Viewers know that The Bachelor is a very unconventional and somewhat unconventional way to find love. Of course, the fairy-tale aspect of the show only lasts for so long and the ending of each season is usually dramatic, leaving contestants heartbroken, confused, or feeling betrayed by the Bachelor. Each season is different but something that remains the same is that someone always gets hurt in the end.

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Some seasons, in particular, have left the lead looking like the villain and their decisions have left viewers and contestants disappointed. Although the end goal is a proposal, many Bachelors stray from the format of the show and are not able to commit to the big engagement, which most of the time ends up blindsiding the final contestants.


Brad Womack

The fifteenth season marked a first for The Bachelor franchise. While the main goal for the Bachelor is to pick one lucky woman to spend his life with,

Brad Womack strayed far from the format of the show when he didn't choose anyone in the end.

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On the finale night, he walked away from both of his final two contestants, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft, leaving them both empty-handed after they both put so much on the line to find love. He sent Jenni home first which left DeAnna with a split second of hope that she was the one before Brad told her that he didn't want her either. DeAnna was shocked by the outcome and left confused and hurt by Brad.


Jason Mesnick

It's hard for viewers to forget Jason Mesnick in season thirteen after the dramatic and controversial ending to his season. While he was falling in love with two different women at the same time, Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft, he couldn't decide who to choose in the end. Jason proposed to Melissa on finale night and blindsided her with a breakup a few weeks later on a dramatic episode of 'After The Final Rose'. He expressed to her that he still had feelings for Molly and that he couldn't stop thinking about her. After Melissa left, he expressed his feelings to Molly and asked her for a second chance and Molly agreed to see where things could go.


Peter Weber

In season twenty- four Peter Weber made a good Bachelor for the most part - until the rocky ending to his season where he ended up betraying more than one woman. Peter got down on one knee and proposed to Hannah Ann only to break it off on camera shortly after the engagement. Peter wanted to give it another shot with Madi Prewett (who had broken up with him shortly before the finale due to conflicting opinions and Peter being intimate with other women). Peter went to Madi after breaking it off with Hannah Ann to ask her for another chance.

Peter and Madi decided to give their relationship a second chance and showed up together as a couple on


After The Final Rose'


This is where Madi was betrayed by Peter's family who was telling them that it wasn't going to work out and that they thought it would have worked out better with Hannah Ann. Madi defended herself and their relationship throughout this episode but the couple and Peter's parents couldn't resolve their differences.


Arie Luyendyk

Similar to Jason Mesnick’s season, Arie Luyendyk fell in love with two women at the same time during season twenty-two, making it hard to choose one in the end and betraying one of the women. He said a very emotional goodbye to Lauren Burnham on the night of the finale and admitted that he hadn't made a final decision until that morning. He ended up proposing to Becca Kufrin and shortly after the proposal, viewers saw unedited footage of Arie breaking up with Becca because he couldn’t stop thinking about Lauren. After breaking up with Becca, Arie went to Lauren's house to ask for a second chance and explain himself. They showed up on 'After The Final Rose' together as a couple and Arie Proposed to Lauren that night.


Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo's season eighteen is one to remember as he quickly became a villain of The Bachelor. He had a rocky relationship with runner-up, Clare Crawley especially after making an inappropriate sexual comment to her during their helicopter date. Not only did Clare Crawley stand up for herself when Juan Pablo broke up with her on finale night, which is what people know her for, but he didn’t end up proposing to anyone in the end.

Although he ended up choosing Nikki Ferrell, he couldn’t commit to the proposal or even saying "I love you" to Nikki when he gave her the final rose. On 'After The Final Rose', which was weeks after the show ended, Nikki admitted that she was still in love with Juan but he still hadn't told her that he loved her yet, which left viewers questioning Juan and all of his decisions.


Colton Underwood

Season twenty-three of the bachelor was known for the dramatic fence jump after Cassie Randolph dumped Colton. During hometowns, Cassie’s dad did not give Colton permission to marry his daughter which left them both distraught and causing Cassie to have doubts. Even though Colton told her she was the one, she still broke up with him on one of their final dates. Colton couldn't get over Cassie so he said goodbye to his two other final women, Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams, and asked Cassie for a second chance. Luckily Cassie was open to taking their relationship day by day and they ended the season together - however, this didn't last, and Colton later came out as gay.


Alex Michel

Throwing it back to the very first season of the show and the OG Bachelor, Alex Michel set the bar low and started the trend of finishing off a season with no proposal. During a final date with Trista Rehn, Alex told her that if he had to decide at that moment what to do, he would choose her. This led her on and left her very confused as to why he didn't choose her in the end. At the final rose when he chose Amanda March, he brought out a box with a ring inside of it only to tell Amanda that he couldn't propose but still wanted to continue to date her in the real world.


Ben Higgins

In season twenty of the Bachelor, Ben broke the number one rule of the show and was the first Bachelor to tell two women that he loved them which left one of them extremely blindsided and confused with the final decision. This season had an unpredictable ending and although it wasn't an intentional betrayal, runner-up Joelle Fletcher was fully prepared for a different outcome.

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Ben chose Lauren Bushnell in the end and not only was it a blindside to Joelle, but Lauren was so confident in their relationship that it was a shock to her as well that Ben told both of them that he loved them.


Jake Pavelka

Jake Pavelka is known for choosing the Villain of his season, Vienna Girardi in season fourteen. No one was rooting for the two of them to end up together especially when it came down to Jake choosing her or sweetheart and runner-up, Tenley Molzahn. However, after the finale during a post-show dramatic episode that took place to discuss their break up, viewers saw a different side of Jake and he quickly became unlikable for being rude and raising his voice at Vienna during their breakup interview. The way that he was treating her during their relationship came to light as Vienna sat there and defended herself.


Charlie O'Connell

On the seventh season of the Bachelor, Charlie O'Connell had a tough time when it came down to making the final decision of what woman he was going to choose. He was so indecisive that he ended off his season with no proposal and no winner but instead decided that he needed even more time to date both of the final two women, Sarah Brice and Krisily Kennedy, in the real world. On the episode of 'After The Final Rose' he finally chose Sarah Brice. They broke up but then eventually made an appearance on another season of The Bachelor during the 'Women Tell All' episode a few years later when they got back together.

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