As one of the most popular and iconic video games in history, Skyrim is still getting new players every day, despite being released over 10 years ago. While the game is certainly well known, many new players are still discovering it and they either missed out on the hype back in 2011 or simply weren't old enough to play the game at the time. Regardless, there are still plenty of valid reasons, including some great new Skyrim mods, to only now be getting into the game.

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Skyrim can be challenging for new players, and if a player doesn't don’t know what they're doing, they may not experience all the game has to offer -- or even be able to enjoy it, for that matter. It's much better if one goes in knowing a few essential tips and strategies to get a step ahead.


Watch A Quick Tutorial

It may seem obvious, but if a player is going into Skyrim for the first time, watching a quick tutorial is ideal. This will give a good taste of the game, but the player can also learn some quick tips and tricks that only seasoned YouTube players could know.

A new player's best bet is to look up a beginner's guide or watch a general "Tips and Tricks" video on the game.


Ease Into It

One important thing to keep in mind in the first playthrough is the importance of the story and the character in it. Pay attention to scripted scenes, NPC dialogue, and character creation because all of these factors play a major role in the development of Skyrim's fantastic story.

Take the time to explore different avenues of the game, and explore the map. Skyrim is full of hidden facts and mysteries and most people are amazed at the depth of the world and stories within it.


Learn The UI And Inventory

Skyrim has a relatively intuitive UI, however, everyone should still take the time to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of it, especially the weight system and inventory layout.

The weight system, in particular, can be challenging, as the player needs to build up character stamina before carrying heavy loads or armor properly. Remember, in the early game, staying light and fast can often trump being armored and slow.



Learn the basics of the skill tree early in the game, as it's a powerful aspect of gameplay to understand and will allow the player to plan how they wish to develop their character throughout the game. In addition, the game has a wide selection of detailed and varied races, like the Argonians, to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

For example, if one selects the High Elf race for their character, they should get familiarized with the relevant skill trees, like conjuration and illusion.


Don't Rush The Main Story

One habit that many gamers, especially first-time Skyrim players, seem to have is getting stuck right into the main story doing mission after mission.

Instead, spend time, in the beginning, exploring the map. Get a feel for River Run or Whiterun and the surrounding area, and discover wildlife and bandit camps.



Hunting is a Skyrim beginner's best bet for learning some of the combat mechanics of the game, helping avoid the pressure and difficulty of dealing with powerful bandits and enemy groups.

Instead, hone the character's bow and sneak skills and learn how to collect and sell furs, as well as other items dropped by prey.


Don't Go 'Rambo'

This one is pretty straightforward, but don't try and be a one-man army right at the beginning of the game (there will be plenty of time for that late game with Daedric armor and maxed-out skills).

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Focus on building the character up instead, learning to be strategic in attacks and how to use potions, spells, and shouts to give the character an edge in combat.


Potion Mechanics

Potions play a huge role in Skyrim, especially if a player chooses the Nord or Orsimer races, which rely heavily on potions for healing and abilities in the early game especially. Always try to have some of the best and most useful Skyrim potions on hand.

If you have no interest in learning the ins and outs of potions and hate the idea of micromanaging potion inventory, instead, try picking two potion types and sticking with learning those, and keeping them stocked. A healing potion and a combat ability/enhancement potion would be an ideal combo.


Talk To NPCs

Skyrim is full of life and bustling with NPCs waiting to tell their story, especially in the towns and villages. Rather than just sticking to shopkeepers and main story NPCs, take every chance to interact with anyone new.

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This might seem mundane and unnecessary, but in reality, players who follow this rule discover a much richer, immersive, and enjoyable story within the game. There are tons of side quests that are relatively hidden in the game until the player starts interacting with NPCs, and these missions very often tend to be more fun and rewarding than some of the main story quests.


Avoid Giants!

Any player who sees a big wooden club, a giant woolly mammoth, or feels a shake in the ground should run away! Giants are brutal to take on in the early game, and unless the player can manage to lure them away from their camp and each other, or get extremely lucky, then nine interactions with them out of 10 will not end well.

They may seem slow, at first, but giants are extremely dangerous. They can break into sudden charges, deal huge damage with their clubs, and are often in pairs, as well as accompanied by their intimidating mammoths.

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