50 percent (was 25 percent) and the damage bonus for Venthyr Warriors increased to 36 percent (was 18 percent)


Cadence of Fujieda duration increased to 12 seconds (was 8 seconds)

Will of the Berserker duration increased to 12 seconds (was 8 seconds)

Reckless Defense now triggers from all Rampage hits (was Rampage critical strikes) and reduces the remaining cooldown of Recklessness and Enraged Regeneration by 1 second (was 3 seconds)


Reprisal has been redesigned – Charge and Intervene grant you Shield Block, Revenge!, and generates 20 Rage

Unbreakable Will now also grants an additional charge of Shield Wall

Seismic Reverberation damage increased to 75 percent (was 40 percent)

Player versus Player


The Horde flag size in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks have been increased to match the size of the Alliance flag

Focused Assault and Brutal Assault now increase damage taken by 10 percent per stack and reduces healing received by 5 percent per stack in Warsong Gulch, Twin Peaks, and Eye of the Storm


Maximum player count per faction is now 35 (was 30).

Starting reinforcements are now 175 (was 150)

To allow both factions to have easier access to Star Root Tubers and Song Flowers, both these tasty treats will now spawn alongside each other in the Dark Woods and Root Den

Artifact Fragment cost to summon Kronus and Fangrall reduced to 1500 (was 3000)

Horde and Alliance tower mages are now worth 30 Reinforcements when slain (was 50)

Horde and Alliance tower mages have had their spells adjusted:

Rylai Crestfall – Alliance Tower Mage

Northrend Winds now deals 15 percent of the target’s maximum health in Frost damage

Frostbolt now deals 8 percent of the target’s maximum health in Frost damage

Frostbolt Volley now deals 15 percent of the target’s maximum health in Frost damage

No longer casts Mass Polymorph

Jeron Emberfall – Horde Tower Mage

Fireball now deals 8 percent of the target’s maximum health in Fire damage

Combustion Nova now deals 15 percent of the target’s maximum health in Fire damage

Ignite now deals 1 percent of the target’s maximum health in Fire damage

Living Bomb initial spell now deals 5 percent of the target’s maximum health in Fire damage

Living Bomb explosion now deals 15 percent of the target’s maximum health in Fire damage.

Living Bomb no longer causes a knockback when exploding

Magma Blast cast by Jeron’s summoned Lava Fury now deals 5 percent of the target’s maximum health in Fire damage

Isle of Conquest

Glaive Thrower health has been increased by 40 percent

Alliance and Horde Commander health increased by 50 percent

Demolisher health increased by 25 percent

Catapult health increased by 100 percent

The amount of siege damage required to break down keep walls has been increased by 20 percent


Broken Temple and Sunken Ring Workshops are now controlled by the attacking team when the battle starts

Wintergrasp Wall, Wintergrasp Fortress Wall, and Wintergrasp Fortress Gate health has been reduced by 20 percent

Destroying Towers reduces match time by 8 minutes (was 5 minutes)

Siege Engine’s Steam Rush ability deals 20 to 35 percent of a player’s health (was 30 to 45 percent)

Demolisher’s Hurl Boulder ability deals 20 to 25 percent of a player’s health (was 36 percent)

Demolishers will now more consistently deal siege damage when striking fortress walls and towers

After 5 minutes, all players in the battleground who do not have a rank (including players who join late) will now be granted the rank of Corporal


Ashen Hallow (Venthyr Paladin), Spear of Bastion (Kyrian Warrior), Resonating Arrow (Kyrian Hunter), and Wild Spirits (Night Fae Hunter) visual effects are now more easily distinguishable when cast by enemy players

Death Knight

Removed the stun when summoning the temporary ghoul version of Raise Dead (Rank 1) in PvP


Ice Form (PvP Talent) is no longer on the global cooldown to match Icy Veins, the ability it replaces



Divine Vision (PvP Talent) now reduces the cooldown of Aura Mastery by 1 minute (was grants Shadow Resistance Aura)

Ultimate Sacrifice (PvP Talent) now causes Blessing of Sacrifice to last 6 seconds in addition to its existing effects


