Tribes of Midgard Fragments are an essential part of the game and clearing its final challenges.

Without Fragments, you don’t get to challenge the Saga Boss, Fenrir. However, the game isn’t quite as clear on where to find some Fragment types and what you should be doing to get them.

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Tribes of Midgard Fragments | All Fragment types

These are all the fragments you need to get in Tribes of Midgard. Some of them are fairly straightforward. Jotunn Fragments drop when you defeat Jotunn, for example.

Here's how many you'll need to reach Fenrir:

15 Jotunn Fragments

5 Hideout Fragments

50 Event Fragments

25 Quest Fragments

Others are a bit more vague or have additional conditions attached to them.

Tribes of Midgard Fragments | Quest Fragments

It’ll take a while to gather Quest Fragments. While there’s no shortage of quests in Tribes of Midgard, you can only have one active quest at a time.

Tribes of Midgard Fragments | Event Fragments

Tribes of Midgard has three random events you can stumble on to earn these Fragments.

Roosters of Ragnarok: Chase and capture the roosters

World Tree Stag: Interact with Duneyrr

Prisoner Escape: Free the prisoners after defeating their captors.

These events spawn at random and must be completed before their timer runs out to get the Fragment. Some claim the Golden Egg Rune increases the chance for Roosters of Ragnarok to spawn, though there’s no evidence of that being true just yet.

Tribes of Midgard fragments | Where to find Hideout Fragments

To get Hideout Fragments, you’ll have to find a hideout and clear it out entirely. That might seem obvious, but it’s the finding that gets difficult.

You’ll have a better chance of finding Tribes of Midgard hideouts in the highlands, but make sure to pack some fire-resistant items. If you’re lucky, you’ll find an NPC quest that requires you to find a Hideout, which means getting two Fragments at once.

The catch with Hideout Fragments is that you only get them once the entire Hideout is cleared of enemies. If you think you’ve done that but don’t have a Fragment to show for it, head back in and scour every area for stragglers.

If you want to try the Golden Egg experiment for yourself, we've got a guide explaining how to get the rare rune. Make sure to keep an eye on Tribes of Midgard Shift codes for free cosmetics once they start rolling out as well.

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