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The headphone stand is a bust of Albert Einstein.Photo:

There’s a lot to like in Redditor Couchchimp’s computer setup, not the least of which is a bust of Albert Eistein that serves as a headphone stand. Not just “serves” — it’s actually a purpose-built headphone stand. That’ll smarten things up nicely.

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In addition to the coolest headphone stand you’re likely to see today, Couchchimp rocks a MacBook Pro on a Brydge Vertical Stand with a 34-inch Samsung curved widescreen display.

A wide-enough widescreen

“I didn’t want to keep turning my head so much, so a 49-inch [monitor] was out,” he said in response to a comment. “Also, the ones that I were looking at didn’t support multiple co-current video sources. I didn’t even consider multiple individual monitors as I didn’t want the screen frames to get in the way when butted up against each other. This monitor does everything I need.”

Lighting and desk

Couchchimp also has his lighting in good order, as evidenced by the KableRika Computer Monitor Light with six color-temperature modes.

A 3.3-foot LIFX Smart LED Light Strip back-lights the desk, which is a butcher block from Home Depot on an electric stand-up desk frame. The light strip is compatible with voice-activated systems (“Hey Siri!”) as well as HomeKit.

“If you look to the right hand end of the desk there’s a little control panel,” Couchchimp said. “You can set the heights you want, press a button, and it will automatically raise lower to those points. Or, you can press the up/down arrows and achieve the same.”

Stream deck not used for gaming

Couchchimp said he uses his Elgato Stream Deck for work and stock trading.

“I’m not a gamer, that more of the area of my 14 yr old, who also has the Streamdeck XL for his Windows (blech) machine,” he said. “I do a lot of conference calls, PowerPoint presentations etc. the usual business stuff. So, specifically, I have mine set up for: Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, PowerPoint. I also do some trading, so I additionally have it configured to bring up a new desktop with all of my stock trading apps.”

The shortcuts a Stream Deck provides help a great deal, he said.

“It might not sound like a lot, but it saves me hunting for the applications and the right keystroke combinations to do what I need, especially when I need to hop between different conferencing platforms ... and then my auto notifications tell me that $GME or $AMC has dropped so I need to buy more!” he said.

Best plugin ever?

And apparently a Zoom plugin for Stream Deck has a “get me the fuck out of this meeting” button. Who knew?

“It’s a Streamdeck command that comes with the Zoom plugin,” Couchchimp said. “Press a button and it closes the Zoom for everyone on the call.”

Charging and connectivity

In addition to the Brydge vertical laptop stand, Couchchimp has a Brydge Stone Pro Docking Station with Thunderbolt 3, USB-C and other ports.

And if that’s not enough, even his desk mat is a charging station. Specifically, it’s a Jelison Leather Desk Pad with 15W Wireless Charging Station, compatible with Qi-enabled wireless charging devices.

That’s a lot of cool gear. But, really, he had us at “Albert Einstein Headphone Stand.” You can find it in the list below.

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