Show Clickboxes

Show agility course obstacle clickboxes.

Show Lap count

Displays an infobox with Total Laps, Laps until goal, and Laps per hour.

Hide Lap Count (minutes) [Configurable Box]

Configures how much time without gained XP until the lap counter is hidden.

Show Laps Until Goal

Show number of laps remaining until goal is reached.

Show Laps per Hour

Shows how many laps you can expect to complete per hour.

Overlay Color [Pick a color]

Customize the color for Agility obstacle overlays.

Highlight Marks of Grace

Enable/disable the highlighting of retrievable Marks of Grace.

Mark Highlight Color

Color of highlighted Marks of Grace.

Highlight Portals

Enable/disable the highlighting of Prifddinas portals.

Portals Highlight Color

Color of the highlighted Prifddinas portals.

Highlight Agility Shortcuts

Enable/disable the highlighting of Agility shortcuts.

Show Trap Overlay

Enable/disable the highlighting of traps on Agility courses.

Trap Overlay Color

Color of Agility trap overlay.

Agility Arena notifier

Notify on ticket location change in Agility Arena.

Agility Arena timer

Configured whether Agility Arena timer is displayed.

Highlight Stick

Highlight the retrievable stick in the Werewolf Agility Course.

Stick Highlight Color

Color of highlighted stick in the Werewolf Agility Course.