You’ve likely come across a red flare gun on one of the PUBG maps at least once. Or, perhaps, you’ve encountered a crate falling from the sky, followed by yellow smoke. If you’re wondering what the story with this item is and how it’s useful, we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ll explain what a flare gun is and how to use it in PUBG. You’ll also find expert tips on creating an effective strategy and discover the best locations to search for this rare item. Additionally, we’ll answer some of the most common questions related to the topic.

What Is a Flare Gun in PUBG?

A flare gun is a rare weapon type in PUBG that’s used to send a signal for a special airdrop. What makes this airdrop special, you may wonder? It releases more supplies that are of a higher level than a regular airdrop, such as crate-exclusive weapons, top tier items, and, sometimes, even vehicles. The drop contents depend on the area you use the flare gun in. If you fire within the white circle on the map, you’ll receive some third-level weapons, armor, and ghillie suits. If you use the gun outside the white circle, you’ll likely receive an armored UAZ. A flare gun can be found on every map, though the spawning locations are scarce.

How to Use a Flare Gun in PUBG

Using a flare gun in PUBG is simple; the hardest thing is finding one. Here’s what you need to do to get a special airdrop:

Once you’ve landed on a map, start searching for the flare gun and other supplies. Typically, flare guns’ spawn inside buildings.

When you’ve found the gun, get outside. It can’t be used in a building.

Choose the right spot to fire the gun. Keep in mind it’s noisy and may reveal your position.

Fire the gun and, advisably, hide somewhere close to the firing spot.

You should see a plane coming in your direction. It will drop a supply crate that disperses yellow smoke upon landing.

Get to the crate and loot supplies. You’ll possibly have to kill some enemies who’ve detected your shot on the way.

Pro Tips to Use a Flare Gun in PUBG

Although in theory, using a flare gun is a doddle, in practice, the success of the operation depends solely on your skills. Let’s look at how to use this item effectively.

Inform your peers of your intentions and chosen location before firing the flare gun. They should be ready to back you up and help loot the supplies when the crate arrives. Do this in advance to give your teammates time to get close to the area.

Choose the firing location wisely. It should be far enough from your enemies but close to teammates and have many hiding options. You may argue that you only need one hiding point, but let’s not forget your peers need to cover themselves, too. Ideally, you should be able to easily look out for enemies from all sides without leaving the hiding point.

Conversely, if your goal is to lure enemies into a trap and kill them first, pick an open location with few hiding points. You may even fire close to your enemy’s actual location, then hide and wait for them.

When eliminating enemies, engage from different sides. Of course, you’ll need the help of your peers to do this. The main objective is to not let them run away, so all exits must be closed.

Stock up inventory – including weapons, ammo, first-aid kits, and energy drinks – before using the flare gun. The fight for supplies might get intense.

Even if you aren’t planning to lure enemies into a trap, keep in mind that they may come to the crate. Stay aware when looting supplies, or you may get killed.

A sniper or scope in your team is a great advantage in eliminating enemies getting to your crate. However, you should remember that the enemy may have a sniper as well, who can kill you while you’re looting.

Don’t send the signal on the go. If you’re moving while firing, the flare may shift away from the intended area.

Don’t use a flare gun close to buildings. The airdrop may fall on the roof and getting it won’t be as easy.

Even if you know where a flare gun should be located on the map, remember that your enemies may know it too. Get there sooner than anyone else and take care to not get shot.


Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions related to flare guns in PUBG.

Does a Flare Gun Kill?

Although a flare gun is technically a weapon, it’s used for signaling rather than eliminating enemies. It can’t kill or hurt anyone and is fired vertically into the air. If you shoot into someone, absolutely no damage will be caused, though you’ll lose the precious bullet. In other words, firing at enemies with a flare gun isn’t the smartest idea and will only undermine your chances of winning.

Best Places on the Map to Spot a Flare Gun

Flare guns are scattered across all maps in PUBG. Of course, knowing exact spawning locations is highly beneficial. Below, we’ll share the most common places a flare gun can be found.

In Sanhok, visit the following locations to search for a flare gun:

1. Khao. It’s one of the big cities of Sanhok, situated in the northern part of the map center. As this location isn’t popular, it’s one of the safest areas to search for a flare gun. Check any buildings.

2. Docks, located in the southeastern part of the map. Search in ships, containers, and the warehouse.

3. Ruins, located in the southwestern part of the map center. Search for the gun in an old temple and constructions around it.

4. Paradise Resort, located in the northeastern part of the map. It’s a pretty popular area, so be prepared for an intense fight. However, the chances of a flare gun spawning there are also higher than in most other locations.

5. Bootcamp. The only area with even higher odds of a flare gun spawning than the Paradise Resort. It’s located right in the center of the map. Check the warehouse and the main building. With a 90% chance, you’ll find the desired item there.

6. Pai Nan, Sahmee, Ha Tinh, and small shacks in random areas. These locations have low odds of a flare gun spawning, though not zero. There’s no sense in deliberately searching for it in these areas, though if you’re close, checking out won’t do any harm.

In the Vikendi map, check the locations below to find a flare gun:

1. Volnova, located at the south of the map. As the town has plenty of buildings, you may find multiple flare guns in the area. Pay special attention to roofs, single-story houses, and panic rooms.

2. Secret cave, situated between Podvosto and Peshova.

3. Coal mine. The chances of finding a flare gun in the conveyor belt, cabin, office, or barrel are extremely high.

4. Villa, located in the center of the map. Check the main hall and surrounding constructions for the gun. You may even find several if you search the area thoroughly.

5. Cosmodrome, located in the northeastern part of the map. You can find multiple flare guns in the area, though the number of buildings is high, and you must be patient. Plus, be aware of enemies, as the location is popular among looters.

6. You may also find a flare gun in Goroka, Krichas, Peshkova, the cement factory, and Trevno. Although the chances are lower than with the above-mentioned locations, these areas likely aren’t as popular among enemy players. You can even make it a part of your strategy.

Finally, in Erangel, a flare gun can spawn at:

1. Sosnovka military base. Multiple flare guns can be found in the area, though your enemies will likely be searching in there, too. Check the cave, factory, observatory, or any other building.

2. Georgopol, on containers or inside one of the warehouses.

3. Novorepnoye. Like with Georgopol, flare guns usually spawn at the top of containers or in warehouses.

4. Spawn Island. The name says it all, right? Getting to the location isn’t simple, though it is definitely worth it. You can find flare guns in a big, two-story house, bunker, and laboratory.

5. Mylta power plant. It’s a relatively risky location due to its popularity. Search in the main building of the factory.

6. There’s also a chance of finding a flare gun in Lipovka, Zharki, Primorsk, and Stalber.

It’s All About the Strategy

Hopefully, our guide has helped you understand what a flare gun is in PUBG, and how to use it. Don’t forget that other players may have access to the same information as you and are also searching for a flare gun. The core principle in successfully looting the supplies and eliminating enemies is building a wise strategy. Use our tips and try out lesser-known flare gun spawning locations to improve your chance of winning the match.

What are your favorite locations to loot rare items in PUBG? Share your experiences in the comments section below.