Sat 20 Feb 2021

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Considering how popular gaming is, 4 out of 5 people you meet has been gaming at one point in their life. In fact, they are still gaming to this day. In other words, gaming is a common hobby among people. There are lots of gamers making walkthrough videos on YouTube and some of them stream live via Twitch and other platforms.

Some focus on online games while others focus on offline ones. Either way, they have lots of hours of entertainment. The gaming industry is known for incorporating trends which is how it manages to satisfy the needs of millions of gamers. So, what do the industry and Bitcoin have in common?

Well, it’s no secret that it has incorporated this cryptocurrency. Some platforms accept Bitcoin as a payment method for gift cards. Additionally, the blockchain technology behind the cryptocurrency has inspired some developers to come up with several titles. However, it has also inspired them to help out future traders.

Namely, they have developed trading simulators to teach aspiring traders the basics of Bitcoin trading. That’s how gaming can help you become a better Bitcoin trader. Naturally, trading is a complex business. You’ll need to have the right set of skills to be successful.

In its essence trading Bitcoin is about buying and selling assets. You’ll need to buy such assets at an exchange at the proper time. By doing so you can buy an asset and sell it at another exchange for a different price. Alternatively, you can wait for its value to rise and invest in other assets. To do this you’ll need to make the right decisions in different situations. And you can make them without getting some practice.

However, there’s an alternative to making these decisions yourself. There are several Bitcoin trading platforms out there that can help you out. These platforms utilize advanced algorithms so they can make the proper decisions on the market.

In other words, they trade for you while you reap the profits. One of the many platforms you’ll come across is bitcoin evolution in the uk. To make use of this platform you’ll need an account. A small deposit is another thing you’ll need. Then there are a few tutorials you’ll need to go over so you can better understand the settings of the trading bot. Once you’re finished then you can try a live session.

However, if you’d like to give trading a try without relying on platforms, then you can make use of the trading simulators. In that regard, here are some suggestions:

Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator

This is a website that focuses on Bitcoin trading. You’ll be able to trade via text messages and other notifications. In other words, whenever there’s a change in the market you’ll be notified and you’ll need to make a decision. It’s a good simulator that will teach you the basics.

Altcoin Fantasy

Unlike the previous entry on this list, this game doesn’t focus solely on Bitcoin. It offers other cryptocurrencies you can trade with. The game also uses real-time data so you’ll be trading with real Bitcoin prices. The other players will serve as your competition.

What this game also offers is a bunch of competitions. These competitions will test your skill as a trader and you’ll get an amazing reward if you make it to the top. The reward comes in the shape of actual Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you prefer.

Bitcoin Hero

This is another trading simulator that focuses on Bitcoin, as you can see from the title. Similar to Altcoin Fantasy, it gives you virtual money to trade with. Bitcoin hero also makes use of real Bitcoin prices and when you’re trading there will be other players in the game. With various tools, you’ll be able to make market analyses and therefore make the right trading decisions.


Bitcoin is doing well in the gaming industry. Through the trading simulators, the industry can help you become a successful trader. Since the price of this cryptocurrency is on the rise you’ll do good to learn the basics of trading now rather than later. These simulators prove that gaming can be useful since they teach crucial skills you’ll need as a Bitcoin trader.