The QR clues were activated by The Quest team at 06:00. Players started eagerly solving all their clues, which pointed to 13 various locations around the city. These locations could only be recognised by a true Lowvelder, and solving the riddles was no easy task.

The actual hunt only commenced at 09:00 when most businesses opened.

The Quest officials, Tanya Kotze and Eloise van Zyl.

A total of 42 teams made their way to Lowvelder, Valencia, Land Rover, Violet & Rose Jewellery Co, Mbombela Stadium, Friends Café, the Nelson Mandela statue, the Steiltes soccer ball, Chas Everitt offices, Abeega Roadhouse, Kodak Crossings, the botanical garden and Marlin Pub and Grill.

Cara Pretorius and Estelle Botha.

At each location the team had to scan the QR code, take a selfie and collect a token to add to their map of the end location coordinates, which turned out to be none other than the well-known Old Nelspruit Airfield.

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The winners, Dana and Sascha van der Westhuizen.

Once the players arrived, they had to complete a puzzle to grab a key. They had to run up to the top of the tower, unlock the door and grab their R20 000 cash prize.

The winners are Dana and Sascha van der Westhuizen.

At about 10:40, an announcement was sent to all hunters on WhatsApp, stating that someone had won; however, teams were still encouraged to finish the hunt.

Koedoe Bosch, Tjokkie van der Merwe, Ritza van der Merwe and Riëtta du Toit.

The winners were Sascha and Dana van der Westhuizen. The couple were full of emotion as they shared their thoughts about the hunt, saying that it was amazing. At some points, they saw other teams whom they thought were going to win; however, they never gave up. They rushed as fast as they could through the clues and headed for the end location. They said that winning came as a shock to them, but they were extremely happy.

The winners, Dana and Sascha van der Westhuizen. > Photos: African Photographic

The second-place winners, Corlani Breyl and team, finished only 5 minutes afterwards, and received R800’s worth of vouchers from Abeega Roadhouse. Everyone thereafter received a certificate of completion from The Quest.

The best-dressed team: Christien Roos, Melchizedek Roos, Enoch Roos, Sarai Roos, Hephzibah Roos and Hendrik Strijdom.

The title of best-dressed went to a team of Fortnite characters, who won a R2 000 voucher from Valencia.

The Quest was a great way to support local businesses and raise awareness for them, and was a reminder of the Lowveld’s beauty and history.

Naranda, Christopher (front) and Christo Leeuwner.

The Quest team said, “The Quest Expedition 1 went extremely well, with no hiccups on the day. We are excited to host Expedition 2 soon! We will definitely incorporate a few more challenges at the scanning locations, and also do a little more nature trails and outdoor activities in the summer! Watch this space.”