The DC Universe is filled with powerful heroes who have created sometimes horrifying costumes to help strike fear into the hearts of criminals, though innocent civilians know they can trust in these heroes despite the sometimes terrifying costumes because they help people and protect the world.

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However, if those same heroes were to then abandon their crimefighting to become evil supervillains their dark costumes would take on a new life as well. Of course, it's not just the costumes that people would have to fear if some of these DC villains decided to break bad, as their extreme power levels, tortured personalities or even dark demonic connections do the job just as well.


Martian Manhunter Is A Shape-Shifting Alien With Terrifying Forms

While J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter is one of the Justice League's almost constant members that showcases his ongoing dedication to protecting his adopted homeworld, he could just as easily decide he wanted to take over his new planet as well given the incredible powers at his disposal.

Not only does Martian Manhunter have Superman-level strength and other similar abilities like his devastating Martian Vision, but he is also a shape-shifter who could take on any number of terrifying alien forms that would make him stand out as one of DC's most terrifying villains if he ever turned on his friends.


Deadman Is A Possessive Ghost Who Can Take Over Almost Any Body

Boston Brand was a circus trapeze artist who was murdered and set on a new path by one of DC's cosmic beings as a possessive ghost known as Deadman, who was tasked with making the lives of others better to make up for his own selfish life. Not only does he already look terrifying as Deadman, but his power set would be truly haunting if he decided to be a villain instead.

He could get into any location and possess almost anyone, which includes powerful leaders with itchy nuclear trigger fingers or even some superpowered heroes with devastating abilities that he could use freely for his own dark purposes.


Blue Beetle's Alien Armor Could Horrifyingly Take Control Of The Host

There have been a few characters to use the name of Blue Beetle over the years, though it was only Jaime Reyes who was able to unlock the secrets of the mystical scarab when it attached itself to his spine and forcibly bonded with the young teenager.

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The scarab was able to create a powerful suit of armor around Reyes that is capable of configuring a number of different powerful weapons, though it also has an artificial intelligence created by the conquering aliens known as The Reach that can take control of its host. If the scarab were to succeed in taking control of Reyes, Blue Beetle would be an incredibly difficult threat to take down.


Firestorm Doesn't Need To Steal Nukes To Hold The World Hostage

Firestorm is another hero with multiple characters who have joined together to become the Nuclear Man over the years, which has proven beneficial when both characters are set on helping people and have the knowledge to use their powers responsibly.

The Firestorm Matrix grants powerful abilities that include molecular rearrangement and transmutation which gives him incredibly destructive abilities that could wipe out entire cities if Firestorm made a simple mistake, which only teases the kind of apocalypse Firestorm could create if he was a villain instead.


Etrigan The Demon Already Looks Terrifying & Also Breathes Fire

There are a few DC heroes who already look like terrifying villains, which includes Jason Blood's devilish second half, Etrigan the Demon. Blood was cursed and bonded with Etrigan back during the Arthurian age, which has resulted in a nearly immortal life for both characters.

While they usually operate on the side of good, there have been a few instances when Etrigan has been unleashed and showcased just why he would be such a terrifying villain, and it's not just because he could burn his enemies alive with his fiery breath while reciting rhymes.


Ragman's Magical Costume Is Composed Of Manipulative Evil Souls

Rory Regan is the last descendent of a long line of Jewish protectors that first used a Golem to help defend their people before creating the Suit of Souls which was eventually passed down to Rory from his father.

Rory became Ragman when he donned the Suit, which was composed of rags that were each possessed with an evil soul that Rory could call on to increase his strength and abilities. While the souls find redemption this way, they have taken control of Rory before, which could have led to Ragman's ultimate turn to evil and the unleashing of the evil souls locked within his costume.


Beast Boy's Ability To Transform Into Animals Would Be Lethal As A Villain

While Garfield Logan is a long-time member of the Teen Titans as Beast Boy and has proved his heroism countless times over, his unique power set that allows him to transform into any animal is also perfectly suited for villainy. Fans even got a brief taste of how his powers could be exploited dangerously during the New 52's The Ravagers series

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Beast Boy usually takes on potentially peaceful forms like elephants and birds or gorillas when in combat, though if he was a villain he could easily tear his enemies apart as a lion or even push himself to take on other terrifying alien forms that would prove equally deadly to his enemies.


Swamp Thing Is An Avatar Of The Green Who Could Easily Turn On Humanity

DC's Avatar of the Green is Alec Holland/Swamp Thing, a powerful being who is connected to the plant life of Earth and tasked with being its protector against the opposing forces of the Red (animals) and the Rot (death).

While Swamp Thing frequently works alongside Justice League Dark to protect the Green, if he decided to turn fully against humanity for endangering his planet, then there wouldn't be much the heroes of Earth could do to stop the literal force of nature.


Superman's Abilities Would Make Him Almost Unstoppable If He Turned

Fans have seen a number of alternate reality versions of Superman that have taken evil paths over the years or been influenced by villains to do terrible things, which all highlight how dangerous he could be if he turned to villainy.

Even with stories like Injustice which saw Superman reimagined as a fascist dictator after suffering a huge loss, he still felt he was the hero of the story. If Superman truly chose to become a villain and wasn't restricted by his usual morals, he could easily take over the planet or destroy it, depending on his mood.


Batman's Training, Tech & Determination Would Make Him A Dangerous Villain

Bruce Wayne/Batman is another character whose costume is already themed liked a villain, as he chose his dark appearance in order to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, though fans have seen quite a few evil versions of the character that highlight how terrifying he could be if he really turned it up.

One of the most recent evil versions is The Batman Who Laughs, a Joker-infused Bruce Wayne who was almost impossible to defeat thanks to his ability to plan for almost every possibility, which would make the real Batman just as dangerous if he broke bad.

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