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The House Beneviento music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village is all about moving cylinders. That may sound pretty simple, but it can be quite hard to get the order right. If you do though, you'll hear a lovely tune from the music box that once stood in Ethan and Mia's house. And even better: it will reward you with a key item needed to escape from House Beneviento.

There's a serious danger of shuffling the cylinders for hours, as the solution to the Resident Evil Village music box puzzle is far from obvious. To save you some time, you can find the correct music box solution below. A hint: it's all about the scratches. No musical talent required.

Here's the Resident Evil Village music box puzzle solution

The idea of the Resident Evil Village music box puzzle is to rearrange the cylinders to create a recognizable tune. You might have heard it in the Winter's home at the beginning, if you found the music box there and wound it up. However, it's a big ask to remember a tune you heard once a few hours ago and have since been repeatedly savaged by werewolves. While you can solve it by shuffling pieces around until it plays a melody and Ethan stops saying it sounds wrong, there is a much easier way to solve it.

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This image above is the correct solution to the Resident Evil Village music box puzzle solution. I've marked some scratches on the cylinders that you can use to put them in their correct place. There are two large prominent scratches on the left and right edges of the music box that only line up with specific cylinders. Find and position those two cylinders first, and then you can use the scratches on those to match up the rest of the puzzle. When you're done you can play the melody and solve the Resident Evil Village music box puzzle.

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Your reward for getting the Resident Evil Village music box puzzle solution right will be a pair of tweezers that pops out of a little drawer at the bottom. You can use that to get the film out of the mouth of the doll that started all this. But that's another puzzle altogether. Good luck.

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