Suzanne,I must say you are hard hitting. The question is how do you get these pussy hatters to read and understand what you wrote? Perhaps you are expecting a little to much of a specific group. Could it not be said we all share in the responsibility for this disaster against humanity? We have had ample time to vote for people who would resolve Afghanistan in a professional humanitarian manner yet we have nearly all turned a blind eye. It’s been 20 years. We allow corruption in government. We say oh thats my party so its ok . Its Not ok.It destroys our government model we inherited . When public servants enrich themselves as ours do ,its past time for structural changes in regulation. Its time for regulation as to office holders and their relatives- money and penalties for profiting from office or government service even after office to reduce incentive influence “ book deals” “discounted seashore property” “art sales” “campaign contributions” “dinner with lobbyists or associates” we get what we allow . We allow a fraudulent election. We get the leader who the monied powerful interests choose and our citizens in all parties close their eyes and say feel no evil see no evil. We allow our courts to pass the buck. It was not acceptable when the courts declined to hear the cases regarding election dishonesty . We are walking into the dark ages lured by lies and obsufucation . We ignore history. The government should not be enabling infringement on free speech. Yet we allow section 230. We have allowed this deteriorating situation. The pussy hatters are a side note . You cant expect everyone to understand everything but you can expect the majority to throw off the chains of tyranny imposed by our own allowance of government malfeasance. Allowing contributions to help District Attorneys get elected is hyper questionable. Oddly even pussy hatters are an aspect of a free democratic society that may hold importance. The point is those of us who understand the problem must try to relate and present solutions in a format that is inclusive and can develop improvement that goes beyond just venting or whipping up our base . Our writers must step out beyond the base and appeal to the wisdom within all parties involved in this nation. My skill is not in writing.Suzanne my hat is off to you for being a great leader among men and women. Can you go further and elict sparks of wisdom even within those that are not easily understood? You are a master of writing. Can you get people thinking beyond just the people who already understand you ? I just want to say thank you for doing a great service for our state by being a great reporter and educating us all on the issues at hand . Thank you Suzanne.