Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin offers many ways for players to enhance their playthrough from start to finish. Fans of the Monster Hunter series are all too familiar with pre-mission preparation, be it by upgrading weapons and armor or crafting stat-affecting items. Additionally, players can equip charms that grant additional perks to their character, and wear gear with additional perks as well. There are always ways for players to prepare above and beyond for every situation, and Wings of Ruin continues this by including the Prayer Pot.

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The Prayer Pot isn't included in every Monster Hunter game. Regardless, it's a staple for players right from the start of Monster Hunter Stories 2. There is a Prayer Pot is located near the quest board in every village where they fast travel into. The Prayer Pots are accessible by simply walking up to it and interacting like any other NPC. Players who don't make full use of the Prayer Pot are only hindering themselves and should correct it as soon as possible.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Prayer Pot (& What it Does)

First and foremost, the Monster Hunter Stories 2 Prayer Pot offers three options for players to choose from. Players can Pray, Offer Charms, and Tsukino's Lunar Luck (on PC). On the Nintendo Switch, players have the option to use an amiibo to start Tsukino's Lunar Luckm minigame. On PC, players can only use Tsukino's Lunar Luck once per day but Switch users can use it once per amiibo up to 10 amiibos in a single day. Both Pray and Offer Charm operate the same way for both PC and the Switch. Tsukino's Lunar Luck acts as a lottery ticket, awarding players with random items.

The only prayer that players start off with is the Training Prayer, which increases EXP gained by one percent. The more players level up their Prayer Pot, the more prayers are unlocked. Players can upgrade their Prayer Pots by offering charms, which can be found in chests like the ones in Rare Monster Dens, Sub Quests rewards, and prizes from Tsukino's Lunar Luck. The effects of the charms and prayers increase as the Prayer Pot's level increase in turn. After all of the Prayers have been unlocked in Monster Hunter Stories 2 players can continue to level up the Prayer Pot to increase the benefits of charms and prayers, but it will take more charms to increase the levels.

Prayer Pot Levels

Level 1 (Base)

Level 2 (5 Charms)

Level 3 (10 Charms)

Level 4 (15 Charms)

Level 5 (20 Charms)

Level 6 (25 Charms)

Level 7 (30 Charms)

Level 8 (35 Charms)

New Prayers are unlocked at these levels as well, with the last Prayer unlocking at level 8. The Prayer Pot can continue being leveled up to level 20 in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Players familiar with the Melding Pot of Monster Hunter: World will see some familiar Prayer and Charm effects to those of the Demon and Armor drugs, but new effects allow players to have an increased chance of finding rare genes in Monster eggs, decreases to prices of forging and upgrading equipment, and the amount of HP recovered each turn.

Players can use as many of the same Charm as possible to stack its effects, but can only use one kind of Charm at a time. The effects of the Charms will last longer as well when stacked. Charms with a blue Navirou logo are boosted Charms and will last for 45 minutes instead of the traditional 30.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is available now for Nintendo Switch and PC.




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