Steed of Glory (PvP Talent) will now grant immunity to roots and snares only (was all crowd controlling effects)


Amplify Curse (PvP Talent) cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 45 seconds)

Casting Circle (PvP Talent) no longer causes Unending Resolve to stop granting its interrupt immunity

Demon Armor (PvP Talent) increases Armor by 120 percent (was 90 percent)


Fixed an issue where Rapid Contagion (PvP Talent) could be used while under the effects of crowd control abilities

The Maw

A new account-wide unlock has been added to Ve’nari that reveals teleport nodes near all the long walkable chains in Torghast to help you quickly cross the chains and no longer have to face your fear of heights

Reduced the health and amount of Anima Devourers required for Stage 1 of the Winged Soul Eaters Hunt

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

A brief description of each wing is now available before embarking on any given Torghast run

To better increase your odds of success, a recommended item level will now be displayed when selecting which Layer difficulty to attempt.

Reduced the amount of enemies on multiple floors

Anima Powers


Parliament Stone increases speed by 50 percent (was 30 percent) and now also increases dodge chance by 25 percent. Can be obtained 1 time (was 2)


New Anima Power: Desolate Chitin (Uncommon) – Fleshcraft absorbs 50 percent more damage. Can be obtained 3 times

Malevolent Stitching increases your primary stat by 20 percent (was 8 percent) and is now Uncommon rarity (was Rare). Can be obtained 1 time (was 3)

Musophobic Femur has been removed

Night Fae

New Anima Power: Ethereal Wildseed (Uncommon) – Soulshape and Flicker heal you for 20 percent of your maximum health. Can be obtained 2 times

New Anima Power: Frigid Wildseed (Epic) – Activating Soulshape stuns enemies within 12 yards of the departure and destination location for 6 seconds. Can be obtained 1 time.

Clinging Fog has been removed

Crystallized Dreams has been removed


Gnarled Key reduces Door of Shadows cast time by 20percent (was 10 percent) and reduces its cooldown by 6 seconds per stack (was 3 seconds). Stacks up to 5 times (was 10)

Death Knight

New Anima Power: Entropic Pool (Epic) – Dealing damage with Death and Decay increases damage you deal to the target by 2 percent. This effect stacks

New Anima Power: Bone Borrower (Rare) – Death Grip reduces the target’s damage dealt to you by 20 percent for 10 seconds, and animates a Risen Skulker or Magus of the Dead for 1 minute

Damage dealt by the minions summoned by Bone Borrower and Bone Harvester have been significantly increased

Occult Emitter has been redesigned – Now increases Runic Power generation by 100 percent while affected by your Anti-Magic Shell or Anti-Magic Zone

Monstrous Concoction has been redesigned – Now increases damage and attack speed for you and all your minions by 10 percent for 8 seconds whenever you cast Death Coil

Exterminator has been redesigned – Now gives 2 additional max charges of Death Grip and killing a Mawrat resets all charges. Stacks 2 times

Darkreaver’s Ward now also increases Anti-Magic Shell duration by 3 seconds and no longer increases the spell damage reduction of Anti-Magic Zone

Darkreaver’s Lens spell reflection now also applies to Anti-Magic Shell

Creeping Decay now has an additional charge and no longer grants 10 percent damage reduction while in your Death and Decay

Death Turf now also reduces damage you take from enemies by 10 percent while in your Death and Decay

Unbreakable Cuffs now also increases Physical and Frost damage you deal to affected enemies by 15 percent and no longer increases the duration of Chains of Ice

Blood-Tinged Poker now increases Sacrificial Pact damage by 400 percent (was 300 percent) and reduces Raise Dead’s cooldown to 20 seconds (was 25 seconds)

Lich Robes now reduces the cooldown of Lichborne by 4 seconds (was 10 seconds) per 10 Runic Power spent (was using Death Strike). Stacks 2 times (was 3)

Force Pull has been renamed Death Hook and has an additional effect – Causes Death Grip to instead pull you to the target

Phearomones is now Uncommon rarity

Deathlord’s Lesson has been removed

Deathlord’s Legacy has been removed

Animate Armaments has been removed

Demon Hunter

Soarstone now heals for 6 percent per second (was 3 percent)

