Resource gathering and inventory management are major parts of Valheim, and players are likely to collect far more items than they could ever hope to use. Some players have gotten creative with their storage, using a building exploit to stack chests in their home, or building entire structures dedicated to housing their food, tools, and raw materials. Sometimes, however, players may simply want to get rid of an item they have no use for, like an extra version of a lower-tier tool or a ton of wood or stones. Fans of Valheim have been clamoring for a feature that would allow them to delete or otherwise destroy unnecessary clutter. As Valheim is still in Early Access, it is still possible for fans to get their wish as the game evolves.

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In the meantime, players can still get rid of unwanted items in a few ways. While they cannot outright destroy a tool and get their raw materials back, or destroy raw materials in general, it is possible to toss away the excess to prevent it from cluttering inventory or chests back at home base. It is also possible to get rid of items in such a way that players don't have to worry about accidentally picking them back up. Here are some ways players have found to destroy items in Valheim.

Ways to Discard Unwanted Items in Valheim

When it comes to reducing clutter in Valheim, Vikings have a few options. The easiest way to get rid of inventory items is to toss the stack away. To do this, players will need to left-click the item in inventory, move the cursor outside the inventory box, and click again. Their Viking will throw the item stack on the ground. Running over the item stack won't pick it up again, either. Instead, players will need to deliberately grab the item again by pressing E to add it back to inventory.

If a player tosses away items near their base, they take longer to despawn. Items tossed aside in a different location, however, should break down and despawn in a few in-game days.

In addition to simply throwing items on the ground, players can instead opt to dispose of them to the Ocean. Tossing items into deep water essentially loses them forever, as there is currently no way to reach the bottom of the ocean and pick these items back up, and swimming over the top of them will not count. Players need to make sure they really do not want the items before going this route.

Depending on the item players are looking to get rid of, they may be able to sell to Haldor. He tends to accept valuables, like Rubies, Pearls, and Amber that currently have no other in-game use aside from trade. These items can be easily sold, and the Coins can be used to purchase other, more useful items, including the coveted carry-weight modifier belt Megingjord. Haldor currently has a limited stock of items for sale, however, so players may reach a point where they can no longer buy anything from him.

There are a few unofficial options to help players deal with unwanted inventory in Valheim. The first is by cheating. Players can open the console using F5, enter the imacheater code to enable cheats and console commands, and input removedrops to despawn any nearby drops. There is currently no way to get items back after using this method, so players need to be certain they have picked up everything they actually want to keep before inputting this code.

Modders have also introduced an inventory management system to Valheim. Created by aedenthorn on Nexus Mods, the Discard Inventory Items mod enables the Delete key, or any other hotkey a player prefers, that will remove any inventory item a player has loaded on their cursor permanently from the game. Players can even use this mod on split inventory stacks to delete a partial number of the items. Any time the player wants to get rid of a crafted item with this mod installed, they will receive the resources back that were used to create it. Those who choose to use this mod should note there is no confirmation message when deleting an item permanently from the game, so the hotkey should only be pressed with extreme caution.

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Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available on PC.




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