Aside from being famous for “The Sound of Music” and Mozart’s birthplace, the city of Salzburg has a lot more to offer tourists who want to spend their spare time here. For one, the city is the epitome of beauty. Just by walking around the old towns of the city going to the palaces and baroque cathedrals, you will find yourself tongue-tied at Salzburg’s magnificence.

And with alleys that are full of cafes and boutique shops, the picturesque scene of the city is completed by a backdrop of mountain ranges. It also has an ambiance that is unique compared to other popular vacation spots in the world.

Whether it is the rustic feels of the city or the relaxing mountains that appeal to you, Salzburg is a true destination for people who would want to escape the hustle and bustle of busy life even just for a couple of days. Here is a complete guide on how to spend a weekend in Salzburg, Austria.

Day One

Start By Visiting Mozart’s Trail

In case you do not know, on the first day you will – Mozart is the most famous personality in Salzburg. He is face everywhere – from the chocolate balls to eco-bags and postcards, it would make you feel like he owns the city.

Wohnhaus, the place where Mozart grew up with his family is also the beginning of Mozart’s trail. Today, Wohnhaus is transformed into a museum, showcasing his original fortepiano, some exhibits of his family, and his compositions during the years he lived in Salzburg. From there, take a short stroll and visit Saint Sebastian Church and Cemetery. This is where the father and wife of Mozart were buried, which also provides a place for some memorable pictures and some peace and quiet.

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Head To Mirabell Palace Next

Branded among the most beautiful spots in Salzburg, The Mirabell Palace offers the finest views of the city. Boasting its beautiful gardens, the palace is a crowd magnet. So if you want to take good photos of the place, arriving early is a must.

Aside from picturesque gardens and amazing city views, the palace also has great architecture. In the garden you will find Pegasus, the staircases of the palace are filled with statues of angels and the Dwarf Gnome Park has a vine tunnel leading to a hedge maze.

Inside the palace, you will find the place where Mozart did piano concerts when he was a child – The Marble Hall. Today, the hall is where evening concerts are held. Local and international ensembles and soloists perform the beautiful works of Mozart.

End Your Day At The Salzburg Cathedral And The Old Market Square

Cap up your first day in Salzburg by heading to Residezplaz and visit the majestic baroque architecture called Salzburg Cathedral. Built during the 17th century, the church was where Mozart was baptized, hence also included in the Mozart trail.

After your quick stop to the cathedral, head next to Goldgasse alley and go to the Alter Markt or the Old Market Square. This place is home to some great restaurants that serve authentic Austrian cuisine, delightful pastries and coffee, and Salzburg’s version of soufflé, the nockerl. In addition, you can also find a lot of upscale brands and souvenir shops here.

Day Two

Start By Visiting Fortress Hohensalzburg

Fortress Hohensalzburg is one of the biggest fortresses in all of Europe. The fortification was first constructed in 1077 but it was renovated to expand and become the most remarkable structure in Europe. Foreign troops have since been trying to breach the walls of the fortress but were unable to do so until today, where the fortress was converted into one of the top tourist spots in Salzburg.

Visit Schloss Leopoldskron

This beautiful rococo palace situated on the lakeside is considered not only an important national monument but also serves as the film location of numerous “The Sound of Music” scenes. Built in the 18th century by Prince-Archbishop Leopold Firmian, this palace has a colorful history of owners. It became the property of a banker, a king, a theater director, even the government of Germany, until today where it became a privately owned hotel.

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Lastly, Go To Schloss Hellbrunn

This place has gained its popularity at the expense of Schloss Leopoldskron. Avid fans of “The Sound of Music” used to climb the walls of Schloss Leopoldskron to see the famous gazebo where the star of the movie sang “16 going on 17”. Due to the racket caused by uncontrollable crowds, owners of the Leopold estate decided to move the gazebo into Schloss Hellbrunn.

Day Three

On Your Last Day, Explore Salzkammergut

Salzkammergut is the stunningly beautiful lake district of Austria. You can book a tour or rent a car to go over some of the best lakes and scenes in this place. To fully enjoy what Salzkammergut has to offer, it is recommended that you check out of Salzburg and book your final day in one of Salzkammergut’s lake towns. Here are some of the lakes you might want to visit:

Fuschl am See

Fuschl am See is considered the cleanest and clearest lake in the town. In this place, you can also find a former hunting lodge for the Habsburgs and archbishops now turned to a restaurant and luxury hotel Schloss Fuschl.

Finally, End Your Weekend Tour At St. Gilgen

Hallstatt’s less popular alternative will also not disappoint you. This picturesque place is filled with gorgeous alleys, streets, beautiful gardens, and wooden houses that have mountains and lakes as their backdrop.

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