League of Legends began its Pride month celebrations May 17, releasing a series of emotes and skins to be earned by the community. Riot Games also introduced LGBTQ+ story content, starting with a short love story between champions Diana and Leona, who already had an intertwined history. "Rise With Me" was described by the League of Legends Twitter account as one of many LGBTQ+ stories on the way, leading fans to speculate about which characters could be included next.

"Rise With Me" expanded on existing LoL lore, giving League of Legends enthusiasts a deeper dive into Diana and Leona's relationship at the Solari temple before becoming Aspect Hosts and transforming into champions. Using this as guidance, fans have been looking at champions with intertwining histories to see who the next Pride story could center on. However, League of Legends also foreshadowed Diana and Leona's story with an emote of the two of them cupping their hands to make a heart. Continuing to use Pride emotes as a clue for the next LGBTQ+ story, it stands to reason Tyari will be at the center.

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Part of the League of Legends Pride celebration is the Legends of Runeterra (a card game companion to LoL) emote of champion Tyari, titled "Everybody Gets Love!" As a human traveler, Tyari uses he/him and they/them pronouns, according to Twitter user Papuchochoe, who posted screenshots she said were conversations with Riot employees confirming the fact. Tyari's ascended, Aspect Host form, The Traveler, uses she/her pronouns. It is believed Tyari met LoL champion Taric at some point in that journey. If Tyari was the subject of Riot's next Pride story, it would be nice to see a tale from the perspective of a trans character, romantic or not, as well as give depth to a character who doesn't currently have a lot of lore.

LGBTQ+ League Of Legends Ships Fans Want to See

One of the common responses to "Rise With Me" was imploring Riot Games to next explore the relationship between Caitlyn and Vi. In League of Legends lore, the two are known to work together, though the circumstances of their meeting and how they came to team up are still a mystery. A story centered on the two would add details to an otherwise flat part of their backstory, and a lot of interesting complications could come from exploring a relationship that starts in the middle of a gang war.

Twisted Fate and Graves would be another popular pairing. The two were thick as thieves and pulled off multiple heists in their time working together. However, during one job, something went wrong, and Graves was captured while Twisted Fate got away. Graves never quite forgave Twisted Fate for abandoning him; after Graves escaped, he intended to take revenge on his former partner, but through a twist of fate ended up working with him again. If the two were revealed to have a romantic history, their story would almost certainly be filled with tragedy, but it would at least make great reading for the League of Legends community.

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