Want to explore new worlds and fight powerful foes even while you’re on the toilet or waiting for the bus? You can do that now thanks to mobile MMORPGs.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) are becoming increasingly popular among mobile users. These online role-playing video games in which a large number of players participate at the same time have taken the mobile gaming market by storm in 2019.

Below are some of the best mobile MMORPGs this year:

1. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a highly immersive MMORPG game created by Cryptic Studio and published by Perfect World Entertainment. Developed for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PS4, it mostly targets console users, even though mobile users with a Windows phone can play it too. Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems will not be able to run it though.

Inspired by the fictional Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter from the game “Dungeons & Dragons,” this long-running free game offers thrilling lore, plot, and gameplay.

Players can become one of eight Dungeons & Dragons character classes and create groups of not more than five players. They can use action points, special powers, and other extraordinary abilities in different missions to accomplish victory.

2. Black Desert Online

Developed by Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Online is one of the best mobile MMORPGs in 2019. This Korean Sandbox Oriented game features a high pace combat system plus excellent character customization. It can be played for hundreds of hours before all levels are completed and will work with Android, iOS, and other common mobile operating systems.

BDO appeals to many mobile gamers because of its rich plot and gameplay. It revolves around a high fantasy setting with two warring nations, the Kingdom of Valencia and the Republic of Calpheon. The former is spiritual, whereas the latter is materialistic.

Merchants from Valencia, the nation that controls trade, begin to spread a plague.

Many people die of this sickness. Those who don’t die sometimes get banished due to paranoia. Eventually, the Republic of Calpheon realizes the evil ways of Valencia.

Consequently, it joins forces with three neighboring countries to launch a war that turns out to be catastrophic when all nations eventually turn out against each other after a series of conspiracies and betrayals.

This game features:

An active combat system that requires accurate manual aiming and dodging

A dynamic, worldwide weather system that includes fogs and enormous typhoons, which players can use to launch surprise attacks

Player houses, which can be equipped and furnished by buying items through crafting or NPCs

3. Old School Runescape

Belonging to Jagex, this game is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. It centers around many different areas, including adventure, combat, trade and more. It should be noted, however, that OSRS offers two different game modes — Ironman and Dead Man.

In the Ironman mode, players are totally forbidden from seeking any help or interaction with other players, and they’re expected to be 100 percent self-sufficient.

For instance, they cannot be helped in battles unless it’s specified as a group activity. Likewise, they cannot trade with other players or grab their items.

In the Dead Man Mode, players enjoy an open-world where they can perform any activity barred in the first mode. They can kill their opponent and take away his/her belongings without any penalty. They can also trade with others without any consequences.

4. RPG Toram Online

Toram Online is one of the best mobile MMORPG games with an adventure storyline.

Many centuries ago, the ground was suddenly divided by the cataclysm. The nations were destroyed, leaving the world’s population divided into four groups regardless of race. The mystical underworld continued to exist with mysterious creatures.

You will meet different people in Toram world, experience many adventures, and face the mysterious existences of the underworld.

Despite being a mobile MMORPG game, RPG Toram doesn’t feature a class system. But make no mistake about the quality of this Japanese video game. RTO boasts an extraordinary character system where the player character’s class is determined by their skills.

Additionally, the game features tens of billions of dress patterns, which is an extremely unique feature in an Android, iOS-based MMORPG game.

This game could be compared to the enormously popular Summoner’s War in its style.

5. Dungeon Hunter 5

The list of best mobile MMORPG games in 2019 would not be comprehensive without Dungeon Hunter 5. This iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile combat game from Gameloft are rated for graphics, characters and gears, weapon array, and story.

With rich graphics, an incredible selection of characters and objects as well as a powerful array of weaponry, DH 5 delivers a thrilling and immersive combat gaming experience. Top weapons include crossbows, blades, swords, glaives, and staves.

It is a war between humans and ruthless monsters (hunters) who can be destroyed with a tactical strategy using the most effective weapons.

This game gives you a chance to unleash endless skills and devastating spells in battle. It lets you tactically deploy hundreds of minions to 60 trap rooms with an aim to finish anybody that dares attack.

Discover the Best Mobile MMORPG Games

These are the five best mobile MMORPG games in 2019. Each has a rich story and an incredible character set with a powerful range of weapons that can be used to defeat opponents.

While some games, such as Neverwinter and Black Desert Online, are only compatible with Windows Mobile phones, most games can be run on any mobile operating system. That means you’ll need to consider your operating system before selecting a game for your phone.

If you want more video game recommendations for any platform, operating system, or console, check out our Gaming News section. We’ve always got the latest information from the gaming industry.