Skyrim is a game you can replay over and over again and still find new things to do. From battling dragons to exploring ancient ruins, you can do whatever you please, especially with all the incredible DLC installed.

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In the Dragonborn DLC, you travel to the island of Solstheim to defeat the formidable Miraak. To do so, you must find seven mysterious Black Books. These ancient texts will transport you to the unsettling realm of Apocrypha. This is the home of Hermaeus Mora, the Daedric Prince of forbidden knowledge. The good news? Each book grants you incredible powers. So it's well worth searching Solstheim for their hidden locations.


Epistolary Acumen

The Black Book: Epistolary Acumen can be located inside Nchardak, a Dwemer Ruins to the east of Solstheim. You can find it northeast of Tel Mithryn. During the Path Of Knowledge main quest, Neloth (found at Tel Mithryn) will guide you to Nchardak. Inside, you must complete a series of puzzles using Control Cubes. Once complete, the Black Book will be accessible in the Reading Room.

Once you complete Epistolary Acumen's spooky chapters, you will be given the choice of three abilities. Dragonborn Force allows your Unrelenting Force shout to deal more damage. Dragonborn Flame will let you spawn a Fire Wyrm if you kill an enemy with your Fire Breath shout. With Dragonborn Frost, your Frost Breath Shout will now encase foes in ice. Choose whichever ability suits your playstyle.


Filament And Filigree

If you are not too busy designing your home with the Heartfire expansion, you can continue exploring Solstheim to find the next Black Book: Filament And Filigree. This book is found in Kolbjorn Barrow, which is southeast of Raven Rock. To gain access to this book, speak to Ralis Sedarys outside of the barrow. You must fund his excavation for 1000 gold. Wait a few days, and Ralis will request your help clearing out the excavation site of Draugr. Once they are dealt with, you will need to keep investing and helping out.

Eventually, after a fourth investment, you'll be able to venture into Kolbjorn Barrow fully. Head through the entire barrow, battle the Dragon Priest and climb through the nearby tunnel. The Black Book will be in a circular room.

Filament and Filigree will give you three choices of power to claim. With the Secret Of Arcana power, your spells do not drain Magicka for 30 seconds. If you pick Secret Of Protection, damage is halved from all physical and most magical attacks against you for 30 seconds. The last power, Secret Of Strength, will make it so that power attacks will not drain your stamina for 30 seconds.


The Hidden Twilight

The Black Book: The Hidden Twilight can be found in Neloth's private room in his tower at Tel Mithryn. Tel Mithryn is east of Fort Frostmoth, right at the edge of Solstheim. Neloth will only unlock his room after you complete the Reluctant Steward quest. You'll be asked to find a replacement Steward for Neloth. Find Drovas Relvi at The Retching Netch in Raven Rock. He's the only person who will accept the role. Return to Neloth, and he will unlock the room. The Black Book is on the desk.

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As with the other books, your favorite follower will not be able to join you in Apocrypha. It's up to you alone to solve the puzzle and unlock your reward. There are three choices of powers to gain at the end of The Hidden Twilight. The first is Mora's Agony. When used, it will summon poisonous tentacles. The second power, Mora's Boon, will completely recharge your stamina, Magicka, and health. The third power, Mora's Grasp, will trap your target between Oblivion and Tamriel for 30 seconds, keeping them from taking any damage.


The Sallow Regent

Skyrim is full of hidden secrets, so you need to make sure you are exploring everywhere to find them. The Sallow Regent Black Book is no different. This time, you need to seek out White Ridge Barrow, in the north of Solstheim. It is east of the Stalhrim Source and southwest of Searing's Watch. Inside White Ridge Barrow, a passageway to the south will lead to Dukaan. Defeat him, and you'll spot the Black Book opposite a Word Wall.

After completing the trials of The Sallow Regent, you once again have a choice of three rewards. The Seeker Of Might will make you ten percent more effective with your combat skills as well as granting you a ten percent improvement on your smithing abilities. The Seeker Of Shadow gives you a ten percent bonus on your stealth and enchanting skills. The Seeker Of Sorcery offers a ten percent reduction on magic cost for all spells. Additionally, you will have a ten percent improvement in your enchanting skill.


The Winds Of Change

Skyrim is full of many hidden quests for you to enjoy. For example, if you head into the Raven Rock Mine (located in the north of Raven Rock), you'll begin the Final Descent quest by speaking to Crescius Caerellius. He will give you a key and ask you to explore the mine. Near the bottom, you'll find a gate leading into Bloodskal Barrow. Keep venturing deeper into the barrow until you find the Bloodskal Blade. This blade will allow you to unlock the next door and battle another Dragon Priest. Once defeated, head to the west end of the room. An entranceway to the right will lead to the Winds Of Change Black Book.

There are three insight powers at the end of The Winds Of Change to choose between. If you pick the Companion's Insight, you will no longer damage your follower with your attacks, shouts, and destruction spells. With Lover's Insight, you are given a ten percent damage bonus and a ten percent discount on prices when dealing with the opposite sex. The Scholar's Insight will make every skill book you read increase a skill by two instead of one.


Untold Legends

The Black Book: Untold Legends can be found in a cave called Benkongerike. This cave is located to the north of Solstheim. You'll find it southeast of Saering's watch and northwest from the Headwaters of Harstrad. Inside, battle the Rieklings and keep delving deeper until you find a puzzle room. Match the Pillars with the symbols to unlock the gate. In the next area, you will spot a word wall (where you can learn a lovely new shout at the same time). Legend has it that the tunnel behind it leads to the Untold Legend book.

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At the end of Untold Legends, you have another choice to make. If you pick Bardic Knowledge, you gain the ability to summon a spectral drum for 300 seconds. This drum will replenish your stamina for the duration. The Black Market power will summon a Dremora merchant for 15 seconds, allowing you to sell items anywhere. Finally, the Secret Servant power also summons a Dremora for 15 seconds. This time, they are a butler who will grant an extra 148 points to your carrying capacity.


Waking Dreams

Before you can finally face off against Miraak, the first Dragonborn, you must find the Black Book: Waking Dreams. You can find this within the Temple of Miraak. This temple is located at the center of Solstheim. It's also west of the Beast Stone. You will go to this temple during the main questline of the DLC. The place is filled with traps and cultists, so be careful. The temple is quite linear, so keep heading through. Eventually, you will reach a long tunnel leading right to the Waking Dreams book.

Using this book will send you into the showdown with Miraak (after making your way through several chapters of puzzles, of course). Defeat Miraak and the Waking Dreams book will allow you to reset an entire skill tree and refund the spent perk points. The only catch is that it costs a dragon soul. This is perfect for re-specing your character if you need to.

With this final book, you will have found all seven ancient texts and will have quite a few valuable powers to show off when you return to the lands of Skyrim.

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