At the end of Mass Effect 2, Shepard and their team finally embark on the Suicide Mission against the Reaper-controlled Collectors. At the Collector base, in addition to facing multiple threats from the Collectors, they will find and eventually face the Human-Reaper, a creature they learn has been crafted from the emulsified remains of the abducted human colonists. Fighting the Human-Reaper is simple as long as players understand the flow of the fight. Unlike other final boss fights in the Mass Effect series, Shepard won't be able to shoot the creature anywhere and kill it. Instead, they will need to target the creature's weak spots to defeat it.

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The Human-Reaper has two main offensive abilities during the final boss fight of Mass Effect 2. It can slam into the battlefield with its limbs, destroying parts of the platform on which Shepard and their team will stand. If Shepard and their teammates are too close, this can cause them to be knocked off the platform and killed. The Human-Reaper can also fire a blast of energy from its mouth, but the attack is well-telegraphed in advance with a sound cue and will have a cooldown period. It can also be joined by waves of Collectors on moving platforms, including Harbinger. To defeat the Human-Reaper in Mass Effect 2, Shepard and their team will need to hit its weak points repeatedly and use tech and biotic abilities even more than combat ones.

Tips for Fighting the Human-Reaper in Mass Effect 2

The most important thing players should remember when fighting the Human-Reaper in Mass Effect 2 is that it cannot be defeated by traditional means. Its armor prevents it from taking much damage when fired upon at random. Players should specifically target its eyes, mouth cannon, and chest. Because of its slam attack, Shepard and their squad will want to stay back. Mid-range and ranged weapons like Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles will be especially useful during this fight. Additionally, the Collector Particle Beam Heavy Weapon from the Horizon mission is especially useful, as it can cause sustained damage to a single point over a long period of time before running out of ammo.

Players will want to stick to cover as much as possible. The Human-Reaper will move around, and platforms with Collectors will lock onto the main platform at random points, so Shepard and their team may need to move frequently to evade attacks and stay covered. There is ample cover during this fight, but reaching it can be treacherous. Players should be careful about popping up to get a few good shots in so they don't take any fire from the boss. If the Human-Reaper pierces through Shepard's shields, they do take longer to regenerate during this fight than any other.

The Human-Reaper is still rudimentary and has no abilities of its own. Because of this, in addition to traditional weapons-based combat, the Human-Reaper has a weakness to biotic abilities and tech powers. Powers like Incinerate, Warp, Overload, and Reave are particularly useful. Additionally, having an Engineer class Shepard, Tali, or Legion in the squad with a fully upgraded Combat Drone ability can be especially beneficial. Combat Drones can cause massive, sustained damage to the Human-Reaper over time or be used to distract the Collectors and force them to expend energy and ammo on the drone rather than the team.

Before the Human-Reaper uses its mouth cannon, Shepard should strategically move to place any Collectors who have joined the fight, and even Harbinger, in the line of fire. The Human-Reaper's attack will damage or kill anything in its path, including fellow enemies. This can be a good way of dealing with these minions without using ammo, which tends to be scarce during this fight.

Once the Human-Reaper has been defeated in Mass Effect 2, Shepard and their squad will evade Harbinger and the other Collectors and escape to the shuttle, provided their defense score was high enough to keep their team alive and their squadmates were Loyal. Shepard will need to decide whether to salvage the remains of the Human-Reaper like The Illusive Man asks or destroy it. The decision comes with morality points and future War Assets that contribute to Total Military Strength in Mass Effect 3.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.




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