The main expectation of rogue-type games is that you’ll have to make multiple runs and Moonlighter has several dungeons you’ll raid frequently. Dungeons only unlock when the boss of the previous one falls, so it’s in your best interest to get as far as you can in the shortest amount of time possible.

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You’re both a hero and a merchant, two sides that you’ll need to balance in you want access harder dungeons with better loot. There are a number of things to keep track of both in the town, in your shop, and on your person which is all connected.


Level Up The Shop As Soon As Possible

Despite how many monsters you’ll fight, this is a rare example of a fantasy game where slaying them and opening chests does not yield gold. The only loot you’ll find is material that can either be sold for a profit or used in crafting. Therefore, the only way to make money is by selling what you find at your shop.

You start off with only four tables to place items and it will quickly get tedious having to constantly swap out items as they get bought. So it’s in your best interest to buy the first shop upgrade to double the number of tables and sell more items at once for more money and convenience.


Buy The First Level Shop Upgrades (Except The Discount Box)

Aside from the shop upgrades which affect the building and space, you have four additional shop upgrades which affect specific aspects of the shop. They are a Discount Box, Cash Register, Bed, and Personal Chest. They all have different effects which can improve your shop or adventuring.

The Bed gives you extra health and protection, the Register increases how much patrons tip you and the Personal Chest increases storage space. You should upgrade these three to the first level as soon as you can and hold off on investing in the Discount Box unless you’re overwhelmed.


Save, Save, Save!

As expected in a game about an adventuring merchant, almost everything revolves around money. You need gold in order to expand your shop and buy upgrades as well as invest in new town businesses. You’ll need it to upgrade your weapons will quickly become more and more expensive.

It’s necessary to pay the witch for potions especially if you’re out of materials and to get your equipment enchanted. Also, if you’re planning to raid the dungeon frequently, it’s going to take a toll on your finances from warping out and opening portals. Because of this, make sure you build up a decent safety net to cover your most common expenses.


Commit To A Weapon Type

Even though Will is trained as a merchant, he’s also quite a capable warrior. He starts off wielding a broom but quickly gets access to several other types of weapons. They are Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Spear, Gauntlets, and Bows. Each category has two upgrades each with four levels.

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One tree deals with maximizing damage output while the other prioritizes status effects and elemental damage. You’ll need strong weapons to tackle the latest dungeons but investing in each one will quickly eat your funds. Until you’re financially comfortable, you should commit to only two weapon types for efficiency and savings.


Make Use Of Enchantments

Of all the different businesses that can appear in Rynoka, the two which you’ll visit the most are the Blacksmith and Witch. The former handles your armor and weapons while the latter offers potions and enchantments. Though you’ll visit the Witch quite frequently for health potions, the enchantments she offers are very useful.

She can enchant each of your armor pieces to improve their effectiveness, particularly their defense rating. She can also enchant each of your weapons twice to raise their attack power. Enchantments are significantly cheaper than upgrades, so they provide an affordable stat boost while you save up and gather materials.


Grind For Slime Resources

Slime is one of the most well-known fodder enemies in all of fantasy gaming and has a large presence in Moonlighter. They come in four different varieties including red, yellow, orange, and blue. Red slimes can slow targets down, yellow ones carry poison, orange ones burn and blue ones electrify.

Each dungeon only has one type of slime and they’re a very common enemy. They drop pieces of slime when slain with red being the most common that any color can drop. Slime pieces are needed to craft health potions which the Witch will sell to you at a very discounted price. They’re also used in potions to reveal the map and guide you to the boss.


Examine Item Curses Carefully

While there are plenty of upgrades available, you’re stuck with a limited amount of inventory space. It may seem like a lot, but based on how much loot enemies drop and how often you’ll find chests, your pack will fill up quickly. Early on, you’ll learn those chest items come with a curse that will force you to rethink your organization.

Curses can take effect as soon as they’re put in the pack or once you return home. They range from useful to inconvenient and keep in mind that items of the same type can’t stack if they have different curses. The handy ones to keep an eye out for are the Homebound curse which will transport one slot of items to your storage chest and the Transform curse which can clone a slot of items.


Look For Secret Rooms

Dungeons will always have secrets to find and Moonlighter has its fair share of hidden rooms. While some dungeons expect you to break down walls or look for secret passages, Moonlighter dungeons need you to take leaps of faith. Many rooms have pitfalls and should one of them sparkle as soon as you enter, this indicates a secret room.

Simply fall in and you’ll end up in a secret room below. These rooms contain very valuable loot as well as a magic chest which you can fill to the brim with items and it will transport them back to your storage chests in the shop.

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