Shifting Signet now reduces the Metamorphosis cooldown by 30 percent (was 15 percent). Stacks up to 3 times (was 4)

Phantasmal Iris damage increased by 5 percent (was 1 percent)

Seeker’s Rage now increases the damage of your Demon Blades, Demon’s Bite, or Shear by 2 percent per stack (was 20 percent) when destroying an Ashen Phylactery, and the effect is no longer consumed when casting Demon Blades, Demon’s Bite, or Shear

Ragehoof now reduces the cooldown of Metamorphosis by 6 seconds when killing a Mawrat (was extends the duration)

Furywing no longer deals damage to you if Fel Rush or Infernal Strike fail to deal damage


New Anima Power: Gravity Dynamo (Epic) – Knocking, Rooting, or Incapacitating enemies grants you 50 percent extra damage to fire, arcane, and frost spells for 8 seconds

New Anima Power: Chronomancer’s Hourglass (Rare) – During Alter Time, you and your Mirror Images gain Time Warp

New Anima Power: Sorceror’s Frozen Soul (Rare) – Ice Block has no cooldown

New Anima Power: Incanter’s Ward (Uncommon) – Damage absorbed by your Barriers grants up to 20 percent increased Intellect, based on the amount absorbed

New Anima Power: Eldritch Teachings (Common) – Pyroblast, Flurry, and Arcane Barrage damage increased by 25 percent

Dimensional Blade now refreshes your Blink cooldown when blinking through an enemy, and blinking through Mawrats will kill them instantly (was blinking through a Mawrat will instantly kill it and grant 3 charges of Blink)

Sapphire Prism now summons 2 additional Mirror Images per stack (was 1) and is now Common rarity

Creeping Freeze now functions without Everwarm Socks, and can now be acquired at any time

Lingering Torments (Venthyr) increases damage of Mirrors of Torment by 25 percent (was 10 percent)

Malevolence (Venthyr) now causes Mirrors of Torment’s cooldown to reset if the target dies while afflicted (was: Mirror damage had to be the killing blow)

Maldo’s Enchanted Cane has been removed

Polymorbid Rat Liver has been removed

Tome of Zoomancy has been removed

Alluring Cheese has been removed


New Anima Power: Dark Technique (Rare) – Enemies affected by Mind Bomb or Psychic Scream suffer 5 percent of your health in damage every 1 second. This damage cannot break Mind Bomb or Psychic Scream

New Anima Power: Cowl of Influence (Uncommon) – You can now control your character during Mind Control, but it has a 30 second cooldown

New Anima Power: Light-Infused Egg (Uncommon) – Smite / Mind Flay have a 15 percent / 5 percent chance to grant you Power Infusion

New Anima Power: Fallen Priest’s Blessing (Common) – Casting Holy Fire or Mind Blast increases the damage or healing of your next Devouring Plague by 30 percent, Penance by 30 percent or Chastise by 60 percent. This effect stacks, but its duration is not refreshed

New Anima Power: Voidwraith Signet (Rare) – Killing an enemy with Shadow Word: Death summons a Voidwraith guardian for 1 minute that casts Void Flay, dealing 100 percent additional damage against enemies that are above 50 percent health

New Anima Power: Soul of an Archon (Rare) – Power Infusion now also increases all periodic damage and healing by 100 percent

Enduring Spirit spell duration increased by 80 percent (was 50 percent)

Puppetmaster’s Strings can no longer be offered to the player unless Cowl of Influence is known

Earworm chance to trigger increased to 5 percent per stack (was 3 percent)

Mindmancer’s Handgloves now increases the damage of Mindgames by 20 percent (was reduce cast speed)

Vandal’s Zeal can now be obtained 3 times (was 1)

Psychic Wallet has been removed

Soul Sapper has been removed

Art of Phantasmal Healing has been removed


New Anima Power: Depleted Tesla Coil (Epic) – Gain the effects of Stormkeeper every 15 seconds

