Ubisoft has delayed two previously planned Player versus Player (PvP) modes for Watch Dogs: Legion. The game was released on October 29, 2020, and would go on to sell 1.9 million digital units during its first three days of availability, outstripping the sales of its predecessor Watch Dogs 2. The increased popularity for Watch Dogs Legion gives Ubisoft room to capitalize with improvements to gameplay, Downloadable Content (DLC), and other enhances to the game during its life cycle.

Ubisoft has made delays in the past for updates to Watch Dogs: Legion, in order to iron out bugs before distributing the product to its customers. With multiple updates and new characters coming within seven months of its release, Ubisoft is looking to expand the franchise even further; after the increase in sales with the newest release.

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In an update from Ubisoft, they updated their roadmap regarding patch Title Update (TU) 4.5, which they plan to release on June 1st. Due to this decision, they are delaying the Invasion and Extraction PVP modes until August. Ubisoft went on to explain that they, "want to invest more time into solid public & private matchmaking, as it’s key for us to provide you with a smooth, enjoyable PvP experience." The update also provided information on patch TU 5.0 which will bring legacy characters Aiden and Wrench to the main game, giving players the opportunity to go through the campaign mode with the legacy characters.

While the delays are not major, Ubisoft creates goodwill among their fanbase by keeping them updated with even the slightest of changes to their schedule. The updates come at a time when Ubisoft is struggling to maintain a positive reputation with members of their community due to abuse allegations. However, while accused individuals maintain high-ranking positions within the company, the gestures do not compare to some of the cultural concerns at Ubisoft.

Watch Dogs Legions is a popular title in Ubisoft's extensive catalog and has the opportunity to take the franchise to new heights if it contains to remain popular over the next several years. The patch and PVP delays are unlikely to upset rational fans of the game, but they come at a time when the company is under heavy scrutiny from the public eye. Some fans of their titles feel Ubisoft runs the risk of watering down their franchises, such as Assassin's Creed by focusing on microtransactions and more fantasy elements that move away from the core of the title.

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Watch Dogs: Legion is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and PC.

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