Players likely could've sniffed out that something was wrong with Mia when she was around in the early parts of Resident Evil 8, but her wooden doll in the Beneviento house may give a glimpse into the bigger picture. However, getting this glimpse will require a bit of detective work as players will need to solve not only the doll but several connected puzzles to get any answers. This wooden doll has several secret compartments to attend to in the meantime.

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Some of the compartments of the doll will be easily accessible with just Ethan's hands. Others will require more tools. These tools will be strewn throughout the house of Beneviento to be found with other clues and puzzles.

The Easily Accessible Clues inside Mia's Doll in Resident Evil 8

The easily accessible clues can all be grabbed as soon as the player finds the Mia doll. These include the Bloody Ring, Winding Key, Silver Key, Eagle Symbol, and Three-Eyed Symbol. To find each of these clues, the player will need to thoroughly search the doll's body. Players can go through them in any order, but this is how to access them.

Bloody Ring - The Bloody Ring is on the wooden mannequin's ring finger of their left hand. Ethan will need to vigorously pull on it to get it off of the mannequin.

Eagle Symbol - The Eagle Symbol is a crest on the mannequin's left iris. Simply examine the left eye and move it in its socket until the player can see the doll's yellow iris.

Silver Key - To gain access to the Silver Key, go to the right side of the mannequin and examine their arm. In particular, examine the shoulder and upper arm to find a compartment. Open this compartment to get the key.

Three-Eyed Symbol - This symbol is also found on the right side of the body. This is engraved in a hidden section of the lower right arm. Pull the arm off to see this symbol.

Winding Key - The Winding Key is loose in a compartment within the left calf. Simply pull on the mannequin's left leg to get it to pop out.

The Less Accessible Clues inside Mia's Doll and How to Get Them in Resident Evil 8

Outside of the easily accessible clues across Mia's mannequin, there are two clues that players will need tools to access. These are the piece of film, trapped in the doll's mouth, and the triangular crest inside her chest compartment. Players will need scissors to cut the chest bandages and tweezers to pluck the film from her mouth. Players will need to take quite a few steps to access these items and will require the easier to grab items.

To the right of the doll on the table should be a small medicinal office with the silver key's symbol on the door. This means players can unlock this room with the silver key. Inside, players will gain access to a working sink. Turn on the sink and run the bloody ring under the water. Cleaning the ring will reveal that it is Mia's wedding ring. When examined, it will reveal the date they got married, which is the code to the padlock on the door in the previous room. The code is 05-29-11.Once opened, players will have access to a long and creepy new hallway. Head down the hall and into the first room on the left. Past the shelving units is a table covered in random junk. Alongside all of this is the music box from Ethan's old home. Use the winding key on the music box to gain access to the music spools inside. They are out of order currently. To get the music box to play, players will need to line up the spools. The easiest way to do this is to line the scarring marks up across them so they look cohesive. This may take a little fumbling around but should be easy enough.

Getting the music box to play, will grant Ethan the tweezers. Run back down the hall to pluck the film out of the Mia doll's mouth. Take this slip of film down the hall to the room on the right with the in-home movie theater. Place the strips of film in the order that the note on the table lists, then play the film. The order is toys, the village of shadows book, Rose, music box, and wedding ring. This will play an uncomfortable film before opening a secret passageway into the room. At the very end of the passageway is a doll with a pair of scissors in hand. Take these scissors and use them to cut the doll's bandages and access the last of the clues.

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