New Anima Power: Pure Elemental Core (Rare) – Increases the duration of your Fire Elemental or Storm Elemental) by 50 percent for Elemental. Increases the duration of Feral Spirits by 100 percent for Enhancement. When you drop Spirit Link Totem, immediately heal all allies for 15 percent of their maximum Health, and harm all enemies in the radius for 15 percent of their max Health for Restoration. Stacks up to 2 times

New Anima Power: Bottle of Swirling Maelstrom (Common) Increases Earthquake and Earth Shock damage for Elemental, increases Maelstrom Weapon bonus damage and healing for Enhancement, and periodically deals nature damage to enemies inside of your Healing Rain for Restoration. Stacks up to 3 times

Storm Conduit now increases nature and frost damage by 50 percent (was Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning)

Tsunami Relic now increases healing done by 50 percent (was casting healing spells faster)

Blood of Heroes now also causes your first Bloodlust or Heroism per floor to not incur its cooldown and is now Rare rarity

Deathseer Choker damage and healing per totem increased by 10 percent (was 5 percent)

Heart of the Deathseer has been redesigned – Chain Lightning hits 3 additional targets and damage increases by 20 percent per jump for Elemental and Restoration. Lava Lash now spreads Flame Shock to 5 nearby targets, and Lava Lash damage is increased by 500 percent for Enhancement

Ghost Bone has been removed

Shield of Spirits has been removed


Detonation Torch has been redesigned – Increases Shadowbolt, Drain Soul (Talent), Demonic Core, and Incinerate damage by 75 percent per stack. Stacks up to 3 times

Inferno Skewers has been redesigned – Increases the damage of Seed of Corruption, Implosion, and Rain of Fire by 75 percent. Stacks up to 4 times

Pact of Thickness now increases summoned demons health and damage by 50 percent (was only demon health)

Smoking Shard of Teleportation buff duration increased to 15 seconds (was 10 seconds)

Bottled Shadow duration increased to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds)

Visage of Lethality has been redesigned – When you are struck in melee by an auto-attack, you fear all nearby enemies for 8 seconds. The effect can happen once every 45 seconds.

Hellfire Pact has been removed

Crystal of Perpetual Displacement has been removed


New Anima Power: Weathered Runestone (Uncommon) – Berserker Rage increases the damage of Overpower, Raging Blow, or Revenge by 40 percent. Can be obtained 3 times

New Anima Power: Thorium Hairpin (Uncommon) – Whirlwind generates 10 Rage for Arms and Protection, and 4 additional Rage for Fury. Can be obtained 3 times

New Anima Power: Glory of Skyhold (Rare) – Heroic Leap gains 2 additional charges. Can be obtained 1 time

New Anima Power: Gargolmar’s Shattered Hand (Uncommon) – Victory Rush reduces the remaining cooldown of Heroic Leap by 10 seconds. Can be obtained 3 times

New Anima Power: Ancient Rubble (Common) – Heroic Leap shatters the ground where you land, dealing Physical damage over 10 seconds to enemies within 16 yards. Can be obtained 4 times

New Anima Power: Blade of the Tideskorn (Rare)– You yell a Demoralizing Shout (Protection) or a Piercing Howl (Arms and Fury) when you land your Heroic Leap. Can be obtained 1 time.Repulsive Pennant now deals damage to all enemies within 15 yards of you every 3 seconds while Conqueror’s Banner is active. Can be obtained 2 times (was 3)

Brawler’s Brass Knuckles increases Rage generation by 25 percent (was 20 percent). Can be obtained 4 times (was 5)

Edge of Hatred increases the damage of Rampage, Mortal Strike, and Shield Slam by 25 percent (was 20 percent). Can be obtained 4 times (was 5)

Fan of Longswords chance to cast Whirlwind increased to 100 percent (was 33 percent). Can be obtained 1 time (was 3)

Succulent Carpaccio now also reduces the cooldown of Ignore Pain by 3 seconds for Arms and Fury. Unchanged for Protection

Voracious Culling Blade increases Condemn’s (Venthyr Ability) damage by 50 percent (was 100 percent)

Smoldering Inertia damage bonus decreased to 100 percent (was 200 percent) and the duration increased to 6 seconds (was 4 seconds)

Spattered Soles has been removed

Ragemote has been removed

Champion’s Decree has been removed

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