The Blood Money missions are a new set introduced in Red Dead Online. This guide will show players how they can access them. Similar to its older brother GTA Online, Red Dead Online continues to provide free additional content to keep players entertained. Players can naturally join into the world but instructions on how to begin this new questline aren't super obvious. The neat part about the Blood Money missions is that it rewards players with an exclusive currency that can be used to purchase special items only available with this mission. Players with use their Capitale to take on Blood Money Opportunities for better loot and items. This guide will show players how they can begin this new content.

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Similar to the Naturalist role, players will report to a single individual about taking on these quests. In this case, these missions from the Bronte crime family of Saint Denis. The player will take on jobs from Angelo Bronte. The more missions the player completes, the more background and history around the Bronte crime family will come into the light. For those looking for more to do in Red Dead Online, this update dropped at the perfect time. Here's how players can begin the Blood Money questline in the game.

How To Start Blood Money in Red Dead Online

Fortunately, players won't need to invest their gold bars into starting this new questline. All the player has to do is head over to Saint Denis. On the map, there will be a tear with a dollar sign. Here, players will find Guido in the Saint Denis Garden. This will begin the Blood Money questline. The first mission requires players to find all the missing Capitale in the area by completing missions. The more the player collects, the more Blood Money Opportunities will open up for them. Complete as many of these as possible to make the most out of this new content.

Fortunately, finding the Capitale won't be too difficult. The map will be updated with 4 new blood icons for players to interact with. The player will complete smaller crimes throughout the world like robbing camps or holding up convoys. This all begins to add up and more rewards become available. Red Dead Online dropped this update at the perfect time. The content was a bit lite for long-time fans of this title. Releasing right in the middle of the Summer gives players the chance to get their hands dirty.

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Red Dead Online is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.




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