joe D, every sentiment you stated in your comment here. I completely AGREE! I want to add & inform for any Screaming Liberals that may read this post or hopefully echo others beliefs and values.It is frightening the number of people in this country/world are under the belief that everyone, as long as we all agree with the democratic liberals, should all have customized individual left wing (communist/socialist ) rights and be made a priority. They hide behind “rights for all, as anyone with a set of morals and a work ethic can see, its an “F” in” free for all out there! The country will never be what it was originally meant to be, because freedom of speech has been misused by so many who use it for an excuse to vomit there mental problems and lack of morals. They use it as a default button to make themselves feel asIf they dont have to be accountable for morally corrupt decisions. I sincerely hope that the idiots who did vote for Biden /Harris., I hope I get a chance to say to at least one of them (when things go sideways) so is this why you wanted him running the country? unfortunately for those who didnt vote for Alzheimers Joe and his Unqualified sidekick) we will all have to suffer in many ways to display the pure evil of the Government, Individual political operatives, Big Pharma...., the list is overwhelmingly long. Im so glad to know that the new administration is more concerned about even more “LGBTQXYZ” issues and rights (because that should be a priority with what goes on in this country????) WE have heard loud and clear, we get it, whos in the drivers seat now. People flipping out and angry because we didnt keep up with the entire alphabet of letters in the identity acronym used, you are all so very special, Im going to make my own acronym GXWFWLC . That stands for Gen X White Female Who Likes Chocolate. Oh ya and Im going to be pissed at whoever doesnt know that, maybe I can have my own blog or pod cast about my plight and how undervalued I feel because I was mis addressed or mis identified as GXWFWLC. JUST KIDDING my point is to those “THEY” we all know how important the Non gender specific pronouns are these days. Well anyway my point is your NOT THAT SPECIAL!!! No one gives a flying damn who you are. I believe thats the whole problem in a nutshell (no pun intended) who, what or why you even exist on this planet. I do agree that those individuals HAVE ISSUES!! Big time Alright., but they need therapy not government time & intervention. As far as the brillant idea of defunding and shrinking the police agencies in this country. WTF, yes Black lives matter ALL LIVES MATTER. (Black, yellow, orange, green and everything in between I would think that the good (All Colors, shapes & sizes) law abiding citizens of this country could find more creative & effective ways to root out the burnt out and corrupt law enforcement than shutting it down and leaving community’s vulnerable to the “NOT SO LAW ABIDING CITIZENS” skin color and ethnicity dosent give anybody the right to harm another whether with words or deeds. ALSO THERE IS NOSUCH THING AS DIFFERENT RACES people!!! ITS THE HUMAN RACE, thats for any screaming liberals reading this ( that statement is not be trying to be PC its just a fact!)The DEMOCRATIC/LIBERAL BULL IN THIS COUNTRY SUPPORTS AND FURTHERS THE 1st World “problems”and hyperfocuses on them so much, it hand holds the perpetuation of “problems”. That arent really problems. Im a Gen x, white female and, I didnt grow up in an affluent, fembot household, JUST WANTED TO MAKE THAT CRYSTAL CLEAR!! THOUGHT ID PREFACE THAT IN CASE you wanted to know who WAS speaking. I also am not going to apologize for who I am ( nor do I think anyone should have to) which seems to be another pissy waste of time in the country. Certain people having to apologize for who they are. I certainly dont! Lets see if I have it correct with the liberal thought process?1. We should be able to say anything we like asLong is it is in agreement and compliance with them. Even if it’s contradictory to commonsense or just good taste!!!2. Rights for all Minorities ! (Good start) But then : what is to be considered the “Majority” should be made to feel guilty for everything and anything and reverse descrimination should continue to be cultivated and nurtured!!3. Completely let the Government “help” us by socialist standards, take allFreedom of choiceAway (because we are not capable to make areOwn choices for healthcare , etc...4. Endless Government programs, that make decisions for us, that are not for the greater good. But for every individual Special interest group known to human kind. You know the oppressed sector of (3 toed, eyelash compromised citizens, of the economically challenged Sub-SubUrban Communitys (I just made that word up 😁, well... Just in keeping with the liberal dictionary (Yes you do need your own, not that I would spend my money on it)5. Continuing the “in-bed” covert crap that is between, the Government, Big Pharma, FDA, Major Food manufacturers.6. KEEP US IN A WAR (17 years isnt long enough?) so certain sectors can keep Profiting and we can keep losing American Lives. WOW CAN ANYONE SAY VIETNAM ALL OVER AGAIN!!7. BELIEVE IN A PARTY THAT PROMISEs they will make a country that is a “utopia”,. NO ONE WHO PROMISES THAT SHOULD BE WALKING AROUND IN THE GENERAL POPULATION (A LIE AND SCARY ANYONE WOULD BELIEVE IT) They will fix all the woes of this world. They prey on the people who want someone else to do it all for them, hold their hand and wipe their chin of drool for absolutely everything. This world has massive hardships &, atrocities. LIFE IS HARD and unfair. Look to God to ease your soul and body of its burdens, and guide your conscience. people and government should NOT hold themselves out for being able to do that.THE FACTS ARE THIS: WE NEED GOVERNMENT ON A NATIONAL LEVEL TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY HEALTHY, In these areas Civil Law, Economic HEALTH with stability & reasonable growth. Foreign diplomatic Relations and policy., which would or should in turn nurture HEALTHY values and behavior. & CHOICES. And oh My would that start closing the gap on economic and educational opportunities? I would think a Concentration and focus on several large areas of these issues (that are within the scope of what the government is supposed to be for) would have a positive ripple effect to all the others.If people could just be ACCOUNTABLE for themesleves AND stop trying to have others hand hold and make excuses for BAD decisions (purposeful or not) & Behavior!!!Bottom line isPEOPLE LETS STOP USING THE GOVERNMENT TO FIGHT YOUR “special” little whiny corner. Suck it up make aPlan then make move to make it Better!!! FOR THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE!!!