So, when it comes to what creatures you should use, use epics and legendaries. The only rare you could really consider is Albertosaurus. With amazing base stats, a dangerous moveset, and insane resistances, Albert is great. However, I would say there are much better options. But if you are a player with not as many legendaries or epics, Albert is amazing.

The other rare to watch out for is Suchotator. Suchotator has it all. It can slow, distract, bleed, null. It is a good lead that can take a chunk out of anything it sees. There are better options, but for lower players, get this on ASAP.

If there is one creature that I have the utmost confidence in, it is those annoying little jerks we all know and hate: Compsognathus. They need no introduction. They can constantly rally heal, swap in and out, distract, pin, and stall. Many of the creatures I’m going to talk about are really good BECAUSE of these guys dominating everything. Insane resistances, a great kit, and good stats. And now with resilients losing their slowing abilities, the compies will have a better time of keeping priority. Plan for them, as they are going to be a pain in your side.

Woolly Rhino got a change this patch, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fear it. It has the highest swap-in damage in this tournament. It has good bulk, good damage, and the best swap-in move. Don’t be surprised if you see this guy stomping around.

Titanoboa is always going to have some sort

of niche in these tournaments for deterring swappers better and anything else. It does decent against the compies and other cunnings, and it has the well-known on escape rampage. And with vulnerability being so common, that can boost that on escape rampage to 3600. You shouldn’t be surprised if you see this guy sneaking his way into battle.

The last epic I’ll discuss is Thylacotator. With its famous 1-2 combo, thylacotator destroys almost everything slower than it. And with maiming wound, it can knock the compies down to size instantly. With superiority strike, this is one of the creatures that can still slow you down. And with swap-in distraction, thylac can get you out of a tricky situation.

When it comes to a hard-hitting chomper, you can’t go wrong with Allosinosaurus. 4500 in 2 turns with a large portion being priority and stunning. It also is slower than most resilients and can cleanse vulnerability with fierce impact. If you just want something that is just a solid hard-hotter, allosino is right for you.

If you want a real all-rounder, Carnotarkus has your back. You have distraction abilities, deceleration abilities (one of which bypasses flocks), shields, and greater rending counter. Carnotarkus has it all. It is a great opener and as a wildcard, doesn’t get shut down that easily. Tarkus is a good option this weekend.

Coelhaast has landed in JWA, and is a decent option this tournament. It outspeeds the compies and is a flock itself. It looks like a creature specifically designed to combat them. They have speed, good defenses, and decent output. It has great synergy and can deter swappers with alert roost. It may be worth a spot on the team.

Speaking of flocks, Dodocevia is another flock to look out for. With many creatures losing their slowing abilities, dodocevia appreciates that bigtime. You have great output and bulk. While it struggles with the compies, it is still a great option to use.

Dracoceratops is back again, and it is loving the resilient changes. Now you can deal 60% of rending damage with a swap-in. And with good damage, it can always hit hard while never getting pinned with pin immunity. No matter the patch, it seems dracocera always has a way of sneaking into legendary events.

Eremoceros is just a solid creature. You have 2 priority moves that help in survivability, shields, distraction, speedup, great resistances, and great stats. And with most of the legendary high-armor tanks like stegodeus and tragodistis not being too great, it really shines with a lack of armor. You can deal with the compies and other cunnings with shielded decelerating strike as well as resilients like mammotherium and you can use cunning rampage to deal with chompers like allosinosaurus. If you want something that can serve you well, use eremoceros.

Mammotherium received a recent change, and now it can hit even harder. With PFS and resilient impact, you’re dishing out massive damage constantly. And with PFS, you can regenerate 2250 hp with dig in while outspeeding many faster cunnings in the process. It also has vulnerability and stun immunity, which is always great. If you want a creature that hits hard, mammotherium is perfect.

The armadoggo Megistocurus is being showcased in its first legendary tournament, and it looks very promising. With good resistances, a great swap-in, and good stats, it looks like it can be a successful addition to any team. It can also stall a bit when on the field to come back in and hit hard again or as a late game swapper with no escape to help prevent the opponent from swapping too.

ANOTHER swapper that you may see is Monostegotops, who also appreciates the resilience changes. It may do the least of the 4 swappers on this list in terms of damage, but it is the safest swapper as it’s the fastest of them all. So if they are trying to get one final swap out of a megistocurus or dracoceratops, monostego can deny them the opportunity to deal damage. Not to mention it has a good kit to back it up.

Phorasaurua needs no introduction. High speed, instant rampage, a swap-in, and good resistances, you can do a lot with phorasaura. It has decent synergy and is one of the best revenge killers as the rampage is hard to stop without some armor or shields to save you. Don’t be surprised to see this guy clawing at you this weekend.

This is the first legendary tournament since the release of Scorpius Rex, and it can make a big splash this weekend. With distraction, bleed, and great resistances, Scorpius is great at eating away at your hp while staying healthy itself. And if you need a swap-in, Scorpius rex is also here to help with swap-in critical ambush. Expect to see this guy.

The final 2.8 creature to consider is Scutophicyon. With shields, shattering, and slowing abilities, you have so many options to choose from. You also have no escape to help prevent pesky swappers from ruining your day. Just another all-round solid option to pick from.

Leaping into this tournament is Smilocephalosaurus. With a swap-in, good back-to-back rampages, synergy, good stats, and good resistances, smiloceph has it all. I would say this guy makes a great addition to almost any team.

Finally, we’ll end on Spinonyx. With a great kit of no escape and lethal wound, this guy can put a dent into anything. And with deceleration immunity, tanks don’t stand a chance. Also, it can trap the compies while getting them down to 1 member to get in range of a swap-in kill. Another decent option to consider for this weekend.