Back, glutes, biceps or even shoulders: resistance bands allow you to build muscles and stretch a large number of your joints in depth.

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Made of solid and colored rubber, the band has a wide variety of forces depending on the level of each individual. Beginners, sports addicts or even the elderly can find suitable resistance bands. Light, medium or difficult, the strengths vary and allow you to adjust the intensity of the exercises yourself according to your level or your current state.

Their main asset? The bands offer the possibility of performing your strength training exercises without weights. No need to bother with dumbbells of different masses anymore: you can create a full body workout only with elastique musculation.

Strangely thin, they are also easy to store at home. if you run out of space and very affordable. You can get them for less than 10 euros.

Why train with a rubber band?

Exercises performed with resistance bands mobilize all muscle groups of your body. Their in-depth work can help you improve your range of motion, gain strength, speed or even increase your endurance.

Elastics also develop your flexibility thanks to the mobilization of the joints. They are also useful to accompany your warm-ups. While it is important to activate your muscles before exercise to avoid injury, resistance bands also prevent pain during physical activity.

Weight bands finally guarantee a good recovery after your injuries, especially in case of tendonitis or inflammation.

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