One of Minecraft's most intriguing and popular servers, Hypixel Skyblock adds an almost Runescape-style set of RPG elements to the game to give players even more depth.

Because of these elements, there are tons of rare drops from hostile mobs in this particular Minecraft server. Rare drops include equippable items, currencies, and even pets that can follow the player and assist them with combat.

One of the rarest is known as the Ghoul, and its rarity is made abundantly known to players on the server as its typical pricing at the Auction House is massive. For players not wanting to pay stacks on stacks of coins for this friendly yet spooky pet, it can drop for those who don't mind a fight.

Minecraft: Getting the Ghoul pet from Crypt Ghouls

Image via Mojang

Minecraft players who don't want to spend an arm and a leg for the Ghoul pet will need to set out and start slaying Crypt Ghouls. These mobs can be found near the graveyard located on Hub Island with a combat level of 30.

Before players take them on, they should ensure they are on a comparable level and have solid equipment. Grinding enemy Crypt Ghouls is tedious enough without death being involved.

Crypt Ghouls should be easy enough to spot, as they appear like regular Minecraft zombies, but are equipped with chain mail and an iron sword.

Without any assistance, the Ghoul pet's drop rate is almost too much to deal with. At 1/25000, the drop rate will need to be cut to get one without spending endless hours killing Crypt Ghouls.

Fortunately in Skyblock Hypixel, Minecraft players can obtain gear that improves their Magic Find and Pet Luck stats, both of which will improve the odds of the Ghoul dropping.

Players may want to search out the goodies that enhance these two stats if they want to improve their chances.

Items that improve Magic Find include:

Magic Find potions

Slayer Energy Drink

Ender Dragon Pet

Superior Dragon Armor

Black Cat Pet

Lucky Clover equipped to a pet

Griffin Pet

Megalodon Pet

Booster Cookie

Crown of Greed

Crab Hat of Celebration

Century Cake of the Next Dungeon Floor

Jerry Candy

Sorrow Armor

Dragon Horn reforges

While things that incorporate Pet Luck percentage in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock include:

Black Cat pet

Increasing the Taming Skill

Pet Luck potions

Superior Dragon Armor

Ender Dragon pet

Diana's Lucky! Perk

Maximizing both of these stats is not just beneficial for getting a Ghoul pet, as it also works towards acquiring several goodies within Hypixel's Skyblock world.

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