During the course of Scarlet Nexus players will need to face off against many dangerous and deadly enemies. Those who hope to defeat these enemies will need to ensure that they understand all of the game's unique combat mechanics and are able to switch fluidly between melee attacks and psychokinetic abilities. Having a strong grasp of these abilities is integral to getting far in the game.

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Another extremely important aspect though is ensuring that characters have access to the best gear available to them. No matter how good at the game a player is they will struggle quite a bit in the latter areas of the game if they are still swinging around the same old weapons. Players who want to make their characters as strong as possible should track down and equip some of the best weapons in the game. This guide shows the best weapons for Yuito and how to find them.

Scarlet Nexus: How to Find Yuito's Best Weapons

Each character in the game comes with several weapons that the player can acquire throughout the course of it, and Yuito has eight separate ones. Almost all of these weapons can be purchased at the shop by trading in specific items or money. Once the player has a weapon they can also upgrade them at the shop as well. While there are eight different standard weapons, Yuito has an upgraded version of almost all of them in order to maximize their combat potential. Here are some of the best weapons that Yuito can have, how to acquire them, and more importantly how to upgrade them.

Tsunetsugu Juzumaru

This massive blade is capable of large hits and a pretty decent amount of damage during the mid point of the game. Tsunetsugu Juzumaru is honestly the first weapon that players acquire that could realistically carry them through the rest of the game if they use it correctly. It will deal 47 points of damage in its base version, and can be upgraded by the player. The player can purchase it outright from Satori's shop for 2000 Kin if they have the money to spare. If not they can also trade in a few items to the shopkeeper. They will need:

The next strongest weapon, Kunitsuna Onimaru, must be traded in. This weapon can also be acquired at the shop.

1 Pool Type Suppression. These are acquired by defeating Pool-Type enemies which can be found in pretty much every area in the game, but a great place is the Mizuhagawa District where the player can defeat Scummy Pools.

1 Battle Record B. All enemies have a chance to drop Battle Records, but only certain types will drop the B type. Players should defeat things like Fuel Pools, Scummy Pendus, Scummy Rummys, and Vase Paws. All of which can be found at Kikuchiba. There are also a great many other enemies and areas that the player can find Battle Record B.

Once the player has acquired the Tsunetsugu Juzumaru they can then follow this up by upgrading the weapon completely. Upgrading it will boost its damage from 47 to 50. The player will need to exchange these materials at the shop:

The Tsunetsugu Juzumaru itself will need to be traded in to acquire the upgraded version.

1 Pool Type Suppression + will be needed. This is a rarer version of the normal Pool Type Suppression that is dropped by the same enemy types.

1 Battle Record A is also necessary. A rarer drop than the B type by far, but it can be acquired by many of the same enemy types, and areas as long as the player is patient.

Mitsuyo Otenta

This saw-like weapon is another that is extremely powerful for the mid to late points of the game and would be perfectly suited to getting the player all the way through the ending. The base version of this weapon deals 53 points of damage, but can also be upgraded. This weapon cannot be purchased using money though, so the player instead can only exchange other powerful items for it. Here are the items needed to acquire the Mitsuyo Otenta:

The completely upgraded form of Tsunetsugu Juzumaru will need to be traded into the shopkeeper in order to acquire the base form of this weapon.

1 Pound Type Suppression + is needed as well. This rarer form of the material is acquired by defeating Pound Type enemies, which are really just the Missin Pound and Cushion Pound enemies. Both of these enemies will be found in SLRF and the Museum Ruins.

The player will once again require a Battle Record A for this weapon as well.

By upgrading the Mitsuyo Otenta the player can make the weapon much more powerful than before. Upgrading will boost the weapon's damage from 53 to 56, which makes it one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The items needed to upgrade it are:

The Mitsuyo Otenta must be traded into the shop in order to upgrade it all the way.

1 Paws Type Suppression + is needed for this upgrade as well. The only way to acquire this rarer version of the material is by defeating Paw Type enemies in combat, of which there are only two. The Saws Paws and Base Paws can both be found at a variety of locations, but the best places are the Old OSF Hospital and Old Ward.

Once again the player will require a Battle Record A for this weapon too.


Without a doubt, the most powerful weapon for Yuito to wield in the game is the Otori. This weapon is stronger by far than any other in the game as its damage score is 70, and it can cut through basically any enemy that gets in the player's way. The only downside though is that the player is unable to purchase this weapon until after they complete the main storyline for the first time, as one of the materials needed for it can't be obtained until after this. There also is not an upgraded version of this weapon, but it is so powerful that this doesn't matter in the slightest. Once the player has completed the game and returned to the shop they can exchange these items for the Otori:

The completely upgraded Yasutsuna Dojigirl. This is a powerful weapon in its own right, and the player will need to upgrade the Mitsuyo Otenta and exchange it in order to acquire it. Once the player has upgraded it they can exchange it for the Otori.

The Otori Phantom Art, which is a material obtained after Yuito's main story route has been completed.

Finally, a Buddy Rummy Analysis will be needed to obtain this weapon as well. Analysis are some of the rarest item drops in the game, which means that for players to get their hands on a Buddy Rummy Analysis they are going to have to spend a lot of time working towards it. Basically, the only way to acquire one is to defeat as many Buddy Rummys as physically possible. Buddy Rummys can be found at Mizuhagawa District, and particularly inside of the Construction Site.

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